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Don't be a party pooper

Chapter 5


She’s hot. She’s not a cup of coffee, she’s beautiful.

Everyone wants her man, so why don’t you share. She’s not a fucking object to be thrown around, she’s a person my person. I don’t fucking share, she’s not shareable.

Dude her body is perfect. Yeah, it is, your point? Are you fucking asking me to smash your petty boy face in?

You lit the match, now burn bitch.

He should’ve known, talking about Ellie like that right in front of me is a death wish. He fucking knew and he fucking did, that was a big mistake and now he’s going to know that he’s messed up.

She is my angel and he just sinned upon her.

The audacity he had to say the things he said. That temerity he held, I was going to enjoy crushing it. The toleration I have when it comes to Ellie is very limited, he clearly is an imbecile.

Noah, imbecile, Noah, imbecile, Noah, imbecile. There was no distinction, two of the same. Now that my match was lit, this imbecile was going to learn what it feels like to combust. After all, imbeciles are exceedingly combustible.

He was damned, and now hell is coming for him. I’m coming for him.

Fury was all I felt, all I could see. Nobody was going to stop me, he was going to be put in his place. Wes wasn’t here to reason with me and I’m glad because all I so badly wanted to do was make this idiot sorry.

Nobody talks about Ellie like that. It wasn’t okay.

The words that came off his filthy tongue were engraved in my brain. After a point I couldn’t hear Noah’s voice anymore, the fury I was feeling clouded everything else out.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t listen to another word. So I shut him up.

A blistering fire scorched my muscles into movement, the indignant anger hummed hot in my blood. There was no way I wouldn’t hit him, no way. My body was already moving before my brain could register what was happening.

Words were spilling from my mouth, words I didn’t even know I was saying.

First a shove, so hard against the metal lockers. Second a punch right to the Jaw. When it came to the third step, he attempted to hit me. It was weak. His defense, weak.

Weak, Weak, Weak. The effort he put in was laughable, enjoyable.

Another punch to his face was his award for effort, the blood spilling from his nose would be his later reminder. The hit I sent to his kidney had him doubling over in pain. Pain looked good on him, great even. Sparring him, I kicked his knees in, lying down is supposed to help with the pain.

The roar rushing in my ears was pushing me to go farther, to do more damage.

I wasn’t nearly finished.

As I went in for yet another strike, a sound so pretty scraped the edge of my eardrums. My arm faltered slightly. The roar wanted more, I wanted more. Readying for another strike, a voice broke through, that lovely voice. Again my arm faltered, frozen in the air.

“Declan.” Her voice shattered through the mirror that kept me confined, only reflecting my rage.

Her touch sparked stillness, my body going slack. Chills kindled down my skin, a blissful calm washing away the madness. Her blue eyes shined, begging me to look at her, to see her, to wake up for her.

Ellie was here. Ellie, Ellie, Ellie, my Ellie.

She held me tight, bringing me back, pulling me back to the present. She was gentle with me, patient. She would hold me until I got myself under control, she wouldn’t leave my side. I hope she will never leave me.

My arms dropped finding their place around my lil’ Ellie. Feeling her physically had simmered the compulsion that was keeping me from going back at him. If she wasn’t here right now, I’m not sure how Noah would end up. If I kept going...

Ella’s touch was what was keeping me together, she held me together. The love I felt for her right now was so strong, as mad as I am, I could feel my love for her dim that madness. She had no judgment, she didn’t judge me.

No matter what happens, she will always bring me back. I needed her in ways I couldn’t describe, I wanted her in ways I couldn’t comprehend.


Rain pattered the windows of Declan’s GMC. The little droplets slide down the translucent glass, I watched them wondering which one would reach the bottom first. It just recently began to rain, well poor. A dreary day, I didn’t think so.

The darkened clouds released their tears, no one can be happy all the time.

Vehicles sloshed through puddles, windshield wipers slid against the blurry window, squeaking as it did. The sound of the rain pelting on everything it came in contact with was comforting. The noise dulled the world out, and instead zoomed in on the now.

The music hums in the background, a low sound but my attention is elsewhere. A layer of moisture clings to my window, as I look out at the trees they are slightly blurred but still bewitching. Due to the season, the outside is very green reminding me of Declan’s eyes.

