A Chance in Dead Love

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Chapter 3

"Give it up, Jake, they're never gonna forget what you did. No matter how hard you try to change and please everyone, they're still going to call you a monster. I'm sorry, but that's the way humans are."

JJ sat on the front stairs of our large home, we had lived in that mansion since we were kids, its cream walls stood proudly.

Since I had gotten out of jail, JJ had to keep an eye on my every move, but she wasn't the only one watching me. I felt eyes everywhere, I didn't feel discomfort, it wasn't satisfaction either. I didn't really care, I never wanted to touch a woman like that. No one knew, no one understood. My stupid excuse for a 'friend', had framed me for his doings.

I had told JJ about that woman I saw earlier. Her bright green eyes, her soft brown hair, and her skin was like early sunlight. She was taller than JJ, but seemed breakable just by words. She was beautiful, but her fear had hurt me. I didn't like the way people judged everyone just by one action, no matter how big the damage.

JJ didn't seem to understand, that woman's personality had so much more to say.

"Did you get a name?"

I shook my head and stared at the ground below me. "No."

"Oh stupid, come on, you've got another interview to go to. You're lucky no one saw you speak to that girl. You would've been killed on the spot!"

My expression stayed guarded as I and my sister jumped into the car and headed off for the 4th interview that day.

I sigh as I finally lie down on the sofa, JJ was taking a shower, so I thought I could catch a couple moments to myself. I stared up at the ceiling, other than the interview, that girl was on my mind. It had bugged me during the interview but I had managed to pull it off, hopefully. I knew people hate me, but that's their decision, not mine.

I wish I had caught her name, I wanted to hear it mimic from my mouth and take flight into the air around me. But there's always tomorrow, if she's new, she'll be staying in town for a while. She looked important anyway, if I can, I'll talk to her.

But one thing's for sure, now that I'm out again, fear's not the only thing that gets in my way. There's also hate, but I guess karma's not going to let me love anyone, ever again.

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