Crimson Crown

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Chapter Two

I knew the second I woke up the next day that at the Massiebell Academy things would be awkward between Tahira and I. None the less I got ready by putting on black jeans and a black tank top with my gold necklaces and black leather jacket. I like to think of black as my national color. Letting my hair be in its natural state I put small amounts of makeup to bring out my eyes and walk down stairs to get my breakfast. As I turn the corner I see my brother cutting up watermelon at the cutting board. “Good morning Nikolai.” He turns around at the sound of my voice but goes back to cutting the fruit up.

“Good morning Moraiva, everything okay?”

“Yeah, why would you ask?” I go and stand beside Nikolai and quickly grab a piece of watermelon off the board and doge the sharp, silver knife.

“Because you came back really early last night.”

“Oh yeah no Tahira wasn’t feeling well so I drove her back to the palace then just came home.” Hearing me speak the name Tahira my brother turns around.

“Is everything okay with her?” I roll my eyes at Nik’s obvious feelings toward Tahira. Ever since I can remember he has had a crush on her, however Tahira will never admit to me the fact that she clearly likes him as well. Those two just won’t tell the other and will not let me get involved no matter what I say to each of them.

“Yeah your girlfriend is fine.”

“She’s not my girlfriend Moraiva, you know that.” I pop another bite of fruit into my mouth managing to not let the dangerous tool my brother hold in his hand cut my skin.

“Well you want her to be.” He gives me a pointed look but I go on. “Come on Nikolai, I say you just grow a pair and ask her out. What’s the worst that could happen? She say’s no? Well if you never ask her the answer will always be no.”

“Moravia just mind your own business.” Giving up on my brother’s pathetic love life I walk away and grab my bag from the front door where I left it the day before.

“I’m going to walk to school, see you there.” Before I can hear a response I shut the door and walk into the cool, morning air and begin my walk towards the Academy.

As I walk I can see the large gothic building loom up in front of me. With each step I take it becomes larger and taller. The ancient looking gargoyles stair down at me in an eerie manner. Walking through the open academy doors I don’t expect to see what’s in front of me, or better yet who is in front of me. With a quick pinch on my arm I know that this is real, and that Kahlib is in front of me, my physio ex-boyfriend. His short jet black hair matching his black eyes, his tall stature threatening my average 5’6” height. Kahlib is the poster boy for danger, I suppose that might be why I liked him at one point, because with danger comes adventure. However the longer we stayed together the more paranoid he got about me leaving him and the more attached he got.

I never would have thought that Kahlib would come back to the academy seeing as I broke up with him three months ago and haven’t heard a word from him, along the fact that he graduated from the academy last year. But right now his black eyes were staring into my grey ones and I wanted nothing more than to make him disappear. I quickly try to turn down one of the many hallways but before I can I hear his deep chilling voice call my name. “Moraiva, come back.” I turn around and am forced to face him.

“What do you want Kahlib?”

“Just a friendly chat with an old friend, that’s all.” He says as he takes his final step towards me.

“Well our friend days are long gone okay, I don’t want to talk to you.” I turn to leave but I feel his cold hand grab onto my wrist.

“Why you gotta be acting so cold babe?” I jerk my wrist free of his grip and take a defensive step back.

“Listen I broke up with you because of the way you started to act around me. You were crazy and possessive. I don’t want a repeat of that, so just leave me alone. Got it?”

“Of course.” Kahlib gives me a smirk that gives me a pain in my gut and I know that this won’t be the last I will see of him. However he still turns around and walks away from me. I quickly escape the empty hallway and go to my first class, English with Mr. Beresford. I go to sit in my regular seat but see Tahira sitting in the seat next to it and quickly change desks and end up sitting in the back of the class alone. Mr. Beresford tall 6’3” stature covering the board as he already begins to write todays notes onto it. His dark brown hair contrasts with the streaks of chalk in it that come from his hands. Being the youngest teacher at our school at age twenty four most teenage girls in our class will always attempt to flirt their way to a better grade with him. I will admit, he’s hot. But I’m not as shallow as some of the other girls I sit among that are actually willing to spend their entire class period flirting. When I flirt I prefer to do it with guys my age. As the second bell that rings to signal the start of class he turns around to face the class.

