Chronicles of an Assassin: Hidden

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Chapter 3

At the hospital, we go to the front office. I walk up to the desk. “Hi, I was wondering if I could see my friend,” I say, kindly.

“What’s your friend’s name?” The receptionist asks.

“Skylar Dark.”

“Ok. I’ll see which room she is in.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

She looks at her computer screen and types.

After a minute, she looks up at me again.

“It looks like she is in room three hundred-eighty B. If you go down to the end of that hall,” she points to the hall across the room, “and then walk up the stairs you find on your right, and walk to room three-eighty B, you should find her. I think she’s awake.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

Since Connor and April were sitting in the chairs by me, I told them where the hospital room was.

We walk to the hospital room and open the door.

Skylar is watching Twilight on the flat screen tv on the wall.

She turns her head to see us when she hears the door open.

“Hey, Mark. Hey, April.”

“Hey, Skylar,” April says.

“Hey,” I say.

Who’s this?” She asks, looking at Connor.

“I’m Connor. I’m April’s boyfriend and a friend of Mark’s.”

“Nice to meet you, Connor.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

“How are you feeling?” I ask Skylar when my friends had to leave to go back to their houses. Connor dropped off my car and gave me the keys before he left the final time.

“I’m feeling better. I still can’t move my legs much. It hurts to try.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Well, what’s the verdict?”

“I have two broken ribs, four broken back invertebrates, a broken arm, a broken leg, and a concussion.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. That must suck.”

“It’s alright. At least I get Jell-O.” She smiles.

“I’m glad you are so positive in this situation.” I smile too.

“Me too.”

After a minute of silence, I sit down in the chair next to her to watch Twilight with her.

"Hey, Mark.”

“Yeah?” I ask turning to her.

“I wanted to say thank you for saving me last night.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure. By the way, when I was at school today, I heard you. Inside my head. I know it must sound crazy, but you were talking to me in my head.”

“I was?” She humors me.

“Yeah, it was kind of freaky.”

“Maybe you are crazy.”

“Maybe. Let me try something.”

“Ok. Go ahead.”

I concentrate, trying to ask her if she can hear me in her head.

Nothing happens.

“What are you trying to do?”

“I was trying to see if you could hear me in your mind.”

“I didn’t.” She lies.

“Ok. You might’ve only had that ability when you were asleep.”

She smiles and then says in her head, ‘Just kidding, I can hear you.’

‘Repeat what I say if you can hear me. Blue.’


“Woah. That’s cool.” I say, aloud.

“Yeah, I know. It’s weird though.”


“Well, I should let you get back to your movie.”

“You’re leaving?”


“Oh, can you stay for a while? Please?”

“I don’t know. Why do you want me around anyway?”

“I like having you around. You seem very nice and protective.”

“Well, thanks. Are you sure?”


“Ok. I can stay for a little while.”

“Thanks.” She says, sleepily.

“Try to get some rest. You’ll heal faster if you do.”

“Ok.” She closes her eyes and falls asleep.

I sit back in the chair and I fall asleep too.

In the middle of the night, the window in the room opens and a person in a gray and pink cloak climbs into the room.

The cloaked walks over to Skylar and looks at her for a minute. The person opens a bag they were carrying and then takes out a clear vial with a purple liquid in it.

The mystery person grabs a syringe from the bag and puts the needle part in the vial and sucks up the liquid to put it inside the syringe.

Then, they poke Skylar’s arm with the syringe and inject the purple serum into her arm.

Skylar moves a tiny bit and the person climbs out the window after the person looks at Skylar and Mark one final time and whispers. “I’ll see you both soon.”

I wake up seven hours later. I get up and find a sticky note and a pen. I write, Hey, Skylar. I’m getting us breakfast. I’ll be back before you wake up. If you do happen to wake up before I get back, that’s what I’m doing.

I leave the room and head to the cafeteria. I get our food and then head back to the room.

I see that Skylar is up.

“Hey, Mark. I saw your note.”

“Hi, yeah, I didn’t want you to worry about me. How are you feeling?” I ask.

“I feel great.”

“Do your legs hurt?”

“No, they don’t.” She responds, surprised.

“That’s great!”

She tries moving her leg. She closes her eyes, anticipating the pain. When it doesn’t hurt, she opens her eyes and smiles.

“How is this possible? I can move them again.” She asks.

“I don’t know. That’s great! Should we try walking to the other side of the room? To see if your legs are normal again.”

“Sure. We can do that.”

“Ok.” She slowly stands up and stabilizes herself on the bed.

I stay close to her to catch her if she needs me to.

“I think I’m good.” She says, assuring me.

“Ok.” I let my hands drop a little.

