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Grumpy goose

Chapter 3


Have you ever met someone who from the moment you met them, knew that somehow or someway they were going to change your life? You just had this feeling, like okay this person is my person.

I saw her and I just knew. She was going to be my person. Ellie has this atmosphere around her that makes you want to be around her constantly, once you see her smile or hear her laugh it’s like magic. It’s pretty remarkable how much power she holds, though she thinks she has none.

When I left this morning having to go to my apartment, I was kind of grumpy, well I was definitely grumpy. Ellie told me she wanted to drive herself, she missed her truck and she missed driving. It was a dreadful idea but that’s what Ellie wanted and who was I to tell her no.

Of course, I wanted to drive her to school, I wanted to hold her hand and tease her just to see that goddamn gorgeous blush. Not only that, but I know how she gets when we arrive at school. I wanted to make sure she was going to be okay.

I see the look on her face when she looks at the doors, I see the panic take root. That look kills me, and since she didn’t ride with me today I couldn’t give her the reassurance. I hated the way Ellie felt so scared, the way school made her feel or any public place.

But at the same time, a small messed up part of me liked that I alone could make her feel better, that I was the one her hand-squeezed, I was the one she hid her head into. I fucking loved that I was her reassurance, that I was who she wanted and needed to make her feel better.

I never thought I would meet someone like Ellie, and let me tell you there is nobody else like her, nobody can even try to compare to her because there is no comparison.

As I arrived at school I noticed she wasn’t here yet. Turning off the ignition I decide to sit and wait, she should be here any minute. As the seconds tick by an anxiety of its own builds and rests right in my rib cage. I don’t like Ellie driving by herself, honestly, I don’t like her being alone ever. Maybe I’m clingy but I can’t help it with her.

This world is unpredictable, the people in it can be really fucking cruel. I’ve lived it, so Ellie by herself scares the living hell out of me. Julian’s in jail, he’s in a barred cell but a cell is made to keep you locked in. His people are the ones out, and I’m sure he keeps them on a tight leash. If there’s one thing about Julian, it’s that he doesn’t give up so easily. I also have no idea where Hayes is and that’s another problem in itself.

Becoming impatient I decided to text my Ellie. I know she’s an over-thinker and if she thinks I walked in without her, I know her anxiety will get the best of her.

I hate school as much as she does, it’s a fucking waste of time. The only people in that school who don’t annoy the shit out of me are her and Wes, and I guess Olivia too. I like her because I know she’s the only girl Ellie trusts, and I can see how Ellie adores her.

Grabbing both my sports bag and book bag, I swing the door open and step out of the car. It takes me about two seconds to spot Ellie’s truck, it still baffles me that she even drives a truck.

With a knock on her window, she turns her head, I can see the tension in the crease of her forehead but as she sees me, it slowly begins to fade. I open the door for her and help her out. “Hi.” Her soft voice fills my ears.

I smile down at her. “Hi Lil’ one.” I murmur kissing her cheek. “How was the drive.”

She scrunches her nose and glances down. That gesture was all it takes for me to understand, her driving alone wasn’t as great as she thought it would be. To comfort her I take her hand as we begin to walk towards the entrance. “I like it better when you drive.” She confesses, squeezing my hand tighter as we get closer to the school.

“I like it better when I drive too, then I know you’re safe,” I tell her. But that’s not the only reason, I like having her with me, she makes things more bearable. It seems wrong when she’s not with me.

She stumbles over the sidewalk step, I quickly steady her. Her cheeks almost immediately paint a deep scarlet. I can’t help the grin that appears on my face.

“Thank you.” She mumbles so quietly. “For not going in without me.”

I stop in my tracks holding her hand firmly, a second after she stops too noticing. Her deep blue eyes find mine wondering why I stopped.

“I wouldn’t let you walk in by yourself, even if I wasn’t here.” I say seriously searching her face. “We are a team Ellie, if I couldn’t walk you in then Wes would. I will never let you walk into school uncomfortable.”

Her pink lips simper into the most beautiful of smiles. “I know D, that’s why I love you.”

I brush her cheek. “Good because I love you a hell of a lot, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” I mutter, watching the color of her skin tone change into the loveliest of colors. “Did I mention you look beautiful today?”

Her eyes widen and she quickly glances away from me. She always gets so embarrassed when I tell her this, I have no idea why either because it’s the truth. “Thanks.” She whispers. “You look handsome too.”