“Good morning class.” A round of quiet and mumbled ‘good morning’ goes around the class room. “Today we just have the period to study for the upcoming unit test tomorrow.” The class stays silent and unwilling to move. “Well get your books out.” Slowly the class gets out there note books and text books and flips to the pages required to study. I pull out my text book and begin to write down the notes needed. The whole class stays silent throughout the period, all you can hear is the pen meeting paper as the student scribble their notes down.

The whole day practically consist of my teachers getting us to copy notes down all class. The one exception was my gym class. By last period I had so much energy to burn I was ready and on the gym floor before anyone else. As the boys and girls start to fill in out gym teacher Mr. Kellsonale begins to tell us our plane for the day. “Who hear likes volleyball?” I few of the student hands go up in the air along with mine. “Great well that’s what we’re doing today. Separate yourselves into teams of six and pick a court.” I get called over by a group of boys and walk over to their group. Within the group are my brother and his best friend Zacharias. I look up at the smartass that Nikolai calls a best friend, his ice blue eyes stair down at me as his six foot height towers above me.


“Moraiva, how life been?”

“Just fine.” I walk away and onto the court before we can engage in anymore conversation. It’s not that Zacharias and I hate each other, it’s just that we don’t really get along. Nikolai says it’s because we are so much alike with our smartass comments and recklessness. Honestly I don’t care why we fight, I just know that we fight and that I don’t like him.

Once everyone is on the court the game begins.

By the end of class our team manages to cream everyone in class and we all leave proud. It’s just a class but I along with my brother and Zacharias are very competitive people. Everyone leaves the gym to get changed and leave the academy. However I play on the girl’s rugby team and am forced to stay behind as we have an hour and thirty minute practice after school. Once everyone on our team piles into the gym the coach finally comes through the glass doors and orders us to go out onto the field. Not bothering to wait for instructions we all line up and perform our daily stretches and work outs. By the time we finish up coach *** is waiting for us in the middle of the field. Jogging through the newly cut grass to where he stands we listen to what he has to say. “Today ladies I thought I would give you a bit of a break. We’re going to scrimmage. I’ll separate you into two different teams and then we’ll get started. Sounds good?” He looks around the group, we all node our head in agreement.

By the time practice ends and I’m out of the changing room walking towards the front doors it’s seven thirty. I know that when I walk out the doors it will be dark, because when we finished our practise the sun was already almost done setting. I walk out into the cold air that the academy’s walls protect us from. The sky a dark midnight blue but no stars have managed to make themselves present yet. I only manage to take a few short strides in the direction of my home before I feel a cold hand clamp hard onto my shoulder. I try to turn around but before I know it there are two icy hands on me and I’m being pushed against a tree. My head snaps back and I see stars dance at the corners of my vision, the hard wooden bark sticking into my back threatening to draw blood. I look up and meet my attacker. When I look into his dangerous black eyes I know who it is, Kahlib. “What the hell Ka-” I yell but his hand shots over my mouth and clamps it shut hindering me to speak.

“Shhh babe it’s alright. Calm down.” I don’t do as he says and panic surges through my veins as I struggle against him. “Just stop struggling, it’s useless.” Only again not listening to this monster of a person I continue to try and get free from him, however the throbbing pain in my head makes it difficult. I twist and turn one of my arms behind me, I manage to get one of my arms free, as I do so I can feel the tree bark cut through my skin. Not caring about it in the moment I swing my arm in a fist motion towards his face. But it never makes contact with him. His arm wraps its self around my wrist and he squeezes my arm tightly. He breaths out a chilling laughter.

“What a stupid move that was Moraiva.” I bite down hard on his hand that still covers my mouth. “You bitch!” I see his hand move towards my face but it’s too fast to register. I feel a searing pain on the left side of my face and the loud cracking sound of skin on skin before I know what to do. I take a moment to recover before engaging in conversation again.

“What the hell do you want Kahlib?” I yell. He covers my mouth again but doesn’t remove it this time when I bite down.

