Determined: Book two of the Tucker Trilogy

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Chapter Sixteen

Zora opened the door to find Micah standing at her doorstep. “What are you doing here?” She asked as she stretched the door open for him to enter.

“Sorry to stop by unannounced, again, but this time I was hoping to catch David before he left.”

“David’s not here.” She hadn’t seen him all day.

“Damn it. I needed him to tie my tie.”

“You don’t know how?” This was a laughable moment. She thought the Tuckers could do everything.

“No. Dad always thought I did, but secretly, David has been tying my tie for years.”

“And you haven’t caught on yet.”

“I’m not a suit and tie kind of guy and I’m almost sad you haven’t noticed.” He pretended to be offended

Zora laughed as she took the tie from his hand. “Let me help you. Where are you going, anyway?”

“Charity event. I hate going to these things. I rather just write a check than sit and listen to a bunch of talking that really sounds like begging, but as a Tucker, our job is never done when it comes to the community. Many people request our attendance at a lot of these things.”

“Hm. Note to self, don’t become a Tucker.” She laughed but Micah frowned.

“Why are you not going?”

“What do you mean?”

“All of us are going.” He watched her work magic in front of his eyes. “I’m sure you were invited. We can bring as many people as we like.”

She shook her head. “Who’s all of us?” Zora asked as she finished his tie with a pat to his chest.

“The family. Are you sure David didn’t invite you? Maybe he was hesitant because it’s the Governor’s event, but fuck it, you should be there with us. I’m surprise Aria didn’t say anything.”

David never mentioned such event, rightfully so if it was the Governor’s event. Aria haven’t mentioned anything either, but she had an excuse. “She has pregnancy brain.”

“She’s pregnant?” Micah’s eyebrows came together, almost like Thomas’s.

“I think she is, but she’s too chicken to take a test.”

Micah just stared at her for a second. “We’re getting too friendly like we’re girlfriends and I don’t like that.”

She smiled. Zora could always count on him for a good laugh. “Listen, Micah. David didn’t invite me, so that means he didn’t want me to come and I’m cool with that. We’re just friends, anyway.” She just hoped that she could trust him not to break their boned.

“Bullshit. You two have been making googly eyes at each other long enough. Come with me and get your man.”

“He and I are just...” Micah gave her a knowing look and she sighed. “Okay.”

“Okay, you’ll come?”

She was about to say yes but how could she knowing that she was missing something. “I have nothing to wear.” And it was too late to go buy something for such an event.

“Graham said Aria has a few dresses. I’m sure if we hurry, you can borrow one from her.” He held his hand out to her. “Say you’ll come?”

She slowly slid her hand in his. “Yes.”

David raced towards the Governor’s mansion but the security at the gate informed him the family had left. He had missed her. Now he had no choice but to go through with his original plan. He just prayed it wasn’t too late.

When David arrived at the charity event, he immediately began looking for Summer but ended up running into his biggest nightmare.

“David, look who I brought?” Micah called out. David didn’t have to look hard, he spotted her immediately.

His eyes moved to Zora. She was dressed beautifully in an off white dress with pearls across the sweetheart bustline of her dress, down the middle where it met a wide split that showed off her legs. Her feet were in silver heels that made her stand four inches taller. “Zora.” He held his hand out for her. Yes, he had a situation at hand but he couldn’t help himself.

“Hey, David.” She took his hand, then he pulled her close to his side.

Zora was grateful that she could fit in Aria’s dress and shoes. The closer they got to the venue, the more excited she became. She hadn’t got to see David today, but she was happy she could surprise him tonight.

“I didn’t know you were coming.”

“You didn’t invite her, that’s a shame.” Micah said. “Give me my date back.”

“Your date?” Just like that, he forgot his mission altogether and was ready to lay claim to his woman.

“You didn’t invite her, I did.” Micah challenged, pulling Zora under his arm. “Look who’s coming for you. See, if you had invited Zora, then you could have rubbed her in Summer’s face.”

