How to save a life pt1 A new life

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This is a book series based on greys anatomy but my own story. In Washington DC a 18 year old girl works hard to become a doctor at the Washington life saver.

Romance / Drama
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The fire

Melody rose would walk into the hospital. She couldn’t believe that she was accepted! Melody is a brown haired girl with blue eyes. As she walked in she was extremely nervous it was her first day after all. “ATTENTION ALL NEW INTERNS REPORT TO THE CHEIFS OFFICE AT THIS TIME“ the loud speaker said. Melody ran as fast as she could she did not want to show that she was irresponsible on her first day. As melody ran her ponytail flew behind her thoughts were going as fast as she was. All of a sudden a crowd of doctors and nurses ran past her to a tv. The tv screamed “IT APPEARS HOSPITAL Hope Haven Medical Center IS ON FIRE”! “EVERYONE HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED TO WASHINGTON LIFE SAVER” Everyone gasps then a loud voice starts speaking sternly. “STOP STARING AT THE TV PEOPLE AND GET PREPARED TO START SAVING LIVES!” Melody turned around. A tall lady with dark black hair stood. She turned her head and looked at melody “are u melody rose?” Melody gulps “yes t-that’s me” the lady smiled “ well congrats your a doctor now now go save a life!

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