“Baby just be quite.” I squirm to get away from him but it’s no use, his hands hold too strong of a hold over me. My screams are muffled by his hand and I can’t help but feel terror take over me. But before anymore can happen between us he’s is thrown off of me onto the cement nearby. I crumple to the ground from the strong pounding in my head. As I try to calm down I look up to see who saved me. It’s Mr. Beresford. He grabs a handful of Kahlibs shirt forcing him to stand up and pins him on a nearby tree by the collar. From the distance I lay I can easily hear his threatening words.

“Don’t you ever lay another hand on Moraiva or another one of my students again!” He bellows. “I will not blink an eye before calling the police on you if I ever see you here or anywhere near Moraiva again, got that?”

“Y-yes sir.” I can hear the fearful tremble in Kahlibs words. Mr. Beresford lets go of Kahlib and walks back in till he is standing right in front of me, hiding me from the view of Kahlib.

“Now go.” Kahlib doesn’t waist a second before he bolts to his car and drives away from our sight. Once we can no longer see him Mr. Beresford turns around and looks me in the eye.

“Are you okay Moraiva?” He asks as he comes down to my level on the ground. His threating tone replaced by concern.

“I’m fine, thank you.” I go to stand up but he quickly helps me up not letting me stand on my own. I turn to walk away from the academy wanting nothing more than to go to the own protection of my own home but he stops me before I can leave.

“Did he hurt you?” I turn around and look up into his green eyes.


“Don’t lie to me.” He grabs a hold of my arm and I feel an almost electric like shock through my body.

“You’re bleeding.” I look down and sure enough I see scarlet red liquid spilling from a long open gash across my arm.

“It’s nothing, I’ll just fix it up when I get home.”

“Where else did he hurt you?”

"Just there." He takes a pause before answering me.

"Moravia, I just want to help you." He says gently. I give up and answer his questions.

“I hit my head.” He leans closer and looks me dead in the eyes. At first I don’t know what he’s doing, the smell of his after shave over whelms me. I then realize that he’s looking at my pupils to check if I have a concussion.

“Looks to me like you might have a small concussion. You will need to go see a doctor as soon as possible.”

“I’ll try and go tonight.”

“Good, now follow me.” He lightly grabs a hold of my arm again as if he’s scared to break me and leads me towards the school. I follow him inside the deserted school. Our footsteps echo through the lonely hallways. “Who was he?”

I take a side long glance towards Mr. Beresford and answer his question. “Ex- boyfriend.”

“What did we want from you?”

“I honestly don’t know. He just kind of attacked me.” I don’t know why I feel compelled to do so but I tell him the rest of the back story between Kahlib and I. “Kahlib and I started dating about a year ago. Everything was fine between us in till later on in our relationship he would get, possessive, and angry, he was always angry. He would accuse me of cheating on him and stuff like that.” I can see that I now have Mr. Beresford’s attention and continue talking. “Anyway, I broke up with him five months ago. I haven’t heard from him or seen him since, and now all of the sudden me comes here and attacks me. I always knew that before no matter how angry he got he would never lay a hand on me, but today just proved I was wrong.” We finally make it to the nurse’s office and Mr. Beresford opens the door for me to walk through. I go and sit down on one of the plastic grey chairs in the room and allow him to fix my arm. Once he turns back around to face me with all the supply’s needed he gently takes my arm in his calloused hands and inspects the damage that has been done.

“You got pretty beat up out there, but you’re lucky. From what I can tell it’s not a deep cut.” I stay silent and let him continue. He first gets out the rubbing alcohol and I prepare for the sting that accompanies it. “This will string a bit.” The cotton ball covered in the clear liquid is rubbed over my cut and I can see the warm scarlet liquid that comes from it disappear. He then puts a large bandage over it and looks back up at my face.

“Where do you live?”

“Uh, I live on Connell Lane.”

“I’ll drive you home.” I shake my head in disagreement.

“No you don’t need to do that. You have already done so much. Thank you for everything.” I go to stand up but a wave of dizziness hits me as soon as I do so. I falter in step but feel Mr. Beresford’s strong hold help me stay standing up.

