A Chance in Dead Love

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Chapter 8

I woke up, alarm coursed through my body as I was met with a new surrounding. Then I remembered, I was staying at Laura's place, yesterday felt so unreal.

After seven years in jail, for nothing, my first few days seemed to breeze by.


I grunted as I lifted my body off the other makeshift bed and spotted her at her laptop.

"Good morning, sleepyhead, how'd you go last night?"

"Good, I guess..."

"I already told JJ that you were still asleep, she'll pick you up around 11."

I looked over at the digital alarm clock, 9:48 AM, did I really sleep in?

"I've got work, today, you've got interviews. Plus, JJ wants to have a word with you."


I simply said as I rested back on the bed, giving myself a couple of minutes to wake up.

"Thanks for everything, Laura."

JJ said as she opened the car door, I looked back at Laura and smiled a goodbye.

"Good luck with those interviews!"

She called as we drove off, JJ had already given me a stern talk, but I did need to get something off my chest.

"JJ, I need to tell you... Something."


I froze as I felt my mind go blank and my body tense up, what was I going to say? How would she react?

"I was framed."

I blurted out before I gave any other second thought, she looked at me horrified.

"By who?"

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