Determined: Book two of the Tucker Trilogy

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Chapter One

There she stood...

Zora Hawthorne had opened the door like the fiery demon she was.

He hadn’t seen her in about a week since he went on a trip with his fiancé and now they were back to reality or hell, he wasn’t sure.

David watched Zora as she gave Summer the once over while he did the same to her.

Her hair was in a tight bun at the top of her head, exposing delicate flesh of her neck. The tank she wore was more of a sports bra showing off her full chest and tight stomach. The shorts she wore could’ve been underwear but it was that damn flower tattoo that came up her thigh to peek out her shorts at her stomach that always seemed to grab his attention.

“Are we going in?” David snapped out of his trance then smiled down at the woman who spoke those words. His fiancé, Summer McNeil smiled back as he eased them into his father’s house.

“Zora.” He greeted once she closed the door behind them.

“Hey, friend.” She had been calling him that ever since he told her about the engagement. “David’s here and he bought Winter.” Zora yelled out to Thomas.

“Summer. Sum-mer.” The woman motioned the syllables with her hand. “Sum-mer. Sum-mer.”

“I’m sorry, Summer. I promise to get it right next time.” She smiled warmly. The apology sounded sincere but David knew better. The little vixen was always up to no good just like she was now. It was bad enough she tortured him at work with little outfits like the one she had on now but the line had to be drawn somewhere.

“Hey, you two.” Thomas rounded the corner from the kitchen to greet the couple. He stopped suddenly when his eyes landed on Zora. “Why are you not changed yet?” He asked with his infamous frown.

“I told you I wasn’t going.” She put her hands on her hips.

“But why, Zora? You have to come out and celebrate our engagement.” Summer proceeded to rub her left hand in short strokes on David’s chest, the diamond ring shining against the light. He swore he saw Zora’s jaw clench. He pulled Summer tighter against him catching her hand against his chest to stop the teasing.

“Don’t upset me, girl.” Thomas said sternly to Zora. “Get up those stairs and put some damn clothes on so we can leave.” Thomas turned to David, dismissing her. “I’ll help you carry the bottles of champagne to the truck.” Thomas fled to gather up the crates.

“I’ll be right there.” He eased away from Summer but she quickly pulled him back to place a quick kiss to his lips.

“If you’ll excuse me.” Zora dashed upstairs and he didn’t dare let his eyes follow her up to his old room that she had been staying in for almost a year now.

“Summer, you can follow me to the truck and wait there while we load up, it shouldn’t take too long.” Thomas said as he held a crate full of expensive champagne.

“Sure, Dad.” She smiled.

David watched as Summer looped her arms with his father’s as they walked to the truck only then did he release a deep breath. If Zora would just stay upstairs until he left then maybe he would be able to handle tonight.

He moved to the collect the crates that held the champagne. He went outside and dropped them in the truck, passing his father in the process. He went back into the house and his father had the last of the crates stacked.

“This is the last of it but can you run up and check to see if Zora is ready?”

His father didn’t give him time to argue as he kept his pace with the crates headed out the door. David’s heart rate sped up as he eased up the stairs and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

He slid the door open only half way to see her standing in a light pink off the shoulder dress that stop mid thigh. He tried to ignore her but the hardening of his dick wouldn’t be ignored. Let me do what I came to do so I can be on my way. “Dad wanted me to see if you were ready?”

“I need to grabbed my boots and-”

“Okay.” He didn’t even wait for her to finish her sentence. He turned to leave but she called out his name and he slowly turned back to her. So much temptation was before him.

It was bad enough that she hadn’t change a thing about his room. She said she preferred it stay the same because it reminded her of him. To see her dress like this in his room was more than what he wanted to handle. “What is it, Zora?”

“I need help with my zipper on my dress. I could only get it to go so far.” She turned exposing her smooth back between the fabric of the dress.

“Why must you push me?” He stepped fully into the room and instead of yanking the zipper up like he attended to do, he let his finger tease over her flesh as he moved the zipper up, ridge by ridge.

Zora closed her eyes against the sensation she felt as David’s strong hand caressed up her back. “Pushing you are my goals in life.” He thought he had such control but she loved to see that very control slip. That’s when the passion came, when the real David surfaced. She felt the zipper come to an end and she waited for him to run for the door or at least back up but he did neither as his hands dropped to her waist. She started to turn around when the grip became firmer.


She started to melt as she felt his breath on her neck. This was the closest he had been to her since the day in his office six weeks ago. She leaned back against him as his hands toyed with the hem of her dress.

“I have to go.”

“Go.” She said the word but it didn’t ring out in her head. He mind was clouded with thoughts of how much she missed his touch.

“I’m leaving.” He said through clenched teeth. He was battling himself and she didn’t have to see his face to know it.


“Vixen.” He growled as he stroked her thigh.

“Just go, David. All you have to do is let me go.” It was the last thing she wanted him to do though.

Suddenly she felt his hands dropped away and the heat that was against her back was gone. Before disappointment could set in she turned to see Thomas standing in the doorway.

“Go on and head out. I would hate for you to be late for your own engagement dinner. This little hellcat and I will be right behind you.” Thomas said to him.

David nodded his head and without a second glance he was out the door. She moved to the dresser to collect her diamond earrings and inserted them while she moved to the closet to collect her grey thigh high pointed toed boots. The thin 4-inch heel would give her that added height and complete her outfit. She sat on the bed to zip the boots up and continued to ignore Thomas’s glare. After a quick application of lip gloss and a final check in the mirror she was ready.

“Let’s go.” She smiled as she tried to ease by him but he caught her arm.

“You sure know how to give a man hell.”

She snorted as she pulled out his grip.

“Be on your best damn behavior.” He wagged his finger in her face.

“Always.” She winked.

“And I thought Aria was undisciplined.” He said as he helped her down the stairs.

She laughed as they walked to his truck and he helped her inside. As she watched Thomas move to the other side of the truck she prayed she could make it through the night. Tonight would be conformation that she was one step closer to losing David forever.

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