“Never mind, I’m bringing you to the clinic.”

“No you don’t need to. I’m fine, I’ll just sleep it off.”

“Moraiva, you cannot just sleep off a concussion. Now I’m bring you to the clinic, end of story.” I roll my eyes at the fact that he sounds exactly like my father whenever I try to get out of a situation.

“Okay, okay, you’re the boss Mr. Beresford.”



“We’re not in class, you can call me Damian.”

“Okay then Damian.” The name rolls off my tough easily when I say it. We walk out of the empty academy towards his car. It’s an all black range rover. “Nice car.” He turns his head to the side and looks at me.

“Thanks, saved quite a lot of pay checks for this baby.” He pats the hood of his car almost as if it was an animal. As I slip into his car and sit on the soft tan seats I can tell that he keeps his belongings very clean. The car practically looks brand new with hardly a spec of dirt in or on it. One we both get buckled it he starts his car. As he smoothly drives through the streets I get more tired with every minute. “Moraiva.” At the sound of my name I open my eyes and look over at him.

“Don’t fall asleep, not in till the doctor checks you out, okay?” I node my head with what strength I have as an answer. He turn back and keeps his eyes on the dark road ahead. As I turn to look out my window, I can see the small trickle of rain come from the dark sky above. The clear liquid runs down the glass windows of the car creating an odd pattern. I grab hold of my backpack and lift it up onto my legs to grab my health card from my wallet. Once I set my things back on the floor of the car I hold onto my health card for when we arrive at the clinic.

We finally pull up to the solid white building, just like all the other white buildings. The only difference is that the glass signs all say different things. When I look up I can see that this one says ‘Oracle 24 Hour Clinic.’ Once I step out of the car Damian is right by my side. I put my arm out to gently push him away. “I don’t need to be babied Damian.”

“Moraiva you probably have a concussion, just let me help you.”

“You have already done enough, I don’t even need to be here.”

“Yes you do.” With that he softly grabs a hold of my arm and leads me to the clear glass doors of the clinic.We both walk up to the front desk. The lady sitting behind the table is a middle aged woman with black hair mixed with grey from age. She looks up at me with faded blue eyes that hide behind her black framed glasses.

“Can I help you?” She looks between Damian and I. Damian speaks for me.

“Yes, she hit her head,” He points towards me and the woman’s gaze flicks to me then back again. “I think she has a concussion.” She turn to me.

“Do you have a health card?” I hand her my clear plastic card with all the information needed. She holds the front of my card in front of the computer screen and a red light flashes across it. She then recites my information to confirm the small hand held card is correct. “Moraiva Wilkinson?”


“It says here that you are seventeen, is that correct?”


“Well then you will need a parent or guardian with you.”

“Oh um…” I trail off, but before I can say anymore Damian speaks.

“I’m her guardian.” That lady looks through her glasses towards him.

“What’s your name?”

“Damian Beresford.” She looks back at her screen and types something. While she’s typing I can feel myself get dizzy. The floor beneath me swirls, threatening me to lose my balance. But I refuse to turn to Damian, instead I just attempt to stand still and wait.

“Okay, the wait won’t be too long. You two can have a seat.” We go and do as she says and sit in the very uncomfortable black chairs and wait to be called. Once I sit down the dizziness fades, but not completely. I turn and look into Damian’s green eyes.

“I can call my brother, he’s old enough to stay with me. You can go home and get some rest, I’ll be fine here.”

“I don’t mind staying. We have gotten this far why would I leave you now?”

“Well you wouldn’t be leaving me alone.”

“Do you want me to go, have your brother be here instead?” I think about his question, honestly I didn’t want him to go. He was good company and he was the one that knows what happened. However at the same time I don’t want to make him stay.

“I don’t mind. As long as you don’t either.”

“Well I don’t mind.” I node my head saying no more. We just sit in silence, but a comfortable silence, and wait to be called.

Finally after what feels like forever I hear my name being called by a man in a white lab coat.

