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Little D is such a bully

Chapter 6


In the rain we stand, our clothes saturated, our skin slippery, and our hair dripping. Globs of mud color us like outdoor paint, and the woods surrounding us whisper to the rushing river.

The stress that clutches me like iron chains moderately begins to subside as Ellie’s giggles fill the air. The sound of her happiness made it easy to forget my hella shitty day. The glow of her cheeks and the sparkle of her skin was a medicine you can’t buy.

Any day with Ellie was a good day. It didn’t matter if it was raining, it didn’t matter if it was sunny, hell it didn’t even matter if there was a fucking tornado. As long as she was there, your day would be a good day.

She could be special to anyone, but to me she was everything.

“Ellie, you’re shivering aren’t you?” I mumble, her delicate body trembling against my own. She is freezing.

She sends me a shy smile. “I’m okay D, I love the rain.”

I shake my head, there’s no way I’m letting her freeze out here. She’ll get sick and I don’t even want to think about her being sick. “You’re not okay, you’re about to turn into an icicle.” I place my finger on her glossy lips, hushing her protest. “Shhh come on, you can’t change my mind when your lips are turning purple.”

“Fine.” She murmurs, giving in.

I take her hand and lead her back into the car. She stops before the door as I open it, a frown covering her face. She glances at me. “I’m all muddy, I’ll get your car dirty.” She says so quietly.

Her beautiful blue eyes are big and they look so sad. She honestly thinks I care if my car gets dirty, I don’t obviously but the way she looks it’s adorable.

“You’re so fucking cute,” I mutter. Her frown deepens, I’m guessing at my language. Shit, I really need to stop swearing around her. “I don’t care about the car Ellie, I care about you.”

Still, she doesn’t get in, her face full of guilt. “I’m sorry I jumped into the mud puddle, I didn’t think about your car. Now it’s going to be a mess because of me.” Her hands are fiddling with the end of her sweatshirt, and it’s bothering me. Why the hell is she apologizing? Fuck the car, I could care less if it looked like a cruddy dumpster.

I step forward, taking her hands, stopping her from being all fidgety. “Stop,” I tell her, gazing at her gorgeous face. She’s not looking at me though, her eyes are set on the ground. “Look at me.” I murmur softly.

She does, her doe orbs meeting mine.

“Didn’t I just tell you how happy you make me?” I mutter to myself. “Let the car get muddy. I don’t care, it will remind me of you and just how happy you make me.” I lean in and kiss her wet forehead. “That’s a pretty damn good reminder.”

She flushes in the shades of red and pink. “Are you sure?” Chuckling, I pat her bottom. “Get in the car Lil’ one.”

She hurriedly gets in the car, her cheeks deepening in color. A smirk covers my lips, I never knew it was possible to love someone so much.

As soon as I’m in the car I crank the heat so Ellie doesn’t freeze to death. She tries to hide it but I can see and hear her teeth chatter, she couldn’t hide from me. Wes should be here soon, so hopefully, we won’t be stranded that while longer. I still have no idea how my tire popped.

Reaching my hand over I grab Ellie’s so I can trace the lines and indents of her soft smooth skin. Her skin was like silk. I wanted to memorize every dip and line, every imperfection because she was authentic.

As I trace her velvety skin, goosebumps surface while her blonde hairs stick straight up like static electricity. My fingers glide gently up her arms and as they do her breath hitches. I notice as her chest begins to rise and fall more rapidly. I smile, taking pleasure in what I can do to her. Seeing her simple responses is immensely satisfying.

She watches me with her innocent eyes, they’re as blue as ever right now. When I finally glance at her cheeks, they are rosy red. The most stunning color.

“I love you lots, D.” She whispers, her voice soft and sincere.

My lips quirk as my hand brushes along her hot cheek, I tuck a piece of damp hair behind her rose tipped ear. “I love it when you say that, I love it so much,” I mumble kissing the corners of her lips.

I love it when she calls me D, the way it sounds coming out of her delectable lips is inimitable. Every time she says it, I have to catch my breath because she leaves me searching for air.


You make me happy, even when the skies are grey.

His low velvety voice played over and over again in my head. These words were simple but they meant so much to me. Even as the time passed, even as Wes picked us up, I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

He called Declan two times before actually being able to find us. But when he finally did, Declan showed him the tire. They couldn’t figure out how it popped, nothing in the road was sharp enough to cut through a tire, so it was a mystery.

Wes asked why we were all muddy, Declan glanced at me then with a mischievous smile saying, “Just having a little dip.”

All the while he and Wesley were outside in the pouring rain, I was in Wes’s black Jeep. Declan wouldn’t let me stand out in the rain again, so I sat and watched them from the back seat.

