Chronicles of an Assassin: Hidden

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Chapter 2

The next day, I wake up to my laptop making a ping sound. I get up and walk over to my desk which is across my clean bedroom. I get onto my laptop and see that my friend, Connor emailed me. Hey, Mark. I tried to text you last night because I didn’t know where you were. I thought we were going to go to the movies last night? I email back.

Oh, I’m sorry. I must’ve forgotten. I ran home to do my homework and on my way home, I heard someone being hurt  in an alley below me. I tell him the rest that happened. 

Is Skylar okay?

I don’t know. The reason I didn’t text you back was that I accidentally left my phone with her because she needed to call her parents. I was going to pick up my phone and check on her after school. I’m going to head to school in about twenty minutes.

“Okay, well, see you at school.

“Ok.” I close my laptop and then I get dressed in black jeans, a white undershirt, a red overshirt, and a black and red hoodie. 

I walk downstairs and make myself an omelet and pours myself a glass of orange juice. I leave for school. I must walk to school because I don’t have a car. 

   When he gets to school, He sees his massive high school. Discovery high school is a nice-looking place. It is fancy. It is a two-story, quartz building with quartz stairs and has lots of benches outside. It has lots of windows, grass that is cut well, and bushes that are trimmed. It also has a fountain.  

Inside, it has a teal-colored carpet for the football team, the New York Lions. The school mascot is a blue lion. The school sign outside said, Discovery High School, Home of the New York Lions. The cheerleaders for the team have blue, black, and white clothes. By the front office, I see a blue lion standing on a black pedestal. I head to my first class, which is math.  

  Once I get to my math class, I see my friends, Connor and April, sitting next to where I sit. I sit down in my seat in the middle of the front row. They are sitting on either side of me. 

  Connor is a kid with brown hair and pale blue eyes. He is nice but kind of shy. He is a new kid at my school. He came to my school when he moved from California to New York around the same time my parents were killed. 

  April is a pretty girl with long black hair and sky-gray eyes.  

  I think she is funny and very nice to be around. April and Connor are currently dating. 

April’s ex-boyfriend was the football running-back for their team until he got kicked off the team for underage drinking with his friends. She broke up with him because on the same day he got caught, he hit her because they got in an argument. Connor wasn’t at the school at that time. He came shortly after; she was still sad and broken mentally when he came along. Connor makes her happy. He doesn’t bug  her  and he didn’t  intrude on her personal space.  He is very kind to her and respects her. 

  Connor and April both know that I lost my parents and they both support me when I need it. 

  My teacher, Mr. Nelson is also very nice to him. I think he is nice because he knows I lost my parents. 

  Mr. Nelson is a kind middle-aged man with glasses, a receding hairline, and formal clothing. 

“Okay, class. Today, we will be learning about Translations. “Who here knows what a translation is?” He asked the class. 

A blonde girl raises her hand. I can’t see her face because her hair is in the way.  

“Yes, Sarah?” 

“The word translation is a term used in geometry to describe a function that moves an object a certain distance. The object is not altered in any other way. It is not rotated, reflected, or re-sized. In a translation, every point of the object must be moved in the same direction and for the same distance.” The girl answered. The girl reminds me of Skylar.  I hope you’re okay, Skylar.  I say to myself. 

I am. I hear someone in my brain say. “What the-?” I whisper a little louder than I wanted to. Everyone’s attention is on me now. “Is there something you would like to add, Mr. Smith?” Mr. Nelson asks. 

“No, sir. Sorry.” 

“It’s okay, Mark. Just don’t interrupt again.” 

“Yes, sir,” I respond. 

I slouch in my chair a little so no one can see me anymore. The class pays attention to Mr. Nelson again and he continues his lesson as if he wasn’t interrupted in the first place. I don’t pay attention to the rest of the lesson. I try to talk to the girl in my head again. Hello? 

Hi, Mark. Don’t freak out, she says hastily, sensing that I am about to freak out, I need you to do something for me. 

I won’t freak out. What do you need me to do? 

