Red Mate

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She thought she was plain. Sure they called her beautiful, but honestly, she didn’t see it. Her red curly hair hung around her shoulders, her skin was pale with freckles everywhere, eyes big and blue but hidden from her glasses. She didn’t see what everyone else did, as she wasn’t skinny like so many of the others no she had meat on her bones, but not a lot and that was the issue. In this world, you either needed curves or to be super skinny, that’s what all the guys liked, not a rectangle build. nothing was out of place everything fits too well. Short story HEA (Happily ever after)

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Chapter 1

Looking in the mirror was something a lot of people should learn to stop doing. It shows you both pros and cons of yourself. My red hair was a pro sure, but my rectangle figure was a con. I sighed and tried to squeeze in my sides just a little bit.

“Canna, you ready to go yet?” Jaz yelled from my closed door. Looking in the mirror one last time I sighed at my reflection and turned around, grabbed my school bag, and opened the door.

“I mean it’s not like I can change anything so why not,” I told her before moving around her to get to the stairs.

I often wondered why Jaz and I were friends, she was beautiful, and happy go lucky until you made her mad, where I was whatever they wanted to call me and just didn’t have a care in the world.

“Shut up, Canna. You are B-E-A-utiful. Gosh, I wish I had your hair.” She said while laughing and messing with her short blond bob.

Rolling my eyes I made my way to the packhouse front door, all the kids running around getting their bags and other things so they weren’t late for school.

We met Poppy, and Peter in the car. These two where twins, they alpha twins. They hated each other as siblings do, but they were almost always together.

Poppy's hair was dark brown and her eyes were a honey color. I use to swear that she only hung with me because our parents were best friends. Peter looked much like Poppy as they were twins but he was ahead taller, and a minute younger. They always argue about that.

I use to have a crush on Peter until you know I grew up and realized he was more like a brother than anything.

“Hey, carrot top, ready for school?” Peter asked patting my head like an immature brat that he was.

“Ready to get the day over with.” Was how I replied before squeezing in the back seat of their car.

Once everyone was in the car, and Peter started driving. Jaz and Poppy started talking about the ball that the alpha was having. He was inviting all alphas trying to get more alias because like he always says. ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.’

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get out of going, I mean if my parents weren’t so close to the alpha family I might have been able to get out of it but my life just doesn’t work that way.

“Arent you excited? All the Alphas will be there, and a couple is looking for there mates. Especially alpha Alex.” Poppy said jumping up and down in the front seat.

“Can you stop jumping up and down like an idiot I’m trying to drive,” Peter told her pulling into the school parking lot.

“Alpha Alex is cute but what about alpha Conner? He’s a mystery, and everyone is talking about him.” Jaz said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

I scuffed, of course, they are thinking about being mated to an alpha, I mean who wouldn’t want that life. Oh right me.

“Oh, don’t scuff at us Canna, I know you think about being mated, everyone does even Peter.” Poppy said, nudging Peter who nodded his head in agreement before finally pulling into a spot.

“It’s not that I don’t think about mates are anything like that. I just don’t think and alpha will be mine.” I told her before grabbing my bag and exiting the car.

“Canna, don’t put yourself down like that. You are the best one out of all of us to be an alpha’s mate.” Jaz said catching up too me.

“No, you would be the perfect alpha mate. The perfect Luna, always putting others before yourself,” I told Jaz as we walked to first class together.

She was about to say something else but fortunately, the teacher came in and silenced the class with boring math.

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