She walks over to the other side of the room, smiling the whole time. When she gets to the door, she turns around and walks back to me. Right when she is about to reach me, she slips on the bed cover that draped over the side. I catch her before she hurts herself. “You ok?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m ok.” She stands up straight again.

“Good. Well, that was amazing that you were able to walk over there and back without a problem. I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks!” She high-fives me.

“Would you like some food? I got us some pancakes with eggs and bacon from the cafeteria.”

“Yes, thank you for buying food for me. I love pancakes.”

“That’s good! You’re welcome.”

We sit down on the hospital bed and eat the food I bought for us. I like this girl. She’s really pretty and sweet. I say to myself. In my brain, I’m hoping that she didn’t hear my thoughts. I can’t tell when she’s listening or not so I have to be sort of cautious with my thoughts around her.

She laughs quietly at something I didn’t hear. “What’s so funny?” I ask.

“Nothing.” She says, hastily.

“Ok. Well, if nothing is funny then what’re you laughing at?”

“Ok. Fine. I do.”

“You do, what?” I ask, confused.

“What were you just thinking a minute ago?” She hints.

“Oh, you heard that?”

“Yes. You’ll have to control your thoughts around me.”

“Ok. I’ll try that. Well, I’m glad you feel the same.” I smile.

She smiles too.

“I love your smile.”

She blushes. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Hey, after breakfast, I was going to tell the nurse that I’m feeling better.”

“Ok. Sounds good!”

“Ok. Cool. Do you think you could drive me to my house when I’m able to leave?”

“Sure. I can do that. You need to tell me where your house is when we get out of here.”

“Ok. I’ll do that when we get into the car.”

“Sounds good!”

Twenty minutes later, she got the paper signed by the nurse and we were in the car.

“Where to?” I ask, looking at her.

She tells me the directions of her house and we get there ten minutes later. Her house is a decent-suburban white house with a picket fence. It has two 2x2 windows in the front and a blue wooden door in between them. It has nicely-cut grass.

I get out and open the door for Skylar.



We hold hands and walk up to the front door. I open the door for her and she walks inside. I walk in behind her.

“Hey, dad. I’m home.”

“Hey, Skylar. Where have you been?” Her father asks.

“I was in the hospital. I was mugged when I was jogging last night. If it wasn’t for him,” she gestures towards me, “I wouldn’t be alive.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey. Why were you jogging at night, in the rain?”

“I was trying to take my mind off Luke.”

“Ok.” He turns to me. “Thank you...” he pauses.

“My name is Mark.”

“Oh, well, thank you for saving my daughter, Mark.”

“It was my pleasure. I should probably get back to my house. I have some stuff to do. It was nice meeting both of you. Skylar last night and you now.”

“Ok. Well, see you, Mark.” The man says, kindly. He waves and brushes his brown hair with his hand.

I walk outside and when I get to my car, Skylar comes running out of the house, calling my name.

“Mark!” She calls, walking up to me. “You forgot your phone.”

She hands me my phone and smiles. “Thanks, Skylar.”

“You’re welcome.” She grins like she is hiding something from me.

“Are you not telling me something?”

“No, what are you talking about?” She says, hastily.

I check my phone to see if anything is different. I look in contacts when I don’t see any new apps. I scroll down, slowly, trying to see if she added any new phone numbers. When I get to ‘G’, I see a new contact that I didn’t have before. Try to guess what it says. No, it’s not Greg. No, not Gerald either. Ok, last chance. I’ll have to tell you if you don’t get it right. No, it’s not Gary. It says, ‘Girlfriend’. That’s right. She put ‘girlfriend’ in my contacts. Guess who’s the contact picture is of? Yes, you’re correct. It’s Skylar’s.

“You did put something on my phone.” I accuse.

“No, I didn’t.” She says, smiling innocently.

“Well, I guess I don’t have a girlfriend then,” I say, jokingly.

“Ok. Fine. I put my contact in your phone.” She admits.

“Well, I’m glad you like me too.”

“Me too.” She smiles.

“Do you know how it works? I haven’t had a girlfriend before.”

“I think we are supposed to go on dates and stuff.”

“Ok. Well, see you on Monday.”

“See you. Also, how did you know I was going to see you on Monday?”

“April told me that you have been looking at me since you came to our school.”

“Oh, well, I’ll see you then.”

She smiles and then walks inside.

I’m hyped by the time I get to my house.

I draw pictures of my parents and now Skylar for the rest of the day except lunchtime and dinner time. I take breaks in those times. I have been drawing pictures of my parents since they died. I like drawing pictures of people I care about.

Five hours later, around seven-thirty, I go to sleep, thinking about how my life has changed for the better since I met Skylar.

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