A Chance in Dead Love

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Chapter 5

Laura decided to spend the rest of her day with us, we showed around town and to some sight seeing. JJ seemed to like her, not as much as to call her a 'friend', but good enough to tolerate each other.

I liked Laura, when she wasn't fretting about something, she seemed as happy as a free bird. We parted our ways to head home.

"Thanks for an awesome day out you two, it was great fun."

JJ hopped into the car and waved goodbye to Laura as she waited for me.

"Maybe we can do this sometime another day?"

I asked, Laura's eyes sparkled with happiness and mischief.

"Only if you give me your phone number."

I was surprised to hear that from her, but I took the chance. We exchanged contacts and headed off. Laura called Eric to pick her up as myself and JJ drove home.

"Wow, she seemed nice..."

My sister shot a glance at me, she wasn't the only person glaring at me. I had at least a few police officers today and wondered if they were going to beat me unconscious.

"I do like her."

I said back to my sister, but I refused eye contact with JJ until we got home. I just hope Laura doesn't get hurt first.

Laura squealed as she rushed in through her apartment door, today had been exciting. She no longer cared about that man's past actions, what the two of them had done for her today had been unbelievable.


Laura shouted as she quickly skyped her friend. Bethany Charles' face appeared on the computer screen at the mention of the call.

"Yes, what is it, Laura? Is everything okay?"

Laura quickly dashed back to the laptop as she set down her coat.

"Everything's amazing. I met this guy, he and his sister took me out to go sight seeing and today was just amazing!"

Bethany's face, first filled with shock, changed to mischief.

"Ooh, does Laura have a man? Tell me everything!"

Laura smiled as she sat down to face the laptop.

"Well, he's six-foot, four. About 26 years old, with sexy black hair and beautiful brown eyes. This dude should've been a model or something. His skin is lightly tanned, really broad but well muscular body. And he's so super nice!"

"A real gentleman, wow, did you get a name?"

Laura's smile disappeared as she realized just who this man was, and why he had been so amazing. Laura's expression changed from star struck to deadly.

"Laura? Who was it?"

Laura turned her attention back to the worried face on the laptop screen.

"Uh, you know a guy called, Jake Valentino?"

Bethany froze as she recalled the name.

"Yes, why?"

"Uh, do you remember what he did?"

"From memory, I think he 'supposedly' raped three girls. Oh, who were all his girlfriends! I think... Yeah, his friend dobbed him in. Shame really, Miss Valentino's such a cute name."

Laura stared at the screen in pure anger.


Bethany waved her hands in front of the screen.

"You didn't freeze, did you? Why did you want to talk about that? Come on, tell me more about this guy you met."

Laura snapped out of her mood and turned back to Bethany with a slight smile on her face.

"No, I'm still here, Beth. Are you sure, that's all you know about Valentino?"

"Uh, yeah? Wait... Is that the guy you met, oh my god... Did you go sight seeing with Jake Valentino? Laura! He could've killed you!"

"Yeah, I..."

Laura stared down at her lap in shame as her friend went off her brain.

"You know what, at least you're having fun. If you're happy, that's all I can ask for. Just be careful, Laura, you don't know who could be after you. And I'm always here if you need to talk to someone, okay?"

"Yeah, thanks Beth, talk to you later."

"Okay, have fun!"

Laura's weak smile returned to her face, maybe now that she had met the criminal, she would know him better.

Laura sighed as she closed the lid to her laptop. A sudden, harsh knock at the door, alerted Laura.

"Who is it?"

Laura asked as she stared at a photo of her and Valentino standing next to each under a big tree.

"The police department of Georgia state, open up. We're here to talk to you about Jake Valentino."

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