A Chance in Dead Love

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Chapter 6

Laura sat in her chair, terrified. Two police officers and Mr Finwey had entered her apartment, looking for Jake. "We're sorry to bug you, Ms Sammuers, but as you've heard; Jake Valentino has been released out of prison. We've spotted the two of you together, and we just wanted to warn you about what you're dealing with."

"Who, I'm dealing with. And I very well know this Valentino, and what we talk about is none of your concern. Thank you." Laura eyed the female officer she was talking to as her partner and Eric shared a quiet chat. The other police officer was scanning the room, his eyes scorning everything in sight.

"I'm sorry, my name is Danielle Wales. My partner is Detective Richard Hugh. We've just here to talk about you. I know you can look after yourself, but we're keeping an eye on Jake as well, and not just because he's a criminal. We want the both of you to be safe, if anything, give us a call okay?" Laura nodded her head as Detective Hugh and Mr Finwey left, Officer Wales turned to her.

"Laura, we're not restricting the relationship between you two, we only want to know how you're doing. Do anything, be wild, go crazy! I don't care! Just be safe, with each other."

"Thanks, officer." Laura watched the police stroll out her apartment and continue a conversation with Mr Finwey. Laura stood up and text off to Bethany, she scrolled through her contacts until she found Jake's. Laura smiled as she read a recent message.

Thanks for a smile! :)

I coughed as I walked in through the front door. I had been on my morning jog when two officers asked how I was, that didn't bug me. But what they said about Laura enraged me. "You're a threat, a monster."
"You don't deserve to love, you should be dead." They had so very wished. I hated it, why did they have to bring everyone into my little messed up , crazy world? Call me what you want, just be sure I never wanted to do it, and I never will. I saw my sister glaring at me from the lounge she sat on, sipping on her coffee mug. It was 5AM in morning, and I had snuck out of the house for my jog, of course she'd be pissed. "Jake, mind telling me where the hell you are going, next time!?"
"Sorry, JJ. I thought you'd know when you wake up, that I usually go for my morning jogs."
"No, its been seven years since I've last seen you. I don't remember shit, Jake! A note or text would've been nice! I heard the front door and you were gone! I thought someone had taken you! Or you were on your way to hurt Laura!" I stood there in disbelief, my own sister still thought I was like that monster. And worse, she couldn't remember what I was like before those painful eight years. JJ seemed to realize what she said, but we both stood in silence. "Jake-"
"Its okay, sis. Sorry for waking you up, go back to bed, I'll practice my interview speech." I took off to find my speeches before she could talk to me, it wasn't that I hated my sister, it was that I just needed some time to help me ace the mountain of hell I was climbing. JJ didn't seem like the fitting partner for a hike, anyway.
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