Determined: Book two of the Tucker Trilogy

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David Tucker had his life planned out since he could remember and he had gotten everything he wanted. Now according to his “timeline” at the age of 25 it was time to get married and have kids. He’d already picked his wife and they would soon be married. There was only one problem and her name was Zora Hawthorne... "Why must you push me?" He stepped into the room and instead of yanking the zipper up like he attended to do he let his finger tease over her flesh as he moved the zipper up, ridge by ridge.   Zora closed her eyes against the sensation she felt as David's strong hand caressed up her back. "Pushing you are my goals in life." He thought he had so much control but she loved to see that very control slip. That's when the passion came, when the real David surfaced. She felt the zipper come to an end and she waited for him to run for the door or at least back up but he did neither as his hands dropped to her waist... This book contains sexual content (more descriptive sex scenes than the first book), explicit language, and violence. *Rough Draft (There are grammatical/ punctuational errors.)

Romance / Drama
Kaye Lovett
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Trouble. That was the only word to describe her.

David Tucker told himself not to stare, not to yarn for something he knew he couldn't have but here he was lustfully looking at the round curve of her ass as she bent to stretch the teenage boy's leg. This wasn't like him. He was controlled. He wasn’t easily persuaded or maneuvered. However, when it came to Zora Hawthorne he wasn’t his usual controlled self.

His father, Thomas just dropped her in his lap when he invited her to work there at T-Time and had the nerve to tell him to keep his hands off of her. Just thinking of that conversation had his head hurting.

He moved his eyes from the round curves to collect his assessment paperwork and moved out the gym doors to the front lobby area. He was behind the desk filing some work while he waited on his client. He couldn't wait it out in the same room with her without being distracted by sweet temptation.

"Hey, what's up? I'm looking for Zora."

He had been so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn’t heard the men approaching. He looked up at one of the men an immediately recognized him from basketball games he found himself watching when he could catch them. He was one of his less favorite players and now his least favorite person. He wanted to know how Zora knew the clown but he didn't pry. He went back to his paper work, averting his eyes back down, all without saying a word.

"Hello?” He snapped his fingers. “I’m looking for Zora. She has long curly black hair, green eyes, and light brown complexion, have you seen her?"

"I thought maybe if I ignored you, you would go away but obviously that won’t work. Tell me who the hell you are so I can tell her who's looking for her."

"Who I am?" He laughed, hitting his bodyguard with a look of disbelief. "Listen. Just tell her that her husband says to get her sweet ass out here so we can leave."

"David, can you-" Speak of the devil. "Isaac?" So she did know this clown.

Isaac was flashing her all thirty-two of his teeth as he held his arms open for her.

"What are you doing here?" She stepped closer but not into his arms.

"Oh, you're just in time. Your husband wanted me to inform you to bring your sweet ass out so you two could leave. I was wondering if he knew you had two more hours on your shift but then I thought, I should mind my own business, It would be “your loss.”” He arched his brow before he threw his folder into the drawer of the desk and slammed it shut then he disappeared through the swinging doors.

Zora frowned as David walked off, not missing the meaning of his words. She would deal with him later but she had the man in front of her to deal with first. "How did you find me?"

"Come on, sweet thing. Don’t I always find my best girl?"

"See that was the problem, I was your best girl but not your only girl." She folded her arms. "What the hell do you want? I have work to do?"

"With me you never had to work. Yeah, you had to share me a few times but it just comes with the territory, baby" He grabbed her arm. "Let's get out of here."

She was pulling away from him when Thomas's voice cracked through the room.

"I would let her go."

Isaac eased away slowly with his hands up. His bodyguards looked at him for their next move and he shook his head. "Take it easy old man.” He laughed. “Call him off, Z."

She turned to see Thomas with his gun pointed at Isaac and his bodyguards. "Just go, Isaac."

"And don't come back." Thomas came closer and Isaac and his bodyguard moved for the door.

"You know me, Z. I'll be seeing you again." He winked at her before they disappeared through the door.

She rolled her eyes as she looked at Thomas. "Was this necessary?" She motioned to the gun.

"Very. Something's not right with that boy."

She gave a feminine snort as she started to march away.

"Where are you going? I'm talking to you." He frowned.

"I have to give your son a piece of my mind. I'll be back."

David knew she was coming but he wasn't ready for her when she burst into his office.

"Quite an attitude you have there, Tucker." Zora said as she slammed the door behind her as she swooped into his office.

