Determined: Book two of the Tucker Trilogy

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Chapter Nineteen

Zora stirred awake, her eyes opened then shut to block out the light coming into the room from the rising sun. She snuggled more in the warm body beneath her.

A very warm body. Her eyes popped open, looking down to see her shamelessly thrown over David’s body.

She tried to ease out of bed, but he pulled her close, mumbling, “Don’t. You feel good.”

“I have to go to the bathroom though.”

He released her. “Come back, Zora. Don’t leave me cold.” He turned his head and was back out.

Why was she so weak for him? She thought back to last night when he talked about how her heart was calling out for him. She knew he wasn’t lying. It’s been like that since she first laid eyes on him.

Zora took care of her business in the bathroom and came back to the bed. She slid in beside him, putting her head on his chest. She looked up at his face and used her fingers to trace his features. From his low cut dark brown hair, over his smooth cinnamon-colored face, almost like the color of his eyes behind his lids. His lips were slightly parted as she brushed her finger over his juicy lips. She loved everything about him.

She took a chance and leaned forward to kiss him on those soft lips. When he didn’t react, she took it a step forward and used her tongue to follow the seam of his curved lips.

Surprise caught her when his lips caught her tongue and sucked. Her whole body tingled, and her eyes shut.

“You’re asking for trouble.” He position her completely on top of him and pushed “trouble” right in between her legs. “I’m trying to be a decent man but you’re making this hard for me.”

And hard he was. “Just touch me.” She rolled her body against his, persuading him to run his firm hands over her yearning body.

“God, Zora.” He caught her ass in both hands and pulled her closer, moving them together, driving each other insane with need.

She moved kisses down his chest, where her tongue flicked over the flat disk. She shrieked when he flipped her to her back, with him hovering over her.

“Zora. This is not taking it slow.” David stared down at her, his breathing heavy. He wanted to give her so much of what she was asking for, but he promised to take things slow.

“I never said I wanted to take it slow. You said that, David.”

He frowned. She was right, but he assumed she wouldn’t want to have sex for a while, but who was he to deny the woman her needs. He just had to be sure that it wouldn’t set them back once the flames died.

“Are you going to pull back afterwards?”

“No. I’m tired of the games, too. I wanted you and now that I have you,” She shook her head. “I don’t want to let go.”

“Never let go.” He kissed down her neck to her chest, where his hands ripped her lace shirt down the middle, exposing her round breasts and puckered nipples. He wasted no time taking one between his two fingers, giving it a slight tug while he took the other into his mouth.

“Yes, David.” Zora rubbed her hand over his head. Each suck and tug pulled a moan from her body.

“Baby, I love those little moans.”


Their first time was fantastic but rushed, and he didn’t want a quick fuck this time. He wanted to make love to her.

He moved down her body to her feet, letting her big toe slip between his lips.

“Oh my God.”

He sucked her toes, then licked down her legs, placing kisses on her inner thighs. Silk shorts covered his desire destination, but he wasn’t letting that get in his way. Pulling the pants to the side to reveal her wet flesh, pouty from arousal was the best thing he seen in a long time. He dove in, licking from the dripping entrance to her swollen clitoris, pressing a hard kiss there.

“Yes!” Her backed arched as her head fell back.

He took his time eating her, taking turns torturing her clit and pushing his tongue in and out of her tight hole until she was losing her mind. He kept her on the edge so she could feel a bit of what he was feeling.

His balls were tight, his dick dripped precum, throbbing for release, to find home within the person his heart craved.

“Now, David.”

He rose over her, aligning his erection at her creamy center. “I love you.” David pushed half way in as Zora’s legs shook around him. “God! You’re cuming.” Warm heat wrapped around his shaft, spasming walls squeezed him, and he couldn’t be still.

He moved in and out, rubbing against her sensitive walls, extending her orgasm. Pleas and cries filled the room, and he was too far gone to quiet her down. He relished in her moans, her cries for more of him. The way her nail ran over his body prickled his skin, making him tremor.

“I love this!” She moaned, digging her nails into his back.

“I love this and I love you.”

“Davviiddd.” She moaned.

He felt her body trembling again, and he couldn’t fight through this one. He was too close to the edge.

He grabbed her hip and rocked her up, making sure he applied pressure to the spot to send her overboard with him.

“Oh, shit, baby.”

“Yes!” He growled as he felt her climax with him.

He fell to her side, trying to catch his breath and his floating soul. “Come here.” He pulled her into his arms and she rest her head in between his shoulder blade. His heart was content, and he wallowed in the love he felt around him.

“Um, it’s still hard.” Zora pointed out.

He felt her smile against his neck, and just like that, he was ready for round two. “Come ride it then.”

“What?” She sat up to see if he was serious, and she saw just how serious he was when her eyes landed on the full erection he sported.

“I said, ride me.” He pulled her on top of him and let her take the reins. “Show me that feistiness. Show me why I call you vixen.” He smirked, knowing that would do the trick. His baby loved a challenge.

Zora couldn’t believe she was having hot, amazing sex with David. He was the prefect lover, and she loved how he wasn’t afraid to let her take control.

She leaned over to nibble on his lips as she grabbed his cock and rested it between her slippery folds.

“Oh, this is going to be good.”

“You think?”

“You put it in and I’ll be satisfied, baby. Your pussy is so warm and tight. It feels so good wrapped around my dick. Go head and put me out my misery.”

