Determined: Book two of the Tucker Trilogy

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Chapter Four

David would allow himself just this, the knowledge that she thought about him like he thought about her despite his wish that he didn’t. He just wanted to hear the things he might do to her if he dared touch her. Just her words. He could handle that, right? He didn’t think his dick could get harder than it was already.

“You’re crazy.” Zora said as she looked down at his hand covering hers to close the door.

“Be crazy with me just for a little while.” He whispered against her lips.

She shook her head and he could actually feel her shaking when he pressed his body against hers trapping her between him and the wall.

“Just let me hear the things you think I’ll do to your body.” He grabbed her hands and pushed them up the wall holding her in place as he snuggled her neck. “Talk to me, baby. Tell me what you want.”

“This isn’t fair.” She whined as she exposed more of her neck as she pushed her body against his. Her body had taken over her mind and was moving on its own accord.

“We’re just talking.” His lips brushed over her ear as he spoke. Her hands tried to move but he kept them tight in his grip. This definitely wasn’t a good idea but he didn’t know how to stop yet. He had to have a little bit of her and if she just spoke her fantasies he could have them to cherish. “I’m waiting, pretty girl.”

“There’s so many, I can’t choose.” She sighed as his lips brushed over that perfect spot on her neck.

“Tell me your favorite one, the one that had you cursing, wishing that I was really there.”

“You don’t understand.” She breathed. “Just let me go.” She tried to break free again but once again he held her pinned.

“Not until you give me what I want.” He bit at her neck and she almost screamed but she bit her lip instead.

“There’s this one time when you push me up against a wall, just like this.”

“Me holding your hands so you can’t move them?”

“Yes.” She said on a breathless sigh.

“Then what happens?”

“You tell me not to move them and if I do, you’ll punish me?”

“Mmmmm.” He moaned. “Sounds about right. Keep going.”

“You loosen my wrist and run you hands down my arms to my neck and over my breast.” She sucked in a breath when his hands start moving. First, her arms, down to her neck where his hands gripped around it.

“Ah.” She couldn’t help but moan as his hands tightened slightly at her throat.


“No.” She stared into his brown eyes.

“From your neck to your breast and then?”

“Then you touch them, tease them... Taste them.”

He called her name in a warning tone. That was too much temptation for him and it was hard to deny the need to take her succulent breasts into his hands and mouth.

“You call me a vixen when I grab your head and hold you to my nipple.” She moaned as she dragged his hands towards her aching breasts.

“Zora.” He warned.

“Just a little bit.” She held his hands to her chest then moved them lower to where here nipples were pointed through the thin shirt. “Just for a little while, remember?”

Yes, he remembered. Damn her. He was a fool then and an even bigger fool now.

Those were the thoughts running through his head as he cupped her breasts and watched her head fall back. Damn his vixen was hot and ready for the taking.


“What else, Zora?”

“You couldn’t resist me, David. You wanted to taste every inch of me but you’d start with my lips.”

“Did you ache for that kiss, Zora?”

“I still do, David. This isn’t fair. I want you so bad.” She moaned when he pinched her nipples.

He had to end this. The point of no return was coming up soon and if he didn’t get out that room soon then he would end up doing something he had been dying to do but shouldn’t.

He slowly released her but before she could cry out he placed a finger to her lips. He walked over to the desk in the corner of the room and pulled out the chair. He motioned for her to come over. She came to him on shaky legs and he helped her into his lap, her back against his front.

“What are you doing?”

“I want you to listen to me now, vixen.”

Before she could question him further he lend back in the chair and snuggle her close to his chest for her to get comfortable. He then positioned her legs on the outside of his and he then placed his hands on the arm rest of the chair.

“Rub the palms of your hands over your nipples.”

She wasted no time doing what he said and he watched her as she leaned her head back against his shoulder.

“Pinch them.”

“Oh, David.”

“How do you like it, baby, soft touches or hard little pinches?”

“Both.” She moaned.

“Lift your shirt and show me those pretty titties.”

“Yesss.” She pulled her shirt up and exposed the prettiest perky titties he ever saw. He wanted them in his mouth right now but he settled for watching instead.

“Good girl.” He licked at her ear and neck.

“Please, more.”

“Run your hand down your stomach and pull those pants to the side and let me see.”


“Let me see you play with that pussy.”

“You do it.” She begged as she rocked in his lap. His dick was cushioned right under the cheeks of her ass and he was sure that the front of his pants was wet. He had to make her cum so he could quit torturing himself.

“If I do it won’t stop there, Zora, now do what I told you to do.”

She slipped her hand down her stomach and he leaned closer to watch her pull the wet part of her shorts to the side. He held back a groan as the sound of her wetness slushed around when she parted herself and ran her finger over her wet flesh.

“Damn, baby.” That’s where he wanted to be. He gripped the arm rest as tight as he could as she moved her hips with the motion of her fingers. “That’s right, baby. Give me that cum.”

“With you.”

“Don’t-” Before he knew what was happening, she had slid down a little to cup his dick in his pants. He was tortured by her touch and when she started for his zipper he couldn’t say anything to stop her. She reached in his pants and pulled his thick erection out and began to stroke him catching the rhyme of touching herself and jacking him.

He was in hell as she stroked him and danced around in his lap touching herself. She cried out and moaned as she started to shake and he couldn’t do anything but cum as she chanted his name over and over again as her orgasm washed over her. He watched his creamy hot cum shoot out unto her ass, back, and hair.

He groaned as the sight of it caused his dick to pulse and throb harder as he kept cumming.

She fell forward bracing her weight on her feet even though he held on to her waist now as he watched her catch her breath. His own breathing was still hard as he squeezed at her waist.

“Let’s go to the bathroom.” He watched her nod her head and after a few minutes she started to move and he helped her up. He pushed the door open to the bathroom and started the shower for her. He grabbed a cloth for himself and found himself still semi erect. He ignored it as he wiped himself clean and tucked himself back in his pants.

Once he was finished with that task he found her watching him standing where he left her by the shower door. He knew at that point reality was setting in for her like it was for him.

“I have to go.”

“I know.” She whispered.

He wanted to say something. Anything to make what he was about to do easier but there wasn’t anything easy about walking out on a woman like Zora. He moved out the bathroom door then turned back to her once he was over the threshold.

“Goodnight, Zora.”

“Goodbye, David.”

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