Determined: Book two of the Tucker Trilogy

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Chapter Nine

“Well, little brother, I’m glad you could make it out tonight.” Graham said as he closed the lid to the grill. They were having a boys’ night since they all haven’t been able to get together in a while.

David was more than relieved to get out the house. Summer was driving him crazy. Being in the house all day was making him insane! He didn’t care where he went today as long as it wasn’t to the doctor’s office.

They switch his cast to a brace for the next six weeks and then he would be good as new.

He breathed in the fresh air of the mountains and he had to admit how much he missed being there. After his blow out with Zora and his father and with his limit mobility, he hadn’t been there in a month. That also meant that he hadn’t seen Zora in a month. His father had been calling and coming over every now and then, but not her. He couldn’t blame her.

“...And you’re not listening to a word I’m saying.”

“What are you saying, Graham? You’ve gotten long winded these days.” David said before sipping his beer. He hadn’t heard a word his brother said.

“Aria has his brain rattled.” Micah stepped out unto the deck, followed by Thomas. “The chef is here, you can step aside before you mess something up.”

“We aren’t having sissy meals you fix at the restaurant and you’re late, as always. Shall I point out this is fire and nobody handles it better than me.”

“You tell them, baby.” Aria swung her head out the door. “We’re getting ready to head out.”

‘We’ meant her and Zora. David just needed a glimpse of her. He stood to head into the house. There wasn’t a chance he was going to miss the opportunity to see her.

He’d missed the hell out of her and not just the sexual chemistry, but her energy and vibe.

“Where is Zora?” Thomas asked.

“Still upstairs. She just doing some finishing touches.”

“Step out here, wife.” Graham had a mysterious look in his eyes.

“I don’t want the smell of smoke in my outfit, husband.”

“I’ll step inside then to see what you think you’re wearing out of here without me going with you.” Graham passed the spatula to Micah and headed for the door.

“Grahhhaammm.” Aria whined as he stepped into the house and his tongue almost fell to the floor. She wore a red bodycon halter top dress that clung to every curve. It stopped mid thigh and it had his temperature rising. He didn’t want her to go out. He wanted to take her home and push that dress around her waist and suck on her clit all night.

“Lets go talk.” Graham tried to pull her away to the den but she resisted.

David laughed as he moved behind the counter to the fridge to get another beer.

“Zora is coming down the stairs any minute. My outfit is not so bad plus-,” She rubbed her hands down his chest. “-I know who I belong to.”

“Damn right, Aria.” He grabbed her chin and slobbed her down.

“Let her breath, Graham.” The door slammed after Thomas stepped through.

“I’m ready, Aria, when you are.”

David could hear the smile in hear voice and he missed the sound of it. He turned to see Zora standing in the doorway and his mouth went dry.

The sleeveless black material of the dress clung to the globes of her breasts, making his mouth water. The snug fit of the leather gave an amazing view of her frame, and he knew if she turned around her ass would cause his jaw to drop. The heart shape itself made it irresistible, but the way it felt in his hands were even better.

“Hey, Zora.” He called out to her, catching her attention.

“Hey, David. You look well. Thomas told me you’re healing up very nicely.” She smiled. She was being nice to him. Friendly. David didn’t want friendly, damn it. He wanted flirtation. He wanted those eyes to get hot and go wild with the green and brown hew.

“Yep. I’m actually getting around more.”

“That’s good.” She cleared her throat. “How’s Summer?”


She gave him a tight smile and nodded before turning to Aria. “Ready?”


“Not before I get my kisses.” Micah came through the door and went straight for the girls. “And you came outside and didn’t speak to me, bad girl.” He kissed Aria’s cheek. Then he moved to Zora as Aria laughed. “Zora, when can I make you mine?”

“I’m all yours.” She smiled as he pulled her tight against his body and pressed a kiss to the side of her lips.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He pulled away slightly to admire her body some more. “I hear you, but I won’t believe it until I get you underneath me. Aw!”

Thomas grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter and threw it at his back.

“It’s no wonder you don’t have a woman of your own.” Thomas snatched Micah’s arm from around her and moved her to the front door. “Let them go so they can get back at a decent hour.”

“We’re not making any promises, Dad.” Aria said as she opened the front door. Josh was there waiting against his SUV. She turned to Thomas. “I thought Melissa was driving us?”

“She said something came up. As long as you get there and back why does it matter who takes you?” Thomas folded his arms.

“He’s your golden boy, he’ll report every move we make.” Zora rolled her eyes.

“Your point?” Thomas questioned.

“Let’s go before he gets carried away.” Aria pulled her down the steps and Josh opened the door to the truck for them to hop in.

“Be careful.” Graham yelled from the door.

“We will. Bye, baby.” Aria said as she waved then Josh closed the door.

“He spoils you rotten.” Zora laughed.

“I deserve it.”

“Yes, you do. Did you bring the bottle?”

Aria reached in her bag and pulled out some vodka and two shot glasses. “Let the pre-gaming begin!”


Melissa snatched the door open to the truck once it came to a stop in front of Jumps, the hottest club in town.

“We thought you couldn’t make it.” Aria said as she slid out and gave her a hug.

“I just didn’t want to be working while y’all were getting trashed.” She laughed. “Come on, I already have a table.” Melissa said as she gave Zora a one arm hug that kept them connected as they walked towards the entrance of the club.

“Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.” Zora laughed.

“Somebody been drinking already, I see. Come on, Let’s get this party started!”

Zora was feeling amazing. She got more drinks, Melissa ordered some food, and they were playing all her favorite songs. What more could she ask for?

Zora danced more tonight than she had in years. She threw her hands in the air and ran them over her body as she rocked to the music on the dance floor.

She felt a body press against her suggestively. She was so in the grove, she didn’t care who was behind her. She wrapped her arms around the man’s neck and grind against him. Her body heated where he touched her at the waist, but her body warmed more as she felt eyes zeroing on her.

She opened her eyes and met a familiar stare. Scotty. She didn’t know what he was doing there, but she felt playful tonight. He said that he had found her attractive, so why not play a little?

Zora continued to roll her body against the man she hadn’t bothered to turn around and see. She dipped low to the floor, swinging her hair around as she moved her hands over her body once more. She could feel his gaze darken even from across the room and when he moved her way, she eased away from the stranger and darted off the dance floor.

She looked back, and he had stopped moving, his eyes scanning the crowd. She laughed and stayed low as she made it back to her table. She needed another drink.

The night was still young and she might have some more tricks up her sleeves when it came to taunting Mr.Scotty.

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