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This is the love story of a girl and her bully. ASHAR MALIK and INGILA ANWAR♥️ -------------------------------------------------- Ingila is a beautiful nerd.She is sweet, innocent,cute and caring.She cares for everyone.She is a type of daddy's Little girl.On the other hand,Ashar is a brat.He is a playboy and a bully.He is also the prince charming of the college.He don't really care for grades because he is always busy with his friends, partying all night and flirting with girls. However, at home he is something else. _________________________________________ One day Ingila decides to change herself. She turned herself into the dream girl. Every boy started to like her, including Ashar. However, Ashar is in love with her before she changed herself. She thinks that Ashar is also in love with her looks however, he is in love with her soul... _________________________________________ What will happen when prince charming will fell in love with a nerd? Do you think she will fall for her bully after what he did to her,after she changed herself? _________________________________________ Hey lovely people, This is mahek and this is my first book. I am not really god at writing discriptions.So try to avoid sending hate comments. However,the story is pretty good.

Romance / Thriller
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Ingila's (P.O.V)

"Maria please,I don't wanna go there".

I rubbed my forehead rolling my eyes letting a small chuckle escape my lips.

"What's your problem with parties huh!?You know this is the last day of summer holidays,right?So come on, let's have fun!" She said like a crying baby.

"Maria I know but I hate parties,I always spend my free time at the cafe.It relaxes me.Parties don't".

"Ingila! Please first and the last time baby....I love you please"

She said holding my hand in a pleading manner.

Ugh Maria whyyyyyy!!!!?????...okay first and last time!!!

"The way you are looking at me,makes me wanna give you some money begger.

Well okay! let's go"As soon as I said that she started dancing and wooping

giving me a shock." But but but but... this is the last time you are asking me to accompany you at a party,okay!?I stared at her.

"Yes ma'am!first and the last time!!!" She said saluting me as I chuckled.

Just now,I am at Maria's house and currently she is deleting her cloths. She has many cloths but still she is crying and Muttering that she don't have any.

"Maria I you will not hurry up.Then I will go back to my house!!! I shouted.

"OKAY OKAY OKAY! Just a tick."she said in a hurry.

Maria and I have been friends since highschool and now we are in college.It is the first year of college and tomorrow Isis the first day after summer holidays.Maria don't really care for grades cuz she is really a good dancer.She wants to be the best choreographer. On the beginning of our freshman year,she is classified as one of the popular of her college.I,on the other hand remained tha same;never used makeup,eat a lot of food cuz no matter how much I consume,I never get fat.So consider me a foddie.While Maria always has a party.I have my book ,my tea,my hoodies and my glasses.

I think my dress is okay.I am wearing a loose dark grey sweatshirt,white sneakers, blue jeans,loose denim jacket with no cuts and of course my glasses.

Finally Maria came.And she is really looking hot.She is wearing a black leather jacket,black leather skirt and plain white top and high heels pumps."Somebody's looking hot"I said as I winked at her.

She asked me If I wanna change my cloths but.I don't.And yeah it's too late now.

After half an hour we head towards the"Status Club".This place is really famous in our city.I parked my car in the parking lot.We went inside. It's really really crowded.The dance floor is covered with crazy people.People are dancing with their friends...I can see some couple on the floor too.

I was observing the place then I was interupted by Maria."Let's grab a drink".she shouted in my ear as the music was defeaning .We were drinking.She ordered a bourbon and I ordered apple juice.Then we went on the dance floor and we started dancing.I tried to convince her that I don't wanna dance but what then I thought first and last time.So,I thought I should go and have fun.

I am really having fun man. Clubing is not that bad.

We both were dancing like crazy.She is really a good dancer.I was jumping and doing lame moves.I bet I was looking really really stupid.But I didn't cared.

And now,I am extremely exhausted. I am sitting in the corner. Maria is still dancing with full energy. I am breathing heavily. Suddenly the my phone started ringing. It is my father.

I went outside and recieved the call


"Hey princess...how are you?

" I am fine papa".when are you coming back?"

"I am coming soon".You want something from LA?

"No papa...but you can bring me some chocolates.hehehe"

"Okay princess!!!" He said as hse chuckled.

"Papa I have to go.Actually I am out with Maria."

"Thank god beta(child).Atleast you are going out with your friends.but don't forget before 10pm,I want you home,okay?"

"Okay,byeee byeee"

"Bye bye!take care!"

I hung up the phone and head towards that party hall.I was checking my phone then suddenly I bumped into someone.

When I looked up, all I could see was a back covers with black leather jacket.

"WTF!" He said as he turned around and stared me with furious look.He was clenching his jaw in anger. His t-shirt was wet cuz he was holding a drink and I bumped into him and the drink was spilled on him. I was staring at him. He was like at my age .l'd been lying I say that he is not handsome.He is like six feet, wearing a leather jacket black pants and red canvas.He was really furious."I so sorry" I said as I was really petrified.I didn't know what to do.He was just staring at me.

Then suddenly, somebody shouted. "Ashar!" We both didnt care who it was and then came a boy of his age.He came and asked him" bro what happened!?" He asked looking at him then lookimg at me.

"She bumped into me and the whole drink-" he stopped and then again gave me a grave look."I am sorry. It was my mistake".

Oh my god.. It's getting late and tomorrow is my college.I have to go.Why is he still staring at me man!? Can't he just get over it.I didn't do it on purpose.

Then his friend said"It's okay,You should go.I will handle it." I was on a cloud nine when he said that.Then I looked at him,he still looked like he is not over it.He didn't said a word. I tried to ignore him and I went to tell Maria it's time go home.

I dropped her at her place and then I went to my place and went to sleep after having dinner.I was thinking bout that guy.His name suits him.But he was a badass.

I wonder if he is still mad at me...


Hey everyone...next chapter will be more interesting because it's going to be Ashar's P.O.V....

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