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I swear kitten

Chapter 22


Today the sky is a cloud-covered, gloom-stricken, dull desolate grey. A whole fucking mood, one that would dwindle and desiccate as the hours progressed. I had plans, plans nobody knew anyone about, plans that didn’t involve me going to school like Ella and everyone else thought I was. Ella was suspended so she wouldn’t know about my absence, however, Wes will probably end up calling me soon wondering why exactly I’m not present. Which won’t be a problem.

The sound of my ringing phone has my lips twitching just barely. Lifting my right hand from the steering wheel, I reach into my pocket and pull out the device, looking at the caller ID. If it were different circumstances, I’d chuckle, smirk even, but couldn’t bring myself to do either knowing the events ahead. Tapping the green icon, I answer. “Wesley.” I draw out, gradually pressing down on the break due to the upcoming flashing red stoplight.

“Dude, where are you? My Declan detecting skills aren’t working.” He questions, most likely scanning the hallways. “Are you out of range because you’re not showing up on my radar?”

Sometimes I wonder how he’s my friend because tolerating him takes extensive effort on my part. Effort that could be used on more important things. Can’t he ever just talk like a normal human being? Who the fuck am I kidding, he wouldn’t be Wes if he didn’t have some Wesley like thing to say. At other times I wonder what goes through his mind and then after decide maybe knowing wouldn’t be all that great. “Maybe because I’m not some robot with a fucking chip to track,” I say, switching my foot to the gas as the traffic light changes to green. “Or maybe your FBI skills suck. So do me a favor and quit.”

Wes huffs. “Someone’s cranky.” I roll my eyes. Hmm, what could have possibly given him that impression? “Lucky for you I won’t take it personally because I know the man we shall not speak of is being transferred today.” For a moment her pauses, only his scratchy breath is heard through the speaker. “That’s why you’re not here right, you’re home snuggling with your Ellie bear?”

“Number one: Don’t fucking call her that. Number two: Keep your nose in Hayes’s business and out of mine, sniff where your nose is needed.” Taking a deep breath, I try to let the tension roll out of me, knowing my words were harsher than intended. “I just—I can’t deal with any problems today.” The words come out quieter, but the edge is still heard.

“I know,” Wes says, serious for once not taking offense to my attitude. “Just relax and don’t do anything stupid. I’ll keep my eye on Hayes. He isn’t here today though so he probably doesn’t start school until tomorrow.”

Flicking on my left blinker, I steer my car onto Wilson street, a crappy road full of cracks and potholes. It shouldn’t take long now. “I won’t,” I tell him, even though right now I’m about to do something really stupid and maybe even illegal. If Wes knew he’d no doubt try to talk me out of it, that’s why I didn’t inform him, he wouldn’t understand. “And Wesley...thanks.”

He exhales as if he’s relieved. “Yeah man, you’re my brother.”


Olivia raises her dark eyebrow doing that cute curious look, clearly wanting to be filled in on the conversation. I liked her, I liked her a lot, not in a crush kind of way, just a friendship kind of way. Don’t get me wrong she is absolutely gorgeous, anyone with two capable working eyes could tell that, but thinking of us as a thing didn’t feel right. I just didn’t see her the way Declan saw Ella and really didn’t feel anything other than simple friendship. With that being said, she’s just refreshing to be around and fun to hang out with.

Leaning my shoulder against the lockers while tucking my phone back in my pocket, I look at Olivia’s caramel hair thinking before giving her the details. Declan was with Ella, right? Usually, if she’s not in school he doesn’t show either because he’s with her. I swear I heard his car turning signal though, was Ella with him? If she was why did he sound so irritated, well more irritated than he normally was? Declan usually kept his temper in check, especially when around Ella, so what was he doing? He said he wouldn’t do anything stupid, but would he? He would tell me, right?

Olivia’s hand lands on my shoulder, concern now painting her soft features, as I come back to the present and remember she’s there waiting for me to speak. “Is everything alright?” She asks gently, her toffee eyes scanning my face.

My eyes dart from her hand to her face as I shake my head. “I don’t know. Something feels off but maybe I’m just overthinking it.” I mumble more to myself. His dad is getting transferred today, after all, maybe he’s just stressed. That information alone put me on edge and Julian’s not even my dad. But knowing he’s not secure in a prison cell even if it were for only five minutes it would still give me the shivers. “He said thanks to me, he never says thanks, not even over the phone. Usually, he just gives me a look and I know he’s appreciative.”

Her eyebrows knit together in confusion while she tilts her head to the side. “That’s weird. Is he with Ella?”

I shrug. “I asked him but he didn’t answer.” My eyes run up the hall once again as they do every few minutes, still no sign of Hayes. Shouldn’t he be here? Or did he purposefully decide to wait a couple of days to put us off, make us anxious? Either way, I’m not going to let him get to me, that shit is done with. “Did Ella mention them doing anything remotely spontaneous?” I ask, lifting my eyebrows wickedly, trying to lighten the mood.

She shakes her head chuckling as she drops her hand from my shoulder back to her side. People brush by us, walking the halls and chatting, as they also wait for the bell to ring and doom us to another tedious day of stale intolerable teachers and endless monotonous lessons. I didn’t even have time to eat breakfast this morning—at least I had emergency snacks in my bag. “Wesley Blake!” She whispers harshly, nevertheless a smile still taking over her lips. “Do you know Ella? Even if they were, which I’m pretty darn sure they aren’t, she wouldn’t openly tell me.”

