A Chance in Dead Love

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Chapter 2

"Laura! I need those files!"

I sighed as my boss, also my best friend, Bethany Charles entered my office.

"Laura, what's wrong? You're always looking gloomy and tired, I can squeeze in a break for you, if you're looking for one."

I stared at Bethany, her blonde curls and her cherry smiles seemed to lit up the blue sky in her eyes.

For once I felt free, like someone had just given me the freedom I needed, and that God had been my best friend since university. I smiled and nodded my head, as she walked over and rubbed my back.

"Maybe I could work from a different location?"

"What, like move away, forever?"

Her face drained of colour in sorrow and worry.

"No, just for a couple of months, Beth. Los Angels is a bit too crowded..."

"Okay, I know some people in Georgia, think of it as a holiday present, from your bestie."

Bethany stated as she gripped me into a hug, I smiled, maybe I did need a holiday from the people I knew so well. Just for a little while.

"Alright, how does next week sound?"

"What, no! If you're going on a holiday, you go right away. And you don't come back here unless I see more smiles than frowns, missy. That's a order for your job, if you want to keep it."

We laughed as she left my office, alright Georgia, here I come.

Georgia USA seemed like a nice place, lots of trees, a lake, tall glassy buildings. Everything seemed perfect.

I was with my tour guide when it happened, a simple tour around the city with my new, temporary boss. A slight tap on the shoulder and everything changed, a new complicated emotion entered my life, yet it felt oddly familiar.

"Excuse me, ma'am, you look new around here. It'd be my pleasure to show you around."

I looked up at a man, he was about 6ft 2, wearing a nice dark suit. His pitch black hair surrounded his slightly tanned face, his dark brown eyes pierced me. Like I was helpless, and he played me like his puppet. A small but visible smile was attached to his face, he held out his smoothed skinned hand in greeting. I tried looking away, I tried to move, but his gaze glued me to the ground. I was stuck like his prey.

"Um, no... No thank you, I'm fine."

The words came harsher than I expected out of my mouth. Yet, I knew this predator, he could hurt me just by touching me.

He backed up a few inches, like I had hurt him from the inside.

"Sorry, I rushed a little, didn't I? Let's start with new beginnings, shall we?"

His tone of voice was hushed, and almost audible, but the way he said it. It was sexy, but luring.


"I know who you are, you're that rapist, Jake Valentino."

"But, I-"

"No, leave me alone, I don't want you to hurt me. Get lost, you monster."

I took off running back to my boss.

"Eric! A man's after me!"

Eric Finwey was Bethany's other friend, he was so nice and very smart, they said he would look after me.

"Where? I don't see him, hurry up, or you're going to miss out on the hotel check in."

I looked back as Mr Finwey dragged me down the street, Valentino was nowhere to be seen.

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