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Dantes Possession

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Dante is Kenzo right hand man. Kenzo is the boss of the Mafia world and Dante is next in line to take over his empire. Hazel is an innocent girl who Dante has had his eyes on since she became his sisters best friend and when he finds out about how her parents treat her, he checks to see if she is ok. What he doesn't expect is to find out that Hazel is in need of a full time dominant to look after her heart, mind and soul. Could she be his perfect submissive or is she too disobedient to be what she wants more than ever? To be his. This book can be read alone, or you can read the series to understand the characters more.

Romance / Erotica
Ivy White
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Chapter 1

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Book 3 of the Mafia Series

This story is intended for 18 plus. Sexual content, violence, scenes of distress, real-life events that can trigger many. You have been warned before you continue. This story is not for the faintest of hearts.

Book order is as follows:
Conflicting minds
Dantes Possession
Societa Oscura
Bright screws
Pre Robernero discomfort
Two worlds
Senza Cuore
Kenzo-Teenage years
Ryder-seperate series

Arlington is getting ready to swap over to the winter months. Kids are playing out, Kenzo’s new mansion is on the outer skirts next to Dantes beach holiday home. Rebecca and Kenzo are happily living together, Dante is keeping an eye on his family, No more enemies lurk the streets. The clubs are booking more than ever, Kenzo buying the strip and currently renovating them into BDSM clubs. Dante being his right-hand man, businesses running smoothly. The top men of the city with more money than sense. High Rise buildings are being built up, Dante and Kenzo are working hard to give it the image that they want. The Devils Dragons are riding the streets and keeping all of the pedestrians in line. Dante and Kenzo sorting them out if they need to. Arlington is safer than ever. Brothels are being introduced with women consenting that they want to do it. Trafficking rings are being destroyed and men are no longer stepping out of line.

Welcome to Arlington


“She’s good man. Fuck knows what they did to her, but I and Rebecca are the most compatible that we have ever been.” I tap my fingers on the black leather chair in Kenzos study that he had built with the new mansion. His previous place was demolished after it was blown down by the Mexicans. I’m glad to see the end of last year because that was one hell of a roller coaster. It’s a shame really because Kenzo started to love his new place and finding out about Rex took its toll on him, Rebecca and Trish. When Trish was found, there wasn’t much of her left and Kenzo had to make the important decision to send her off to Derby to get some serious counselling. I wouldn’t mind, but I became fond of her. At least Kenzos learned his lesson and will never turn his back on Rebecca again, or let her go for that matter. Not that he would want to do that considering she’s exactly what he needs and he is what she needs.

“I’m sorry brother. I truly am, but you need to let her live her life now. She’s been through enough torment and torture in one lifetime, you can’t go adding to that.” I lean back in my seat and Kenzo lays his head down in his hands. The connection between the Rebecca and Trisha was intense and for her to be changed, it was a shock that neither of us expected.

“At least she’s getting the help that she needs now. She’s in safe hands with Derby just think about it that way.”

“I guess you’re right.” He stands up and walks out the door with an old-style book in his hands. I shrug my shoulders and exit his study because there’s no reason for me to be in there.

Entering his kitchen, I lean up against the door frame and wait for Kenzo to acknowledge me.

“Right, I’m shooting off bro.” He nods his head and I grab my keys and exit his house. Sliding in the driver’s seat of my BMW M3, I drive out of the gates not talking to the new security guards that are on duty. I’m shattered and need to get back to see my Mum. She was horrified when I fell into a coma last year and I remember how she held me crying, begging me to wake up. It still breaks my heart to this day and I’ll always remember her face. Just because it didn’t seem as if I wasn’t there doesn’t mean that I wasn’t.

Pulling up outside, I use my keys to enter through the front door and take my blazer jacket off and hang it up. Pulling my pistol out of my inside pocket, I push it in my black slacks and enter the living room. For fucks sake, whats Hazel doing here again! I’m sure that girl lives at this house. I gave up with her because she kept sending me mixed signals, all talk and zero movements. She was too much work for me to handle so I deleted her number and cancelled her out of my life. It’s safe to say that shes no longer in my life even if she is almost twenty now.


“We’re going out for food later girls.” I sit on the couch next to Chloe as her Mum talks about her plans for the night. Somehow I’m included in it and I’m now going to eat out with them.

“Oh no. It’s ok. Thanks anyway.” I smile at Annette and she shakes her head.

“I don’t want to impose. I will get something to eat on the way home.” I tell her honestly and she stands up walking over to her purse. Opening it up, she pulls out some money and waves it above her head excitedly. Chloe laughs and I give her a fake smile.

“No Hazel. You’re coming with us.” Annette says to me being the mother that I have always remembered her to be. Me and my Mum don’t have a great relationship and all she’s interested in is getting drunk with her friends and making a scene of me. My Dad left when I was only six years old and from that day, my Mum turned to alcohol and drugs. I hate going home and spend majority of my time here with Chloe and her loving Mum, not that Dante enjoys having me around. I’m pretty sure that man hates me with a vengeance ever since I told him that I didn’t want to have sex out in public. Who would? I have my sanity to keep clean for goodness sake. Plus, he’s too energetic for me as much as my stomach twists in knots and tells me that my attraction to him is well above the one hundred per cent.

“Hazel I won’t tell you again. I know that you don’t have any money on you and that means that you will go without a hot meal. I’m sure I’ve told you many times that you can live here. Why you keep going back I don’t know.” Annette stands next to the window holding her hips. Everything about that woman screams Parental Guidance and Chloe lays her hand on my shoulder raising her right eyebrow. Her black hair sways down her back, the shine off it is unbelievable and her blue eyes are amazing making me jealous because I’ve always loved blue eyes. Her Mum is the spitting image of her with blue eyes and Dante has green eyes and olive skin but he has a tan from flying over to Italy recently.

“Come on. You have nothing to lose and we’re going to get an Italian.” Chloe says and I feel cheeky for even considering saying yes. Annette always does this and throughout my high school years, she always packed two lunches because she knew that I wouldn’t have anything throughout the day. She is the most perfect role model and I tried to keep my distance when Dante fell into a coma because they were grieving about their loss. It was heartbreaking hearing that he wouldn’t make it out alive. They said that he had a bleed on the brain and would never come out of the coma until they disconnected him from the air supply and he suddenly woke up. A miracle in my books, but even the days building up to that one day, Annette would check up on me and make sure that I was fed and had clean clothes on my back.

I visited the hospital three times and couldn’t bear seeing Dantes lifeless body on the bed. It wasn’t the Dante that I remembered and the doctors told me that he wasn’t there and had died a couple of days prior to my visit. The machine was the only thing that was keeping him alive they said and I went in one last time to say my goodbyes. When I came back out of the room, Annette was handing me a sandwich and telling me to eat it. She is the biggest diamond in my eyes and this has been a secret between us since I was seven. I truly appreciate her, Chloe and Dante for everything. Without realising, the money that Dante was bringing in was supporting me also because all of the child support money that my Mum was receiving, she was drinking it all and filling her stomach with pills. It’s all very sad, but it’s my miserable life.

“Only if you’re sure,” I tell her and she nods her head. “I always am Dear.”

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