"Get out." He didn't even bother to turn around from the window. He couldn't deal with her now.

"You had no right to talk to me like that." She approached him and her perfume teased his nose and just breathing became hard.

He ignored her moving to continue sorting through medical books on the bookshelf. He had started that months ago and never got back to it. He was doing anything to keep preoccupied from having a conversation with her.

"Ignoring me?" She frowned.

He closed his eyes against the memory of her saying the same thing to him the night she fell asleep plastered to his chest.

"You still here? I thought your husband would have demanded you come with him." He said nonchalantly as he flipped through the pages of a book.

"You don't know shit about me."

"That's apparent. I never would've entertained a married woman." He knew that wasn't fair when he was a soon to be married man but he wasn't exactly thinking clearing with all the blood rushing to his lower region.

"I’ve never been married, you dick." She started to storm away but his voice stopped her.

"That's right, walk your ass out of here." He turned watching her storm away. She had been too damn close. Her scent was making his mouth water. He didn't need to be all over her but she was asking for it whether she knew it or not.

She paused.

He knew better. He knew she wouldn't just walk away when he hurled that at her. She had stopped dead in her tracks looking back at him. She slowly approached him again and said the words that caused an explosion in his iron-clad control.

"Make me."

Her back hit the wall as his lips slammed on hers. He pulled her wrist together pushing them above her head. He tried to control himself but like always when she was around he had very little of it.

"David." She sighed as he moved the kisses to her neck as he pressed his thigh between her legs pushing against her throbbing center.

"Damn, vixen. You just have to push my control. I should spank your ass." He heard her whimper and he could tell she was dripping now if she wasn't before.

"I didn't do anything." She pressed against his hard thigh and shuddered at the sensation. She would say anything to keep the pleasure building.

"Zora." He warned tightening his hand at her waist. She was moving faster chasing that orgasm that was burning inside of her, almost in reach.

"I'm not doing anything." She said through heavy breathing as she worked herself on his thigh. She should be ashamed that she so desperately wanted him that she would hump herself to an orgasm on his firm thigh but nothing mattered but the pleasure she found between them. Her juices were slick between her thighs.

Sighing as she rode his thigh harder, moving her hips up and down, then in tight little circles. She was almost there. Her eyes were closed so tight that she saw the flickers of light dancing before the closed lids.

"I don't think so, vixen." Just like that, his thigh was gone and she wanted to scream as her eyes snapped open and found intense light brown eyes staring at her.

"Let me come."

He gripped her hair in a tight fist, holding her still as he leaned in to whisper. "No. You think it'll be that easy?"

"David.” She whined. "I want you, don't you want me?" She leaned in and flicked her tongue over his lips.

He asked if she thought it would be that easy but he was seconds from ripping her clothes from her body. He moved to claim her lips again when a familiar deep, dark voice called out, dumping a bucket of ice water on their flame.

"Am I interrupting something?" Thomas stood in the doorway.

David only stared at her for a second before the grip loosened on her wrists and the coldness of the room moved between their overheated bodies.

The look in David’s eyes let her know that the room wasn't the only thing cold. Regret was in his eyes and she couldn't bear to see it there. She adverted her gaze, adjusting her clothes.

"I'm sorry, Zora." He said stepping away from her, adding more distance between them in more ways than one.

"Yeah, you are." She slid passed him and a glaring Thomas. She moved to her own office to grab her bag so she could head home. Thankfully Thomas would still be there at T-Time and she could have the house to herself for a little while.

Her best friend, Aria had moved into a new house with her fiancé, Graham. That was a man who knew what he wanted. Unfortunately, his brother hadn't caught that trait or maybe he just didn't want her. But the heat between them couldn't be denied. She sighed as she moved towards the door forcing herself not to look back.

"Don't try to run out of here with your tail tuck between your legs." Thomas followed her into her own office lingering in the doorway.

"I'm not running anywhere. It's just time for me to go home." She grabbed her bags.

"Little hellcat. Come with me to my office, I have some paperwork for you to sign." She turned to him fully and his natural frown only deepened. "Where the hell are your damn clothes?"

Her cheeks warmed as she moved out the room to his office. She sat in front of his desk and the slam of the door almost caused her to jump out her skin. She looked back to see the angry man march to the bar to pour himself some of his favorite dark liquor.

"What the hell is your problem?" She asked.

"I'm the one with the questions little girl and I believe one of them was, where the hell are your damn clothes? I've seen more material on a swimsuit." He threw the shot back and was going for a second one.