She let the tip slid in and they both let out a sigh, but she rose, letting it slip back out.

“I didn’t say be a tease.” A firm hand came down on her ass and she couldn’t stop the moan from leaving her mouth. She then inserted the tip once more, but couldn’t find the strength to tease anymore. She lowered herself completely, filling her pussy to capacity.

“That’s how I like it. Deep.” David rubbed his hands over her body as she moved above him.

Zora wasted no time rotating her hips, loving the way he felt at all angles. “This feels so good.”

“So good.” He agreed, grabbing her at the waist, encouraging her to rock back and forth.

“Oh, fuck!” She shouted.

“My little vixen is trying to get us caught.” Her legs trembled. Zora fell forward, putting her face in the pillow, muffling her screams. He used the opportunity to fuck her from the bottom, hammering against that sensitive spot that had her creaming his cock.

When she came up from the pillow, she found him smirking at her. It was time for payback. She went to her feet and rolled her hips.

“Zora.” He warned, but it was too late. She was ready to make him yell her name. She leaned forward to raise her hips until only the tip was in, then she dropped down. She gave his dick a tight squeeze before repeating her rise and fall routine.

“Shit-” David bit out.

She gripped her ankles and bounced up and down. Her ass smacked against his thighs as honey dripped from her pussy to coat his dick and balls.

“Oh fuck, you going to make me cum. Zora!” He roared.

Zora felt his body spasm before hot cum filled her body, pushing her into yet another climax. “Oh my God, David. Yes, yes, yes.” She went down, locking their body together. She wanted to feel like this way forever. Complete.

“Come on. Let’s get in the shower.”

David picked her up with their bodies still locked together, him becoming harder with every step he took.

“David.” She moaned. Her walls were so sensitive, she was already shaking with need.

“Shhh. baby.”

He turned the water on, then climbed into the shower.

Water ran over them as they looked into each other’s eyes. David was first to break contact as he claimed her mouth, pushing her against the shower wall, filling her completely. Her arms locked around his neck and her legs around his waist. Each time he pushed in, she slammed down, their body creating a rhythm that was surely detrimental.

David pulled back slightly to grip Zora’s chin for her to look at him as they moved together, making sweet love.

“I love you, Zora.”

“I love you too.”

Finally! Those were the magic words! David grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the wall as he drilled into her.

She didn’t know what was more sexy, feeling his aggression or watching it in the mirror.

His head was in her neck, nibbling at the flesh there. His muscles in his back flexed with each movement. Her long legs wrapped around his waist while he rocked inside of her. The image was enough to send her over, calling out his name.

“Yes, cum! My vixen forever.” He fucked her through her screaming orgasm, then released her hands as he gripped her hips, striving to reach for his own pleasure.

“I love you, David. Cum for me. I want you to fill me up-”


She bit her lip as she felt his cum shoot inside of her for the third time today. She would worry about that later, but now she just wanted to bask in the moment of loving and being loved.

David righted himself, then sat Zora on the bench. He grabbed a cloth and some soap to clean her body as she relaxed in her dazed state. Once finished with her, he did the same for himself. He shut the water off before climbing out of the shower with her in his arms once again.

With a towel wrapped around her, he sat her on the counter, drying her body before moisturizing her skin. He carried her to the bed and tucked her back in, pulling the covers to her neck. He gave her a peck on the lips before pulling back to stare down at her face.

Her eyes were closed, but she had a lazy smile on her face.

“Get some rest, little vixen.” Her smile spread before her face relaxed. She was asleep.

David stared at her for a few more seconds before changing into some clothes to head to the gym. Before heading out the door, he looked back to a sleeping Zora. He had a goofy smile on his face as he closed the door.

Finally, she was his.

Zora woke for the second time today, but not as sweet as it was the first time. The yelling voices forced her out of the bed.

“What’s going on?” She tied her robe at the waist as she rushed downstairs at the continued arguing.

Thomas and Aria were standing toe to toe, both determined to prove a point. “Hello, what’s going on with you two?” She waved her hand between them.

“Thomas being his typical, overbearing self.” Aria folded her arms.

“I’ll be that but it still doesn’t change the fact that no woman is leaving this house yet.”

“Thomas, how long do you plan to keep us locked away?” Zora asked.

“Until I say it’s safe.”

“How long do you think that sexist bullshit is going to keep working in your favor?” Aria snapped.

“What could be so important that you’re pushing me this hard?”

“With me pushing you this hard, you should know that it’s important to me.”

“Important like what?” He wasn’t backing down, and Aria should know that by now.

“A pregnancy test.” Both their eyes grew large at Aria’s confession. “Are you happy now?”

He turned to Zora. “Go get dressed. We’ll be waiting for you in the truck.”

Back home from the store, Aria and Zora huddled in the bathroom, waiting on the results.

“I can’t believe you got me to take a test with you.” Zora laughed.

“Thanks for doing it with me, Zora. I’m nervous.”

“What are you nervous about? You didn’t tell me you and Graham were trying for a baby.”

“Kind of slip my mind with my mommy issues and what not.”

“This is true.”

“It’s been a few minutes, they should be ready.” Zora stood at the vanity, fixing her hair, while Aria went to the tub to grab the tests from the edge.

“What does it say?” Zora continued to fluff her hair in the mirror.

“I’m not pregnant, but you are.”

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