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When In Rome BXB

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Sǐ Shén institute notoriously known as one of if not the worst all boy boarding school in America. What happens when lee sparrow a small, neglected , abused, unlucky boy who could never hurt a fly get framed well Sǐ Shén institute happens. this is a boy x boy story

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Chapter 1


Just a reminder or warning kind of that this story contains cussing, bxb material, violence ,sex-Mabey, abuse, and a couple of other things that some might find offensive this is my first story so don’t expect too much and if you don’t like it that’s perfectly ok but there is no reason to comment your distaste though if you don’t like characters you can comment about that and constructive criticism is fine but saying ‘this book suck’ just makes you rude like wow thanks for the great observation you may proceed to exit so you can be mean but basically just don’t say it sucks because I’m trying my best updates may be slow at first but hopefully things get up and running there are copyright laws so keep that in mind and without further ado continue to the first chapter of the story I’m also righting this on Wattpad. ( also the first chapter is kind of short (I’m writing this after righting the first chapter) but ill try and make chapter two longer maybe)



Yelled a guard shoving me on the bus making me stumble over the stairs. Causing me to hurt my ankle and stumble more barely catching myself because of the cuffs on my hands but eventually, I made it to a seat. But right when I sat down my stomach sank because I sat in front of two people fighting.



The crack the impact of the first punch made me gag. The fighting continued even when the boys rolled into the aisle. I’m grateful I’m sitting in front of them though. Because they are injuring people in the seats behind them with how much they are flailing around.

My knees feel a week from the sight of all the blood on the floor making me grateful I’m sitting. The two boys were wrestling for just a little longer until a guard came and zapped them with a tazer causing them to become immobilized.


The guard screamed causing me and probably most of the crazed boys on this bus to turn around. You may be wondering why I’m on this bus? And well the short answer would be to go to sǐ shén institute. And now you may be wondering huh what’s that and why are you going there? It’s basically an awful all-boy boarding school for ‘troubled teens’ and I’m going here because my only friend framed me.

If I’m being honest I was and still am very nervous to come here. I did some research well a lot of research and spent hours at the library because my orphanage doesn’t have any computers and I found out barely anything. Except for the fact that sǐ shén means grim reaper in Chinese and the rest are all rumors, the school keeps it all under wraps either way the rumors do not give the place justice. And yes I am an orphan kind of ok not really.

So basically, I live at an orphanage but I have parents well just my mom I guess and I know them. I lived with my parents till I was seven years old ( I’m 16 right now ) but my dad has always been abusive to me and my mom. And so when I went to school people started to get suspicious so my dad forced my mom to give me up much to her demise.

It’s ok though I understood plus my mom still regularly visits me. Recently even more than usual because my dad was hit by a car last year by one of his affairs and even though he was an awful father I still cried a lot at his funeral and over his death. I know what you might be thinking, why doesn’t your mom adopt you and get you back.

The answer is because there are so many background checks and hers doesn’t look good from my dad forcing her to conduct illegal activity and being caught doing sed illegal activity some times. so she decided it would be best for me to stay in the orphanage because they take care of me well except for Malinda.

she was one of the girl my dad slept around with and she’s always hated me and made sure I know she hates me. it is not only my dad she sleeps with to but, she has also slept with any guy willing to sleep with her.

I’m pretty sure she has gonorrhea too.... yeah. She also knew my dad was married and had a kid which just makes her worse but I’ve never told my mom about her because I don’t wanna worry my mom in any way. I’m brought out of my thoughts by screeching of the brakes and a guard screaming that we are here cue more anxiety. looking out the window at the building makes me shiver. It’s more terrifying in real life the photos can’t even compare.

Well that’s all for the first chapter I hope you enjoyed I will try and write and post chapter two tomorrow but I have to go to the dentist so I might be unable to anyways peace out love you~~~bambi

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