“Moraiva Wilkinson.” I stand up and follow the doctor into a small room. This room also has all white walls with one long seat, a glass desk, and black leather chair in front of it. The doctor sits in the leather chair were as I lay on the black bed like chair with Damian by my side. “Hello, I’m doctor Baxerir. From the sounds of it you’re in here because you believe you might have a concussion. Is that correct?”


“Okay I’m just going to do a few tests to see if you do. Can you look at the light please?” Doctor Baxerir shines a small black flashlight in my eyes, as much as I want to close my eyes and look away but I continue to look into the light in till he pulls it away. “How do you feel Moraiva?”

“I feel tired. I want to go home.” I can see from the corner of Damian give me a pointed look so I continue to talk. “I’m also dizzy and the light hurts my eyes.”

“Okay.” Doctor Baxerir turns to the computer on his glass desk and starts to type away. I turn my head and look at Damian. He pushes himself off against the wall he was leaning on and takes the few steps that separate us.

“This is going to be all over soon and I’ll drive you home.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Stop thanking me, it’s annoying.”

“Sorry.” The doctor turns back around and faces us.

“So Moraiva, you have a slight concussion. Now when you go to bed I want someone to wake you up every three hours.” I node my head in an understanding. “I also want you to take an easy, so take a break from any sports or physical exercise. Got that?”

“Yes.” He stands up from his chair and I get off mine.

“Great, have a nice night miss Wilkinson.”

“Thank you.” Damian and I walk out of the clinic side by side and I slip into the passenger seat once we unlocks the car for us. Once he brings the car to life I see the glowing red numbers of 8:32PM appear in front of my eyes. “Shit.” I curse angrily. Damian’s head snaps in my direction.

“What’s wrong?”

“I never called my parents or brother. I’m going to get into so much trouble when I get home.” He turns back to the steering wheel and pulls out of the parking lot.

“They’ll understand once you tell them everything. They can call me if they want too and talk to me.”

“It’s fine they don’t need to call you.”

“Okay.” We both drop the conversation and sit in silence in till he finally pulls up to my house.

“I would say thank you but I don’t want to annoy you.” Damian chuckles.

“Goodnight Moraiva.” I get out of the car and start to walk towards my house but I hear my name being called. I turn around and Damian has his car window rolled down. “Don’t forget about what the doctor said.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” I call back to him. I turn back around and open my front door quietly. Once I’m inside I can see the range rover drive away in to the night. Inside my house I realize that I’m missing something, my bag. I had left my bag in Damian’s car. I walk further into my house knowing that I'll get my bag back tomorrow. Once I’m about to reach the kitchen I see a light on and turn the corner. I’m faced with the worried and angry looking faces of my parents and brother. “Uh, hello.”

“Hello?” My father says angrily. “Do you know how worried we were about you? Do you have any idea?” He starts to yell. “Where on earth where you? Why didn’t you call us?”

“Well, I was at the clinic-”

“Moraiva Wilkinson are you pregnant?” My mother yells shocked.

“What? No! Mum why would you think that? I have a concussion.”

“Oh, are you okay? How did you get a concussion?” They seem to calm down.

“Well, I uh, had a pretty bad fall on some cement and hit my head. One of the teachers found me and drove me to the clinic. I didn’t call you because my phone was dead by the time school was done.”

“Oh honey, how do you feel now?” My mother takes a few steps towards me and puts a hand on the side of my face.

“I’m fine I’m just really tired.”

“Okay go to bed get a good sleep.”

“Okay, oh and the doctor said that someone has to wake me up every three hours.”

“Thank you for telling us honey.” I walk up the wooden stairs into my bedroom. Changing into pajamas and brushing my teeth I then proceed to crawl into bed. After a few minutes I faintly hear my bedroom door open through my haze of sleep. “Moraiva, how are you?”

“Mother, just let me sleep.” I mumble into my pillow.

“Okay, okay, I’ll wake you up every three hours.”

“Uh, yeah.” I don’t even hear my bedroom door close because once I answer I fall asleep.