Woods surround us, as we ride the backroads. Declan’s scuffed up hand is resting on top of mine, our fingers weaved together like vines. His thumb rubs back and forth against my own as he concentrates on the road.

Though it’s silent many unsaid words sift between us, an understanding we don’t need to verbally express. The quiet between us wasn’t all that quiet, the way we touched each other spoke volumes, the way we would glance at each other at the same time rang loud in the beat of my heart.

“You know Ellie.” Declan begins to speak. “Sometimes I think about you being an angel.” He tells me, his eyes set in front of him.

I gawk right at him though, mouth agape. I am not an angel far from it, the way he says it though has my head spinning. “Declan I’m not—”

He shakes his head like I didn’t even say anything. “Actually I’m pretty certain you are.” He speaks it like a known fact.

My heart splits open, my love for him leaking out. A small smile simpers onto my chapped lips, my mouth falls dry. He thinks this about me? He thinks about me being an angel?

“If I’m an angel D, then you are my wings.” I murmur squeezing his hand.

Our eyes connect in the briefest of moments, but the feelings are strong. “You think so?” He coos. Without a moment’s hesitation, I say, “I know so.”

The smile that captured his lips took my breath away. The way his eyes crinkled and the way his curly hair fell was the most perfect picture. He glowed in stardust, he was the real angel if anything.

Attraction was strong but affection was stronger.

“I want to kiss you right now.” He breathes.

I squirm a little in my seat, I wanted him to kiss me too. He once again looks at me, his eyes hungrily lingering on my lips. “Come here.” He orders, tugging me closer by my hand.

My toes curl in my vans, as my cheeks creep in the mixed shades of pink and red. That simple tug has me leaned over the center where the cup holders are.

“Closer.” He beckons, his voice low. “Unbuckle your seatbelt.”

Heat swallows me up as I follow his directions. My trembling hands finally unbuckle the seatbelt on the third attempt. Hesitation brushes down my skin, my shyness an illumination, capturing me.

“Don’t be shy with me.” He whispers, his hand pulling me in close.

Our faces mere inches apart, in a flash his lips are felt against mine, his lips are rough but his kiss is soft. Mint and coffee blossomed along my tastebuds. Before he pulled away he nibbled my bottom lip, the look of love swelling in his eyes matching mine.

I fall back into my seat, the most delightful wave of nausea hitting me. For a second my eyes fall closed, attempting to rid myself of the dizziness he gives me. His touch makes my head spin up in the clouds.

A chuckle escapes his dulcet lips. “You’re so fucking adorable.”

I cover my face with my damp sweaty hands, this is what he does to me. He makes my skin sizzle with an absurd amount of heat. My face is flushed, uhh I just wish I didn’t get so hot so easily.

In my embarrassment, a sudden bump has me flying in the air and then falling back on my seat. Removing my hands from my face, I look to see what just happened. Did we hit a bump in the road?

“What was that?” I squeak.

Declan’s suddenly looking very serious. “I think one of my tires just popped.”

He pulls to the side of the road, mind you were in the middle of the woods on the backroads with nobody else around. Out of Declan’s side of the car, there’s a river behind the guard rail. The rain is pouring down in big fat droplets.

School is still in session, and we’re not there. We’ve been gone not even twenty minutes. It’s the absolute worst time to have a flat tire.

“Stay here, I’m going to go check.” He mutters, opening the door. The rain is loud and as he slams the door shut, the noise dulls down again. Well, that just took a turn.

I watch Declan as he checks the tires, in seconds of being out there he’s already soaked with rainwater. His curly chocolate hair sticks messily to his forehead, the coldness of the water tints his cheeks red. His emerald orbs are bright in concentration. Even soaking wet he looked like a model.

Not too long after he trudges back opening his door, swinging himself in. He brushes his hair out of his face, releasing a very annoyed sigh. That’s not a very good sign, I’m almost positive without asking that the tire is indeed flat.

“Is the world going against me today or what.” He mumbles to himself.

A frown falls upon my face. Oh, Declan. Without thinking, I take my hand and reach over to him, brushing his hair back. I hated seeing Declan stressed, or down even.

“It’s okay D, we’ll figure it out,” I tell him.

He turns to me about to reply when his phone starts ringing. He pulls it out of his pocket hitting the answer button, then putting it on speaker so we both can hear.

“Hello.” He answers.