"Next question then."

"I'll just enforce a dress code." He put the glass down and went to sit behind his desk.

"I'll break it."

"Then I'll break your neck." He countered.

She frowned but kept her mouth closed. She was in no mood to deal with another Tucker.

"I'll fire your ass before I let you flaunt around her in nothing but that." He motioned to her outfit. She wore a grey sleeveless crop top and black bikershorts. It was what she wore often but since he found his son all over her it seemed now he had a problem with her choice of clothes.

"Well want that just make your day. Then I won't be able to move out."

"Good. Maybe then I can keep your ass out of trouble."

"I'm never in trouble." She gave him a devilish smile.

"What about what I just walked in on a few minutes ago?"

She hunched her shoulders. "That was a compromising situation but not trouble."

"And that ex of yours showing up here?"

She could tell by the sound of his voice that he was more upset with Isaac showing up than catching her and David getting hot and heavy in his office.

"Don't admit it but I know that man is nothing but trouble which is why I wanted to see you." He said as he pulled out a sheet of paper and a pen the he pushed across the desk to her.

"What's this for?" She held the paper out for him to see to make sure he gave her the right paper.

"Precautions." He shrugged.

"You want me to sign a restraining order against Isaac? When did you get this?"

“I’ve been thinking about this since your first arrived.” Thomas leaned back in his chair. "Listen, the next time he steps foot on any property of mine, he's good as dead."

"He's a conceited bastard, an asshole at best but harmless. Do you really think this is necessary?" She had been with Isaac for three years and she knew he was all talk. She knew he had better things to do than chase her around. This was the first time she had heard from him in almost a year and she doubted he would try to get in contact with her for awhile again.

"Maybe there's some unfinished business between you two?" She didn't think his frown could deepen more but it did when he said that.

"The only thing I want between us is at least five states."

"Sign your damn name then." He grabbed the pen and handed to her.

"If it'll get you off my back..." She signed her name and stood. "I'm headed home."

Thomas snatched the paper up with a look of contentment. "Text me when you get there.”

She rolled her eyes and collected her bags as she said a quick goodbye and headed for the front doors. She wasn't surprised to see that David was starting to lock up.

He turned as soon as she made it to the door. She was halfway out when he called out to her.

"Zora, can we talk?”

"I just want to go home and shower. It's been a long day." She paused looking back at him. She could tell by his face that she wasn't going to like the conversation he was intent of having.

"It's important."

She huffed as she stepped back inside and pulled the door closed. "What is it?"

Why David suddenly couldn't get the words out, he didn't know. He had just practice the speech in his office but she was staring at him with those wild green eyes but he knew he couldn't hold this back from her any longer. He couldn't continue to play this game with her. Someone was bound to get hurt and it would probably be her so he had to be honest. "I'm getting married."

"Wow." She folded her arm under her breast. "To who?"

"Her name is Summer."

"Wow." She couldn't say she saw this coming. "Well I'll be damn. How long have you been with her?"

"I've known her for awhile now but things just started to get serious between us."

"Between the time I left your office until now. That was quick..." She paused. "Why let what happen in your office happen if you’re engaged?" She wanted to feel embarrassed but she found that she was hurt more than anything.

He rubbed his hand down his face. "I don't know, maybe I was trying to work you out my system." He reached to grab her hand but she stepped back from him. "Look, I know this is a lot but I still want us to be friends."​​​​​​​​​

"Friends.” She chuckled. “You love her?" He had to love her, right? It didn't make sense though. The heat between them was too hot, the pleasure they brought each other without fully connecting was insane and mind-blowing. She couldn’t fathom how it would be if they ever came together. How could that be when he loved someone else?

"I'm telling you this because what happened early can't happen again. We can be friends but no more crossing the line."

He avoided the question which wasn't a good sign for this Summer woman. It could only mean he was doing this for some reason other than love and to her that meant he was still free game at least until they said I do.

"What's considered crossing the line?" She smirked.

"That! Now stop. All those little sexy smirks, the kissing, the touching. All of it stops now."

"Okay." She threw her hands up in surrender. "Can I go now?" She knew all she needed to know. She had very little time to get what she wanted so that meant she had to turn up the heat.

"I mean it, Zora." He frowned.

She sensed he was reading her mind and she could only smile as she adjusted her bags on her shoulder and pushed out the door. "I get it, friend. Goodnight."

On the drive home all she could think about was why would he be getting married if it wasn’t for love?

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