I could tell Wes was mad, he was mad at Declan for fighting and then straight up ditching school after. He was sure to tell him too, they hashed it out, Wes pointing fingers and Declan taking it.

I didn’t like Wes yelling at Declan, I didn’t like anybody yelling at him. But I knew Wes was only looking out for him, he was disappointed that Declan didn’t come to him and that he let his anger get the best of him. Wes cared for Declan just like I did, they have been friends since childhood, he was the brother Declan didn’t have.

But me, I didn’t care about missing school. I did care about how much trouble Declan was no doubt in though.

As I waited for them, I thought about what I would get Declan for his birthday. I wanted it to be special whatever it was I decided. Hearing the doors open, I glance up as both Wesley and Declan get in the vehicle freshly wet with rainwater.

Wes looks back at me, flashing me his charming smile. “You look dashing Ella, even when you’re covered in mud.” He then starts the engine. “Though I’m quite sad you didn’t invite me to join, we could have made mud pies.” He says sadly.

“Fuck no.” I hear Declan mutter. I laugh quietly, “You’re so silly Wes.”

“See Declan, Ella wants to make mud pies. It’s a great idea, we could top them with yummy worms and rock sprinkles.” Wes cheers, sending me a wink.

Declan looks at him with fake interest. “Yeah we could, then I can shove them down your throat. Fantastic idea.”

Wes frowns. “No Deck Deck, mud pies are for fun. Don’t be silly.”

“Why not Wesleyyy? Afraid of a little mud?” Declan taunts. “It’s not silly, and next time you call me Deck Deck I’ll make sure you can’t walk for a week, yeah?”

I gasp. “Declan that’s so mean.” He wouldn’t really hurt Wes, I know that but still. Wes came and picked us up, he should be a little nicer.

“You see Ella, he’s so mean to me.” Wes wines. “He hurt my feelings, little D is such a bully.”

Laughter bubbles in my throat. I can’t even...he sounds just like a toddler tattle tailing to his mom. I swear Wes is such a goofball.

Declan glares at Wes. “Grow a pair.” He mutters, then turns around looking at me. “I’m not mean baby, I’m honest.”

The car ride was a lot of fun. Wes is such a talker so at no point was there once any silence. His voice filled the car, whether he was singing or babbling on about nothing actually important. At one point Declan asked him if he ever ‘shut up’ which only led to Wes telling him to stop being ‘cranky’ and he needed a ‘nap’.

Wes drove us to Declan’s apartment. Declan and I both desperately needed a shower, the mud smelled disgusting. It was all caked in my hair, turning it an ugly brown color that I didn’t like. I just couldn’t wait to change my clothes and actually feel clean again.

If I’m being super honest, it also makes me very self-conscious. I wish Declan and Wes didn’t have to see me like this, I must look hideous. It was my dumb idea after all, but I loved jumping in puddles, it’s just so fun.

Once at Declan’s place, Wes plops down on the sofa and turns on the Tv. Declan throws his keys on the counter, then grabs my hand leading me to his bedroom. He already called a tow truck to get his car.

As I follow him, I admire how he always manages to look good. Even now all dirty, he’s still so handsome. Dropping my hand, he goes over to his dresser and opens the third drawer down.

While he gets clothes, I peer around his room. On his nightstand is a picture of him holding me bridal styles after one of my games, it’s one of my favorite pictures of us. My stomach flips with literal very intense butterflies when I look at it.

Declan didn’t really display many pictures, so the ones he did display must mean a lot to him. I know him putting up that picture of us meant so much to me.

A minute later he has a shirt and boxers in his hand. “Time to shower baby.” He coos, resting his hand on my lower back, bringing us to the bathroom.

“Don’t you want shower first?” I ask.

He glances at me, a small grin stealing his pink lips. “We could shower together.” He whispers low in my ear. My eyes widen the heat of his breath like fire against my skin. “W-what?”

“Just a suggestion.” He shrugs, chuckling. He studies my face, amusement lighting his green eyes. Is this some kind of joke? “Y-you want t-to shower with m-me?” I stutter, feeling suddenly extremely nervous.

His dirt-streaked fingers caress my burning cheeks. “Do you want to shower with me?” He asks, his smile showing his practically white teeth.

“U-umm I-I d—.” I try to form a sentence but have no idea how to respond. My body feels like it’s immersed in a million flames.

His finger lightly brushes down my lips. “Shh don’t worry, only when you’re ready.” He murmurs.


Its currently midnight, but I’m posting this chapter now because I want you guys to read it! Sorry for any errors, Enjoy!

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