“There you are, David.” Summer walked up to him, ignoring Zora and Micah. “Daddy’s waiting on us.” She started to drag him away, but he resisted. “We have pictures to take. Everyone wants a shot of the most optimum couple in all fifty states.” She turned to the couple at their side. “Oh, Micah and Zora can come too because we’ll take family pictures after you and I do.”

“So you two are still together?” Zora was asking Summer, but her eyes didn’t leave David.

“Of course. What would have you thinking otherwise?”

“Cut it out, Summer. Zora-”

She interrupted him to answer Summer’s question. “I don’t know. It’s my mistake. You hear that, David? I don’t know why I keep making the same mistakes.”

“Zora.” Micah tried to catch her but she slipped from his grip. He watched her run through the doors as Aria and Graham were making their way in. He could see Aria starting to follow behind Zora. Graham started to search the room until his eyes found them. Seeing who was around he moved his eyes to Micah who shook his head. Graham did the same as he slowly made his way over probably dreading every step.

“Great! Micah, I’m going to kill you!” David gritted. “I had everything taken care of.”

“Don’t worry about her.” Summer said, and that made him turn to her.

“I’m sorry, Summer, but I can’t go through with our marriage.” He was about to take off behind Zora, but Summer grabbed him.

“David, don’t.” Her eyes pleaded, but the sorrowful look on Zora’s face blurred his vision to hers.

“What the hell is going on?” Graham asked as he came to stand beside Micah.

“I can’t pretend anymore, Summer. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but I’m in love with Zora.” David confessed.

Graham picked the perfect time to join the group. It was the best thing he had heard out of his brother’s mouth in a long time. He didn’t know the specifics, but with David’s confession he knew his brother would be just fine.

“But, David.”

“No, buts, Summer.” He tugged her hands off his jacket. “We’re done and for good this time.”

Before David could rush off he called out to him. “Hey, David. They’re out in the courtyard. Tell my wife, I’m waiting on her. That’ll get her off your back for a second.”

“Thank you, brother.”

“Good luck.” Micah called out.

David nodded his head and sucked in a deep breath. He looked at a speechless Summer, then back at his brothers, and he knew what he had to do. Be the man they knew he could be, the man he was raised to be.

David jogged out the ballroom in search of his true love, his destined mate and prayed she would forgive him one last time.

Thomas watched Summer look around with a plastered smile on her face, but he could tell she was searching around for her father whether with fear or with need, he wasn’t sure. “Summer’s looking for Steve, but it’s like she almost scared to find him.”

“Something is going down tonight.” Terry confirmed Thomas’s suspicions with a distant voice that caught his attention.

“Mr. Tucker. Your presence is requested backstage. The event is about to get started. Follow me, please.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m going to go hang with your boys.” Terry would watch over his family while he was checking out the back.

“Alright.” He turned to the young lady attendant. “After you.”

Thomas followed behind the woman and instead of going behind the curtains, he was led to a room where a man was pouring a glass of water. “Mr. Tucker.” The man greeted him as the woman closed the door.

“That’s me.”

“Just wanted to go over a few things about the charity with you before you go on stage with the McNeils.” The man turned around and Thomas immediately pulled his gun.

“Dray Nickles.”

“You could kill me but you would want to hear this information, Mr. Tucker.”

“I’m sure, Dray. You’re the man of the hour, well minute. Get to talking.”

“I know what you think of me, Mr. Tucker, but this is bigger than me, bigger than your son.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Has Anna been telling you about what she has been up to?”

“What does Anna have to do with this.” Thomas was getting more confused and frustrated by the second.

“She’s here tonight. I guess, trying to surprise you.”

“Anna knows damn well I don’t like surprise. How the fuck do you know Anna?” Thomas waved his gun around. “You’re minute is almost up. If you don’t start making sense in the next two seconds, this gun is going off.”

“In due time, Mr. Tucker.” His calmness was starting to piss him off.

Dray grabbed the microphone that sat on the table he was pouring water at. “In a few minutes, I’m going to announce that Governor Steve McNeil has teamed up with two women, Crystal Bennett and Anna Harden, who uses the Women Renewed Charity to fund and operate their trafficking business.”

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