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an imperfectly perfect love! between a baker and a workaholic ass between a super optimistic girl and a man who only cherishes memories of his late wife will their marriage work out and will Scarlet be able to melt the ice between a father and a daughter (Aster and Evan) read out!!!

Romance / Drama
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author's note!

hello beautiful souls out there...hope y'all are safe and happy!This author is a crazy ass and a lazy one too but i swear on the holy mother of cheese the author is supacute....
i have been reading webnovels for quite some time and got a superb idea in my brain and thought of writing one too...
lastly...i started writing the same book on wattpad before and it is still in process. But i did not recieve a lot of love. guess am bad at writing anyways...if you wanna read it on wattpad then please message me as the name and cover is changed and even my username.
This story is going to about falling in love again.
Evan Parker a CEO of a multinational company is a workaholic but for a reason...he is also a single father...due to pressure he decides to get married again.
Scarlet Ray, a baker...a super optimistic girl with a not so lovely past. she has never been in love and imagines for a prince charming.
what happens when these two gets stuck in a marriage due to pressure. But can this contract change into love? Can Evan and Scarlet end happily?
read to know...
IMPORTANT- the author cant promise for a lot of updates but can promise a good amount of update atleast once a week...
bieeeeeee lets meet in the story!!

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