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Chapter 2 ◇ Sawyer

It feels like it’s been hours since I pressed my lips to this stranger, this male stranger, and despite everything, all I can think of is how soft and warm his lips are. That, along with an uncertain number of whistles, bring me out of the fog I’m in, but it isn’t until I hear a lady say, “That’s disgusting! There are children here.” that my eyes snap open. Because yeah…I had my eyes closed. What the hell, Sawyer?

I feel the guy’s body tense, and I immediately step back. When I do, the guy is staring at me in a deer–headlight kind of situation, and my eyes couldn’t go wider. I look back at Laila, but she is nowhere to be found. Then I look further away, and there she is, struggling to move past people and out of the row so she can storm out, or so I suppose. I chase her down, and when we are both clear and in the open, I grab her arm, and she stops and turns, then she snaps.

“What?!” she screams at me in anger and humiliation. Even though I know it makes me a bit of an ass, I expected to see at least a few tears.

“Laila I—” I try to speak, but it hits me that everyone—even the players—is now staring at the giant screen, or us if they are close enough.

“You what, Sawyer? What can you possibly say after humiliating me like that?”

For a tiny instant, I feel ashamed of myself. This is my Laila, after all. How could I have done that to her? But that’s when I hear someone saying, “The poor girl doesn’t deserve this. I can’t believe he would do that in front of everyone.” That comment brings me back to reality, reminding me of every time I saw her with that Michael guy, they were acting like best buddies, all the while laughing—and most likely fucking—behind my back. Now it all makes sense. The pity in everyone’s eyes whenever I picked her up at work. God! Did everyone know?

“So?” Laila continues, “Do you have anything to say? I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this, Sawyer! I can’t believe I fell in love with a piece of fag-trash like you!”

Okay, that settles it all. If there is anything I can’t be reasonable about, it’s the disrespect gay people get for loving those who society says they shouldn’t. She won’t act like a victim and then insult decent people with derogatory words while she rides her high horse. So I snap back.

“Yeah? Well, in that case, you can go back to the co-worker you just hooked up with in the bathroom while I was waiting for you to come back so I could propose.” I hear a loud gasp that I soon realize is coming from her. “Sawyer! You were going to propose?”

“As a matter of fact, Laila, I was. I had it all set into motion while you were letting your buddy cop a feel up in a public restroom. So, when you say trash, do you mean you or me?” A couple of ‘damns’ along with a few gasps and some ‘oh my Gods,’ serve as background noise. But it is when someone says, ‘What a whore’ that I smirk, knowing damn well she heard. Looking straight into her eyes, I grin and say to whoever just spoke.

“She is not a whore.”

Her eyes soften, but I don’t give her time to play little Miss Sunshine as I hit her with a final blow, “Whores at least get paid. She did it all for free. Unless you count the times she probably fucked the guy at work while on the clock.” And that makes her storm off.

Okay, so yeah, that wasn’t my finest moment, but like everything else in life, people lost interest in our drama and quickly returned to the game that had resumed during our little soap opera.

Damn... I should go back and apologize to that dude.” I say more to myself than anyone else. As I make my way to the stranger I kissed, I notice his seat is empty, and there is a hole just as empty in the pit of my stomach. Is it possible that in my intent to humiliate Laila, I humiliated him instead? God! What’s wrong with me? Is he single? Is he even gay? A little voice in the back of my head says he has to be because the kiss was way too hot for him not to be gay.

“Wait, a minute! Hot kiss? What the fuck, Sawyer?” And I realize that I just said that out loud. Even more embarrassed than before, I grab the few things that were left on our seats and head out.

God, this day took all the wrong turns.

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