A Chance in Dead Love

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Chapter 7

The soft humming of a phone call awoke Laura from her Sunday morning sleep in. Grunting, she searched tiredly for her cell phone as she answered the call.


"Laura, hey, you alright? You sound beat up..."

It was Jake, recalling what Bethany and the police had said, Laura addressed him carefully.

"No, I was just asleep, that's all."

"Oh, sorry for waking you up."

He sounded like he meant it, so it couldn't hurt to continue the chat. Laura yawned as she sat up. "Its okay, what's up?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to go down by the lake today, you don't have to, but some fresh air would do the good of us."

Laura knew what lake he was talking about and agreed to meet him there.

"Okay, see you there."

She hung up and smiled, today didn't seem to be off at a bad start.

I was walking in the park beside the lake, when I looked up at the sound of footsteps.

"Hey Jake."

"Hello Laura."

We laughed, chat, ate. The day went by so fast, the happiness never seemed to end.

JJ was busy working at home, so I had to stay either at home or in public eye. Plus, I wanted to spend the day with Laura, anyway.

"You weren't busy, were you?"

I asked, worried that she'd miss out on some important work.

"No, Beth said I'm here to have fun."

I couldn't help but smile along with her, every second felt unreal with the joy.

"Jake, why are they here?"

I looked at the four police officers that were making their way toward us, I nudged Laura away as I stood facing the police bravely.

"Good day, officers."

I greeted politely, but they all seemed to be triggered by something that had just put them on edge.

"Valentino, you're coming into custody with us. Just for questioning."


They swiftly put me into hand cuffs and led me back to one of their police cars, I looked out of the window to see Laura talking warily with one of the other officers, I watched as she caught a ride in the other car.


"Mr Valentino, we're only taking you in for some quick tests and some questions, nothing more. Ms Sammuers will be fine."

"Thanks Wales."

I nodded curtly as I stared out the window, Officer Wales was a pushy bitch, but nonetheless I didn't offend. I didn't want to push their buttons and put JJ through more stress.

I sighed as I walked out of the office, it was around 7PM, JJ would be losing her mind by now.

I spotted Laura waiting on the seats as I walked out.

"You alright?"

I asked her, but she didn't make eye contact.

"Yeah, hey listen. I've already alerted JJ, and you're staying over at my place for the night. Joy's already too tired to drive out and get you, my apartment is just up the road."

I looked around at the multiple officers swarming the area.

"You sure its going to be alright with these guys, Laura?"

"Yeah, I asked them, its fine."


I nodded as we both headed out and flagged down a taxi. I met Eric as he lead me up to Laura's apartment.

"Try to do anything to her, and I'll make sure to cut your privates off."

He threaten as he left us, only I heard it as Laura unlocked the door. That statement had me half worried, because it was a guy who had said it.

"Welcome to my apartment, sorry its not much, Jake. I'm not moving in permanently."

"That's alright, most apartments are crowded."

Laura's was nice and airy, not too many things in place but just enough to make it feel like home. It was a very high class hotel, lots of flashy and expensive things.

"I'm going to take a shower, call Eric up, I'm sure he'll give you some clothes."

As Laura went to take a shower, I called up Eric for some clothes. I heard a cell phone ring and without hesitation I answered it. It was Laura's phone, and it wasn't JJ's number.


"Hi, who's speaking? Where's Laura?"

"Uh, she's taking a shower at the moment, I'll get her to call you back later."

It was the voice of a woman, around the age of 25, same age as Laura.

"Okay, tell her that Bethany called, and tell her to call back!"

I chuckled, it must be a friend of hers.

"Also, who's the sexy voice guy on the phone talking to me, huh?"

I froze, did Beth know?

"Uh, its Laura's friend, Jake."

"Oh my gosh, are you two already sleeping together?"

"No, I'm just staying over for the night, that's all."

"Oh, okay handsome, call yous later!"

I let out a sigh of relief as she hung up, I quickly set down Laura's phone as she hopped out of the shower. "Who was that?"

"Oh, it was just Beth, she told you to call her back."

"Okay, thanks."

I heard Laura giggled as she started to talk to Bethany, I went off to get changed. I was sleeping in the guest bedroom, which I didn't mind.

Laura started bursting out laughing at something Bethany had said, I sighed to myself. Yes, this was going to be another long night.

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