Determined: Book two of the Tucker Trilogy

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Chapter Thirteen

“You called the wedding off?” Zora told herself that she didn’t care, but her heart yearned for it to be true. For him to be done with Summer completely.

“Basically.” He shrugged. He hadn’t stopped plans yet, but that wasn’t the biggest priority at the moment.


As she waited for an answer, she watched waves of emotions go over his face and it gave her the answer. “You found out, didn’t you?”

“Found out about what?”

“The man from the party.” She arched her brow. Now it made sense why he was there.

“Before you can think it, that’s not the only reason I’m here.”

“Oh yeah, and Scotty.” She sucked her teeth. “I don’t know what he told you in the heat of you two arguing, but I didn’t sleep with him. It was a stupid kiss that lasted for a second and I even told you about it.” Suddenly, she paused. “Wait, a minute. Why am I explaining myself? Even if I slept with him or anyone else, it’s none of your business. Why are you here?”

“I’m trying to explain if you give me a second.” He was getting frustrated, but it was his own fault. He’d played with Zora’s emotions too many times and now he expected her to give him the time of day? That was wishful thinking.

David took a deep breath. “I’m here to ask if I still have a chance?”

Her breathing quickened. Her pulse points thumped irately underneath her skin.

Wasn’t this the moment she was waiting for? It was, yet it didn’t feel so monumental.

“David…” Zora cupped his face in both her hands. She could yell at him, kick him out, but that would get them nowhere. It was enough of the games on both of their parts. “I like you and I think we’ll be good together, but you need some time.”

“I don’t need time, Zora. I promise I’m done with Summer.”

“This is not about me or Summer or any other woman. This is about you. You need to be alone. You can’t just jump from one relationship to the next.” She caressed his cheek. “I’m not saying no, but not right now. You need to do some soul searching about what you really want and not what you think you want.”

“It’s always been you. I’ve been running away from that realization for a long time, but finding out about Summer’s ex was the final straw. I know I’m supposed to be here with you.”

“How can you be so sure? You know nothing about me.”

“I know the things that matter. I can learn the rest down the line.” He titled her chin up. “Don’t turn me away tonight. I can’t go back out in the cold.”

She heard his words and had a feeling he wasn’t just talking about the cold of the night.

With one step at a time they could possibly make it work. They just had to do it together. There had to be some give and take.

“Micah left some food. Would you like to stay for dinner?” Zora asked in a low voice.


“No?” She frowned, pulling away.

“I have a better idea. Go get dressed.”


“Go get dressed. I have an idea.”

“Where are we going?” She asked.

David wanted to tell her to trust him, but he didn’t want to hurt his own feelings. Trust was one of the many things they were going to have to work on. “T-Time.”

“If this has something to do with Scotty, I swear-”

“This has nothing to do with him. If you say there was nothing to the kiss, then I believe you.” She looked stunned by his response, and he wished she could see her face. “Go on now. Hurry and get dressed.”

David didn’t miss her rolling her eyes as she moved towards the back of the house. He smiled as he went over to the table and packed the food in the bag Micah had left. He would have to thank his brother later before he questioned him about what he was doing there.

He shifted his mind back to the moment at hand. He had one shot to show Zora he was for real, and he would not mess it up.

“Remind me why we’re here again. We spend too many hours here as it is.” The building was empty but she still couldn’t figure out why David would bring her there out of all places.

David couldn’t help but laugh at Zora’s words. “I know, but this is mutual territory for us. You said I need to get to know you better and you need to get to know me as well. So I came up with a little game we can play.”

“Should I be surprised the king of games wants to play?” She called out to him as he dropped the food on the bleachers.

He laughed. “Never lose that fire, Zora.” He said as he made his way over to the closet. He used his key to unlock the door and went in. When he returned, it was with two pairs of boxing gloves.

“What are those for?”

“My game, of course. I’ll ask you a question about me and if you get wrong, I get to take a hit at you and vice versa. We can block. This is just a way to get some pent up tension out of you.”

She arched a brow.

“You scared?” David asked.

“Why would I be?”

“You’ve trained, so I know you can take a hit.”

“I won’t be taking any hits here tonight.” She dropped her purse and kicked it towards the bleachers. “Give me the gloves.”

“Know me that well, huh?” He helped her into the gloves.

She shrugged. “What does the winner get?”

“The winner gets to decide on our relationship.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You win, then we’ll wait for as long as you want. If I win, then fuck that waiting shit. You’re mine. Starting tonight.”

“You’re disgusting.” She rolled her eyes. She should have expected him to come up with a way to manipulate things to go his way. She wasn’t worried though. She had spent too much time with the Tucker family to not know the youngest Tucker.

