A Chance in Dead Love

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Chapter 4

Today's a day, that'll never end.

I sighed as I strolled out of my house and into my sister's car, both of us were looking quite professional in our business suits. After I had gotten out of prison, the both of us were looking for jobs, for me.

JJ was already making loads of money on her fashion cut, but I still needed to get back up on my feet. So we headed into the city that morning.

"We'll stop for coffee once we arrive at Augusta. Sound good?"

I hummed and nodded my head, I had lost my last job, it had been a good one. Very important and earning lots of money, but my boss had despised since my firing.

We got our coffee and headed off, we knew the city of Augusta pretty well. It wasn't too bad, traffic wasn't as hectic as Atlanta, that was for sure.

As soon as we entered the building; every woman in sight fled for cover in the next room, or their facial expressions changed to fear and hatred. But the men either grinned at me, looked away or shot me a wicked glare.

Yep, this interview wasn't going to go easy.

Ugh, never heard so many personal questions in my life. Either the boss was gay or very protective of his female workers. I'm never going back in there, but no matter where we went, it was all the same. Still, JJ pushed me to find the right job, whatever that was these days.

Having no more interruptions for the day, JJ decided to go get us some lunch and for me to just wander around in a park. That's when I saw her again.

That woman who was so different from the rest; new to this place, yet could deal with anyone. That bodyguard of hers wasn't around, so I decided to strike up a chat.

"Hello ma'am, nice day isn't it?"

Not really, the sun was out, yes. But there were still a bunch of grey clouds standing around and it was a little cold.

"Oh, its you again... Here to finish the job, are you?"

I wanted to bite back at her for that, but I held my tongue. Instead I tried being the best gentle man I could be.

"If by job, you mean interviews and job searching? No, but my current job to at least get to know you. I almost know everyone in town, and I like to be social with visitors."

She crossed her arms and huffed.

"Well, you should talk to Eric then, he's new-"

"No he's not, been here for 4 years, a business partner of my old boss'."

I smiled as I cut her off, now she seemed pissed.

"Anybody else then!"

"Nobody else is new here, only you, I don't see new people around here anymore. Its just the same old faces everyday... Plus, I didn't get your name, you already know mine."

She hesitated before answering.


"Excuse me?"

I could hear her mumbling but it sounded cute, just like a kid who didn't want to be here.

"Laura Sammuers, got it? Don't Google me."

I laughed as she forced the name out of her mouth and added that last comeback.

"Nice, Laura. I won't Google you, I'm not that type of guy. I only know people of what they say and do to me."

She turned away to look elsewhere in the park.

"Laura, why did you come to Georgia?"

She sighed before turning back to face me.

"I needed to get away from a couple things..."

"Okay, Laura, don't picture me as the person you know when you're talking to me. Think of me as your mom or best friend, anyone that you want to open up to. You seem to be in a lot of stress."

I knew it'd be hard trying to get someone's trust like that, but it boggled my mind of how much pain and lost trust I saw in her eyes.

"I... I can't... I don't know... Its just so... Hard, now... I hate it!"

"What's hard, Laura? What do you hate, other than myself?"

I grinned as she giggled.

"Um... Well, at work, everything's in a flurry. At home, everything's being watched."

"Ooh, bad girl, what did you do?"

"What? I didn't do anything!"

She whirled around with a shocked face and I had the biggest smile on my face.

"Really? Then why are you running away?"

"I'm not..."

I asked her, but it seemed to easy for her to trust me, so why was she like that?

"Let me guess, your parents are pestering you because of something, and you just want to get away. Your work is same old, so you want to try something new. So, Laura Sammuers wants to get away and try something new, yes?"

"That's the sum of it."

I nodded my head in understanding.

"I'm an only child, so my parents care a lot about me. But I just want to be away from it all and feel like what its like to be somewhere different and no one knows who are."

"Don't say that. We all want to know who you are, and if you want to get to know some new stuff, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff here for you."


Laura smiled at me, and I felt happy inside since walking more free than my past nine years.

"Okay, I got your favourite, but I also did bring extras."

JJ looked up as she spotted me and Laura, a warm smile was on her face as she handed me my lunch and sat down to eat hers.

"You hungry?"

I asked Laura before opening mine.

"Uh, no thank-you, I just ate a really big salad."

"Oh, my bad, we got extras here if you want some."

"That's okay."

Laura sat down and started talking to JJ, I looked around the park, only noticing a small number of people. My eyes caught the slight movement of something in blue, I targeted my sight towards it and I felt every once of my body shrink.

I knew they were watching me, but now I didn't feel safe.

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