I laugh. “Hey, you never know. They say the shy ones are the most—”

She smacks me. “Shhh, keep your voice down.” She scolds, trying to mercilessly hide her smile by biting down on her lip. I laugh harder, just because she doesn’t give off the impression or show it, she’s most definitely innocent.

Throwing my hands up in defense, I lean in and say in a quieter voice, “What I was trying to say before you so rudely smacked me was, they say the shy ones are the most fr—“She smacks me again, harder this time and I throw my head back and die laughing. Her eyes watch me narrowly but her flushed red cheeks tell me differently. She truly is beautiful. “Alright alright Livy, no need to hit so hard. You’re going to give me a bruise and I don’t want to have to explain it to my mother that some girl was hitting one me and we got a little rough—”

For the third time, her hand strikes my arm and I lose it, not being able to contain my laughter. She’s just too easy to mess with and it’s hilarious seeing her get all blushy. “There’s this thing called a filter, why don’t you try it.” She mutters, glaring.

After a moment I settle down. “Okay, I’m done.” Her lips purse, she obviously doesn’t believe me. “I swear kitten.” I then go to show myself pretending to zip my lips and after lock them just like they teach you in elementary school. “Believe me now?”

She rolls her eyes. “You’re so dumb.” People’s shoes squeak against the floor annoyingly as we stare at each other. At last, she blinks. “You know you’re allowed to be worried, you don’t have to play it off all the time, you can talk about it.” She says softly. I blink not expecting to hear that, and most definitely not expecting to be called out on it. “I’ll even text Ella for you to ease your nerves.” She then pulls out her phone and does exactly that while I stand still, for once not having a clue what to say or how to respond.


We Were Liars sat on my bedside table, finished and ready to find a new home on my bookshelf. My heart kind of broke after reading it, but still, the novel was great nonetheless. I feel like novels that bring out strong emotions in you are the best novels, the ones that you can’t put down, the ones that make you laugh out loud, the ones you want to throw across the room and rip out the pages, and lastly the ones that make you cry. Those are ones that truly hit you, render you speechless, and make you think about it for days after.

It’s nice to have something else to dwell on, another character’s life, and their problems instead of my own for a change.

Hearing my phone buzz fractures the transparent walls of the book world I’m currently residing in and benevolently tugs me back to the real world. Sighing, I reach over to the end of my bed where I last threw my phone upon coming back from the kitchen after getting coffee. The first thought that comes to mind is Declan’s the one who is texting me, he went to school solely because he wanted to keep his eye on Hayes. Which was perfectly fine, I didn’t want him to skip because of me, not to mention he’s got football scouts watching him. He needs to be there.

Sliding open my phone, the text message pops up. My physic skills were off, it’s not Declan it’s Olivia. Hey Ella Bella, just checking in. Declan’s skipping with you like usual right?

For a long moment, I stare at the message before moving my fingers to answer. No, he went in today. He should be there. I text back. He’s at school right? He specifically told me he was going in last night after he dropped me off, and then he also reminded me this morning. Maybe he’s late, or she just hasn’t seen him yet. But he did leave on time. Taking a deep breath, I will myself not worry as I wait for her reply, he could be waiting for the bell to ring before he actually goes in.

A minute passes and then my phone buzzes again. Both Wes and I haven’t seen him, we thought maybe he was with you. Don’t worry though I’m sure he’s only late.

Immediately I responded. He left on time, I’ll call him.

Not waiting for her reply, I swipe off of messages and click on the phone icon, tapping his name since he’s the first person on my recents considering we just spoke like thirty minutes ago. The phone rings and rings for a good twenty seconds with no answer and then finally I get his voicemail. Without hesitation, I tap his name again and try calling him a total of two more times leaving a voicemail with each call before my worry starts to ebb in. Why isn’t he answering? He usually always answers. Where is he? Is he okay?

I type out a quick message and ask Declan if he’s okay and if he’s at school before asking Olivia to tell me when and if he arrives. He didn’t lie to me, right? Where else would he go other than school and why didn’t he tell me? Maybe he stopped to get gas on the way, or maybe he stopped to get coffee and that’s why he’s late. No matter what I tell myself though, it doesn’t take away the uneasy feeling resting in the pit of my stomach, or the current pressure encasing my chest muscles.

Pushing off my bed covers, I stand up and walk out my door and down my creaky stairs to get a glass of water to hopefully both slightly calm me and moisten my parched throat. Thank goodness Thomas is still sleeping because I’m not ready to deal with his wraith this morning, last night’s lecture was enough. He acted as if I got into fights weekly when really that was the first real physical fight I’d ever gotten into. It’s not like I was going to make it a habit. I still can’t believe he came back all the way from college over a petty fight.

Weirdly enough though, I thought when I got home last night I’d at least see my mother but she was already off to work. She has yet to come home this morning too.

Shaking my head, I open the wooden cupboard and grab the first glass in sight, fill it with cold tap water before bringing it to my lips, and gulping haft down at once. Everything is fine, Declan will get back to me and there will be nothing to worry about.


Hey strangers, sorry for the wait! My puppy has been in and out of the vet after experiencing some health issues and we still have no answers. But I hope you all are well, thank you for being patient! I hope you enjoy this chapter nonetheless! Tell me what you think about Wes’s POV, do you love it or hate it? What do you think Declan’s up to? Haha, let me know! P.s. sorry for any mistakes.

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