“You’re dying to be mine, Zora. We’re going to the same destination, I’m just cutting down on the miles.”

“Sometimes it’s not about the how fast we get there but enjoying the journey there.” Zora said.

It was David’s turn to shrug. He wrestled his gloves on and watched her get into defensive mode. Unlike other fights he had the pleasure of being apart, this was the most pleasurable. She rocked from side to side and he fought to keep his eyes on her face instead of dropping to see the sway of her breast in the v-cut shirt.

“Ladies first.”

“Give me a question.” She nodded for him to go.

“Okay. What’s my favorite color?”

“Blue.” That was an easy one.

“One point for Zora.”

“Where did I meet Aria?” Zora asked.

“High school.” The words were barely out of his mouth when she swung at his head. He leaned back, and she missed him by a hair. “Wow, straight for the face?”

“I met her in my last year of college.”

“Okay. Okay. When did I move out of my parent’s house?”

“Eighteen. That damn timeline is going to be the death of you.” He had told her about his plans the night she had to stayed at his house when Aria’s house exploded.

“Two points.” He ignored her smart remark about his timeline, getting ready for his second question. He was getting testy because he was losing. It was becoming apparent that he didn’t know her as well as he though he did.

“Where am I from?” Zora arched her brow. She thought he might now that question.

“New York.”

This time she when she swung she connected with his stomach. He doubled over. He was too confident in his answer. “Shit, Zora.”


David straightened. “When’s my birthday?”

“June 9th.” Damn her. What was that, three points for her?

“When’s my birthday?”

“August-” That hit went to his jaw, and he felt like it became unhinged.

“October 19th.”

He took the glove off his right hand to massage his jaw then he spoke. “Two point questions. What’s the date of the worse day of my life and what happened?”

“Your mother’s death on May 10th.” Zora can right back with her next question. “What’s my favorite color?”


“Purple.” She took off her gloves and threw them at him.

David pulled his other glove off and grabbed her. “You won. What the fuck are you upset for? I’m the one who lost.”

“I’m not upset. It proved my point that you don’t know me and that we need to get to know each other. One of us more than the other.”

He yanked her to him, slamming his lips against hers. She didn’t resist as his tongue slid into her mouth. She could stop the moans that escaped as he bit her bottom lip then the top.

“I know you. I know your kind heart.” His hands rested on her chest before sliding down to cup her breasts. “I know you pinch your lips together when you’re concentrating on something too hard.” He kissed behind her ear. “Your favorite scent is Sweet Coconut but you only where it when you’re not working.” He kissed down her neck. “And I know that you want me.” He pulled back to look into her eyes.

“Do you want me to stop?”

They should stop, but she couldn’t get the words out. Neither of them could walk away from the burning infatuation they had for each other. Tonight they were going to make love and there was nothing that could stop this moment from happening.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Steve stepped away from his wife and team to get some privacy to answer the important phonecall he had been dreading.

He played it cool. “Governor McNeil.”

“Do we have a problem?” Her amused tone was not to be taken as a joke. He knew she was waiting on a lie or some bullshit story. There was no way he could just come out and tell her the truth.


“For a politic that wasn’t very convincing.” She laughed. “Come on, show me why the folks should re-elect you. I’m going to ask again, do we have a problem?”

“No. No.”

“I heard that David and Summer are no longer together. I’m just trying to figure out why I didn’t hear it from you.”

“I’m handling it.”

“You better and you don’t have long.” Her voice was firm. “Because if this blows up, you’re going down by yourself. Now, I’ll see you at the announcement ceremony for the new charity.” She ended the call.

Steve rubbed his hands down his face before making another call. He needed to know what was happening with the Tuckers and Dray. He also needed a backup plan. He had to make sure everything went accordingly at the ceremony. His campaign, his money, hell, his life depended on it.

Crystal hurried to end the call when she heard someone coming into the office.

“Was that the Governor?” Anna asked as she walked in with a stack of papers that she dropped on the desk.

“Yes. It’s just some final arrangements being made.”

“Okay. I can’t wait to head back to the mountains.” Anna said longingly.

“You ready to see that beautiful daughter of yours or Thomas Tucker? Maybe both?” Crystal teased.

“Both of them probably don’t want to see me.”

Crystal caught her hand in hers and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “I’m sure Aria understands. What you’re doing is so selfless. This is for the greater good of women all around the world. Women Renewed is something to rejoice. She’s going to be proud of you.”

“You’re right and Thomas is going to be hesitant at first, but I’m sure he will welcome me back like always. He’s going to be surprised at what we’ve been up to.”

“He sure will…”

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