I want you to meet me in the girl’s bathroom on Thursday. 

Okay, you know I can’t be in there, right? 

Yes, I know. That’s why you need to do it at lunchtime right after your class before lunch. 

Okay, why do you want me to meet you there?

I wanted to thank you properly for saving my life last night. 

Why are you going to wait until Thursday to do that? As soon as I said it, I regretted it.

Because I’m still in the hospital. 

I was going to visit you tonight. You could tell me then. 

You’re coming to visit? 

Yes, I wanted to make sure you were alright. 

Oh, Thanks for caring about me, she says as I can feel her crying.

You’re welcome. Well, I should probably pay attention to the class. See you later, Skylar. 

See you later, Mark, by the way, I have your phone. You left it with me when you left. 

I know. I realized on the way to my house.

Okay, I just wanted you to know. 

Okay, thanks.

You’re welcome.

I can’t concentrate on class. I keep wondering why she was attacked.

After all of my classes up to twelve-thirty p.m., I head to lunch.

It takes five minutes to get to the massive lunchroom from the portables.

I have my lunch, so I try to find Connor and his girlfriend, April.

Connor is throwing an apple in the air and catching it. April watches him, smiling.

Connor is a kid with brown hair and pale blue eyes. He is nice but kind of shy. He is a new kid at Mark’s school.

April is a pretty girl with long black hair and forest-green eyes. I think she is very funny.

April’s ex-boyfriend was the football running back for their team until he got kicked off the team for underage drinking with his friends. She broke up with him because on the same day he got caught, he hit her when they got in an argument. Connor wasn’t at the school at that time. He came shortly after; she was still sad and broken mentally when he came along. Connor makes her happy. He doesn’t bug her and he doesn’t intrude on her personal space. He is very kind to her and respects her.

Connor and April both know that I lost my parents and they both support me when I need it.

“Hey guys, is this seat taken?” I ask when I walk up to them.

April looks at me and smiles. “Nope, you can sit there if you want to.”

“Ok. Cool, how are you guys doing?”

“I’m doing good,” Conner responds, putting the apple onto his tray.

“Me too. What about you?” April answers.

“I’m doing good.” “I have something I wanted to tell you,” I state.

April beams. “Ok.” She responds.

“Ok, so, I don’t think you know this, but I have been depressed lately.” “I have been dealing with it by free running. Do you guys know what free running is?” I ask.

“No.” They answer a little too quickly.

I don’t notice and I continue, “Well, free running, or parkour, is the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, and maneuvering around obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. As you both know, I used to be in gymnastics, but when my parents died, I quit because gymnastics reminded me of them and it was painful to think of them that way. Well, after they died and I quit, I still did parkour. I found it easier to escape my thoughts by doing that.” “Connor already knows this but...” I tell them the whole story, “so, that’s what happened last night. I was going to go over to the hospital to check on her. I was wondering if you guys wanted to come. You guys can meet her.”

“I’ll go. Do you want to come, April?” Connor asks.

“I have already met her, but I’ll come with you guys if you want.” April answers.

“You know Skylar?” I ask.

“Yes, I met her a month ago. I have seen her around here.”

“You have?”

“Yes, you haven’t?”

“What do you mean?”

“She has looked at you a bunch since she got her. How have you not noticed?”

“I have no clue.”

“Ok. Well, I think she likes you, but she doesn’t want to tell you yet.”


“Thanks for telling us the story by the way.” “I’m sorry you still feel sad,” April says.


“You’re welcome.”

School ends two hours later.

I walk home when I get my stuff from my locker.

I do my homework on my laptop and I see an email from Connor. Is it ok if I pick you up so we can go to the hospital Skylar’s at since you don’t have a car?

Sure, that’s fine. Thanks for offering to come with me. I respond.

No problem, man.

Well, I’m going to start my homework now. Can you pick me up at five?


Ok, see you soon.

See you.

I do my homework and then I hear Connor pull up in my driveway.

I go downstairs and open the door. “Hey, Mark. Ready?” April asked.


We walk outside and drive to the hospital.

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