“What the fuck happened Declan?” Wes yells into the phone, “You’re in some deep shit, by the way, speaking of deep shit, where the hell are you?”

Declan glares at the phone. “Calm the fuck down, I’m with Ellie, my tire just popped.”

“You just got up and left.” He exasperates. “Now you have a flat tire, and you’re in deep shit.” He takes a breath, “Real cute Declan.”

“Yeah I know, I don’t need a reminder” Declan mutters, sounding bored. Wes said Declan is in big trouble and that scares me. I knew he was in big trouble before but Wes voicing it out loud makes it real, makes it worse.

“Apparently you do, whatever we’ll talk about it when I get there.” He says. “Where are you? I guess I’ll come save your sorry ass like always.”

Declan tells him our location, then hangs up not waiting for his response. We stare at each other for a moment, and I hate the distressed look in his eyes, the straight line of his lips. For once Declan looks drained, both mentally and physically.

I grab his hand, tugging slightly. “Come one, let’s go out in the rain.” I murmur. He looks at me, his frown deepening. He begins to shake his head. “No Ellie, you’ll get sick.”

“Please D,” I whisper.

He watches me for a long second before he sighs. “Fine.” He gives in, “Only for you will I go out in the rain willingly.”

Smiling, I throw the door open and jump out. The water hits my clothes, dampening the fabric. I inhale the fresh earthy scent. Holding out my hand, the water hits my skin in its own unique pattern.

Little puddles are scattered around the road, and to the side of the road, there’s a slight dip that is too filled with water. Not caring about getting wet, I walk over to the puddle and jump in it. It splashes up at me, hitting my face. A smile lights my lips, on occasion when I run and it’s raining, I always go right through the puddles.

“Lil’ one.” I hear Declan not far behind me. “What are you doing?”

I glance up at him with my bright smile, stomping in the puddle. I run to the next puddle and do the same thing, an elated feeling filling my belly. The big puddles with lots of water are the most fun.

He chuckles. “Playing in the rain, are we now.”

Sticking my tongue out at him I reply, “It’s fun D, don’t be a party pooper.”

He grins an amused stunning grin, “Party pooper huh.” He repeats. “I’ll show you party pooper.” Then the next thing I know he’s running towards me. A giggle escapes my lips, I run as fast as I can away from him. Water soaks my clothes, puddles splash my skin.

Though I’m fast, Declan is faster. He gets closer and closer, the gap between us getting smaller and smaller. That doesn’t stop me though, I keep going. Taking a quick look over my shoulder, I see him almost right behind me. All of a sudden I jump off the road and into the muddy puddle in the ditch.

The biggest splash yet, dirty water flying all around me as I land on my knees. My clothes are drenched, and now dirty too. To my surprise he jumped in it too, I thought maybe he wouldn’t since it’s muddy, but I was wrong.

I’m about to get up and start sprinting again but Declan’s arms pull me back. He spins me around so we’re face to face. His smirk has my heart fluttering. “I got you now baby. What was it you called me? Party pooper?”

Shaking my head, I deny the truth. “N-no I didn’t, y-you must have heard wrong.” I stutter.

His eyes glow. “Hmm, are you telling me I’m deaf now too?”

“W-what no—”

I don’t get the chance to finish my sentence, he starts tickling me. Uncontrollable giggles fall from my pouty lips. My body squirms trying to pull away from him, but he’s too strong.

“D s-stop.” I stammer.

My arms begin to flail but he does not stop. “Nope.” He says, popping the p. Sweat mixes with the rain, dripping down my forehead. My chest and stomach begin to ache from laughing. “P-Please.”

“Say sorry.”

Not being able to take it anymore I say it. “S-sorry.”

He smiles. “Now say, I love you Declan, you’re the best kisser.”

“D-D-Declan.” I stutter, his tickling assault tiring me out. The water splashes around us but he doesn’t seem to care.

He shakes his head. “Say it and I’ll stop.”

Pouting I gasp trying to catch my breath. It’s so hard to breathe when you’re being tickled, he’s so mean. “I-I love y-you Declan, y-you’re...the b-best kisser.”

As promised he stops, victory painting his face. He pulls me into him, hugging me. His chin rests on top of my head. We stand in the muddy puddle hugging in the rain, not caring about anything else. “You make me happy, even when the skies are grey.” He whispers.


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