I chuckle, she is honestly the cutest person ever. “I’m flattered.” I gush sarcastically, which makes her giggle.

Kissing her forehead we begin to walk again. I pull the door open for her letting her go in, she mumbles a thanks. Once we’re inside I immediately notice her subtle shift towards me, I smile placing my hand on her hip pulling her closer. “Don’t worry baby, I’m right here.”

As we do most mornings we walk to her locker. We have eyes on us no surprise there, it doesn’t bother me although it does bother Ellie. Let them stare, I don’t fucking care, by now they should know Ellie’s mine and that makes her untouchable. If it’s not clear yet, I won’t hesitate to make it fucking clear as a crystal.

“Hey what’s kickin’ little chickens?” Wes chirps, falling in line with us while stuffing a cinnamon roll in his mouth.

He seriously has something fucking wrong with him. “The only thing I’ll be kicking is you.” I mutter, not liking his enthusiasm this early in the morning.

Wes smiles wide, he bends forward to look at Ella. “Ella I’m truly sorry you have to deal with a grumpy Deck Deck, he’s an irritable little chicken this morning—.”

Before he can finish that sentence I punch him hard in the arm. Ella’s giggles fall short after she sees what I did, she tries to look at me with a hard disapproving stare, but actually, she just looks cute with her little pouty face.

Wes immediately grabs his arm and starts rubbing it, “Really Deck, that actually hurt you grumpy goose.” I’m about to punch him again when he throws his arms up in surrender, “Alright I’m done, I promise just don’t punch me again. I can’t take the abuse.”

Ella grabs my arm. “Be nice D, or I’ll call you a grumpy goose.”

Wesley begins to laugh, I shoot him a glare before bringing my attention back to Ellie. A smirk falls upon my lips, “No you won’t baby, name-calling isn’t nice.”

She tilts her head. “Punching isn’t nice either D.” She counters. “Only grumpy gooses punch.”

I lean down brushing my lips against hers. “Call me grumpy goose again baby and I’ll put these pretty lips to use.” I murmur pulling back.

She turns away her face brightening into the color of roses. Her blonde hair falls over her face covering it. I raise a hand and tuck her golden strands behind her ear so I can see her blush. As I pull away my hand brushes her skin, I smile at the warmth of her cheeks. So fucking adorable.

“I guess it’s settled then, no more name-calling.” I whisper. She nibbles her button lip, her face set into a pout.

“Don’t be a buthead Deck.” He scolds with a smile. “Now that I called you a name, will you work your lip magic?” He says puckering his lips.

I glance at him, I swear to god if he doesn’t shut up. “If you say anything like that again, I will—.” Ella tugs my sleeve shaking her head. Looking back at him I mutter, “You’re fucking lucky.”

Reaching her locker, I softly nudge her to the side and open it for her. I know her combination by heart. She quickly exchanges her binders and whatnot while I lean against the locker waiting. Wes babbles on about some shit, but I barely listen.

Once Ellies done, conveniently her friend walks up all cheery too, just like Wes. What’s wrong with people, it’s the morning. She’s taller than Ella so seeing them next to each other is kind of funny. Most people are taller than Ellie, but I like her height, it’s perfect just like the rest of her.

“Hi, Ella Bella.” She sings, then greets the rest of us. “Guys.”

Ella Bella...girls.

“Hey, Olivia.” Ella greets back, smiling at her best friend.

The two of them begin to chatter, Olivia catching her up on the new gossip. Even Wes listens. I watch Ella as she listens to her friend putting in a word here and there, but if Olivia knew her like I did, she would know that Ellie really doesn’t care about gossip. It doesn’t interest her. Ellie would never actually tell her that, she’s too nice.

The thought that nobody really knows Ellie the way I do, it’s endearing. For how much I love this girl, my heart literally aches. Nothing could ever equal out to the way I feel about her.

I play with her hair, letting whatever Olivia says go through one ear and out the other. I only listen in when something sounds remotely interesting, which is rarely. Ella leans back into my chest, I smile inwardly. She was looking for comfort in my touch.

“I need to go to my sports locker before the bell rings,” Ella mumbles politely.

“Why didn’t you say so?” Olivia playfully asks. “Come on then, we better hurry up.”


What do think about Declan’s POV? Did you miss Wes, I know I did! Hope you liked this chapter! P.s. Feel free to check out my other stories. Xoxo

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