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Chapter 4 ◇ Sawyer

Why? Why out of all the people that could be here, he has to be here? And damn it if he doesn’t look even better. No Sawyer! stop that right now! The guy’s voice wrecks a barrier in my brain, bringing me back to the conversation.

“Cleo, what is going on? Is this some kind of sick game you are playing?”
“What? Wait! What?!” Is her intelligent response, “no! I just thought—”
You thought what Cleo?” He all but screams as he interrupts, calming himself down when he realizes everyone heard him. “Sorry I mean... what did you think Cleo? What the hell were you thinking?”
“Dude! I thought you said he liked Sawyer.” I hear Anna murmur, and it feels like smoke is coming out of my ears.
“Jensen hold on,” Cleo continues, “I thought you liked him.”
“Cleo, he is straight for fuck’s sake!”

“Eh... he is right here, and he would like to know what is going on?” Before anyone else talks to give me an answer, Calum arrives and puts an arm over my shoulder and I hear Cleo’s cousin whisper, “Or he isn’t?” But I hear him and rush to clarify.

“No, no, no! Calum and I aren’t—No! he is my best friend.”
“Best friend Calum at your service.” He says offering his hand to shake, and that’s when it hits him, he gasps and shouts, “holy shit is the kiss cam dude!” Rolling my eyes, I respond “I gathered as much. Thanks, Captain Obvious! Anyway, this... him... he, is the surprise your dear sister had for me.”

“What the hell Anna?” Calum asks; and when I think he is going to defend me or say this is outrageous, the asshole says, “you know kiss cam guy and you didn’t tell me?”

“Excuse me,” the kiss guy says after a cough, “kiss cam guy’s name is Jensen. Jensen Hawkins nice meeting you. Jensen, I’m Cleo’s cousin.” And Calum murmurs not so quietly, about how awkward this is, causing the guy —Jensen— to cringe with the need to apologize.

“Listen everyone, I’m sorry to crash the party. Cleo told me she had a guy that wanted to meet me. I’m not part of whatever this is, I better get going. Happy birthday, man!” And while he talks, I can only focus on one thing. He is gay.

Stay!” I blur out of nowhere, and now everyone’s eyes are on me. One hand in my pocket and reaching the back of my neck to scratch it as I do when I’m nervous, I breathe and explain myself. “I mean, I’ve been wanting to apologize to you since the game, but I had no idea of who you were. Please, stay.”

“Please!” Anna pleas, “pretty please!” Says Cleo, joining us. He smiles and agrees to stay; Anna and Cleo are gone as soon as he does and now it’s just Calum, Jensen, and me. Not awkward, not awkward at all.

“So,” says Calum being the first to speak, “I think I’ll get going and leave you two to deal with that. Just no fights, ok? My mom will kill me if her garden gets ruined.”
“No fights!” Jensen says, raising both hands and stepping back a little, “I promise the last thing I want is trouble.”
“Ok, good! Then you two can solve whatever is going on here, and I will check that girl that just arrives because, damn! Anyway, hasta la vista baby!” He leaves and kiss cam guy and I just grin stupidly. I find myself reaching for the back of my neck again, now shifting on my feet.

“So, about that apology. How exactly are you planning to beg for forgiveness?” Wait... is he flirting with me? Does he think I’m–he thinks I’m interested in–in him? He answers my question when his laughter interrupts my thoughts.

“You should see your face, Kiss Cam!” He continues laughing, God his laugh is contagious, and soon I find myself laughing too.

“Ok, ok! Let’s get serious now, ok? How about you tell me your real name, and why you kissed me at the game? That could’ve gone very, very wrong, had I not been gay and totally checking you out.”
“Damn! Not so shy, are you?” I say with a stupid grin on my face. “The name is Sawyer, Sawyer McCaullin.”

“Nice to officially meet you Sawyer McCaullin, until twenty minutes ago, your name in all of my fantasies had been Kiss Cam. Sawyer sounds even better.” He winks, giving me the first opportunity to make things right and tell him it was all a misunderstanding.

“Yeah, listen, about that. I’m not gay or anything.” I proceed to explain the whole Laila debacle and the reason I kissed him. His eyes on my face —mostly on my lips— the entire time I’m talking. Makes me nervous if I’m being honest.

“So that’s the reason it happened? Have to say, Kiss Cam, that was one hot kiss. Are you sure you didn’t just make all this up so you could get your lips on mine? You can admit it... I can keep a secret.” My eyes go wide in shock, he notices and for the first time since the girls fled the scene, he looks shy and almost embarrassed. “Hey! I’m just giving you a hard time, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry about your girl too. That really sucks.”

“No big deal. You learn to move on pretty quickly after seeing yourself kissing a guy on every local TV channel for a week. All jokes aside, though, I really do want to apologize. Do you think we could go somewhere more private and talk? I think they have an office or library here we can use.”

“Yes, ok, lead the way.” We both head towards the house, Calum’s mom was on her way out and I took the opportunity to ask where their office’s at. Jensen follows right behind me.

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