I vaguely remember being woken up multiple times in the night. Leaving me with the feeling of not getting enough sleep. As the blaring alarm beside my bed continues to go off I sit up and turn it off. Rolling out of my comfortable bed I stand up and go get ready for the day. I put on a large hoodie over top of my self to help cover my eyes from the light. As I walk around the house in search for food I have to pull the hood further over my face from the light as it hurts to look at it. I check the clock that hangs in our kitchen, telling me I have only twenty minutes left before I have to leave for school I grab a bowl of cereal to eat for breakfast as I make my lunch for the day. I hear the creak of the floor from behind me and turn around. Nikolai stands in front of me with his backpack hanging off one of his shoulders. “How are you?” I can hear the concern for my wellbeing in his voice.

“The light hurts my eyes, but other than that I’m pretty good.”

“Good. I’ll drive you to school.” I quickly grab my lunch without a backpack as mine is still with Damian and head out the door behind my brother. It’s a short drive to the academy. Once we arrive and enter the building we both go our separate ways. As I walk the halls in search for Damian I can feel the pain of a headache come on. I hear someone call my name from behind me, I turn around and down the hall see Damian holding a classroom door open.

“Moraiva, I need to see you for a moment.” I walk down the hall and into the empty classroom. Once the door shuts I speak.

“Do you have my bag?” He nodes his head and makes his way over to his desk.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, yes I do.” He pulls my black backpack from behind the desk and hands it to me.

“Thank you.” He nodes his head in answer and switches the subject.

“But I also wanted to tell you that you should go home.”


“You have a concussion Moraiva, you need to be at home resting.”

“Don’t tell me what to do about my health. You have helped me a lot and that’s great and I appreciate it, but now you don’t need to stay involved or tell me what to do. Just leave me alone, I don’t need your help anymore.” I say annoyed at the fact that he continues to hover around me telling me what to do. The bell rings for class but I don’t leave in till Damian speaks.

“Why are you so stubborn?” I can tell that he is getting annoyed with me but I don’t care.

“Because I can take care of myself.” We both stay silent for a few moment in till student start to file into his class. He continues to look me dead in the eyes as more students come in.

“You better go. Don’t want to be late for class.” I role my eyes and leave the class towards my first period class not saying anything back. Not at all exited for second period when I will have to put up with him as the teacher.

First period history was horrific, honestly. I hated learning about our history and government. I hate the royals, that’s that. No amount of school lessons will ever change my mind. Once I hear the loud ring of the bell I quickly pack my bag and walk to my next class with Damian as the teacher. I walk into class with my hood still up over my head, I see Tahira sitting in the front of the class. Our eyes briefly lock but I quickly look away and sit in the back of the class. When I sit down I look up at Damian through my hood and I can see him shake his head at me. I ignore him and get out my note book and pen ready for the class to start. He starts the lesson but quickly tells us to get out our note books as we will be taking notes all class. Once everyone has their things he begins to wright on the black board and we wright down all of this notes not bothering to really let the information sink in. A few times within the class I can see Tahira turn around and quickly look at me. I ignore her throughout the class and just write my notes the entire time.

Finally after what feels like the longest class I have ever sat through, even longer than my history classes, the bell rings. I end up leaving the class last because of my spot in the class. I manage to walk through the door and leave the class without getting called back by Damian. I guess my earlier message to him had gotten through. I walk straight to the girl’s washroom and lean against the sink. The light continues to burn my eyes with my headache still going strong. I hear the washroom door open but I don’t bother on looking up to see who it is, at least not in till I hear them call my name. “Moraiva.” I look up and lock eyes with light brown ones, Tahira. “Why the hell are you wearing that stupid hood over your face? You look like you’re on some sort of drug.” After a few moments of silence I answer her truthfully.

“I have a concussion.” I can see a worried expression come across her face.

“Are you okay?”

“Listen, Tahira,” I prepare to say I’m sorry for the way I reacted to her earlier and ask for forgiveness but it’s like she can read my mind.

“Don’t worry, I know that you’re sorry.” My eyes go wide for a moment but the lights hurts them too much when I do so.

“You don’t know I was going to say that.”

“Well then, what were you going to say?”

“Uh…” She laughs out loud.

“Like I said, I forgive you.”

“We’re all good, just like that?” Tahira I was a bitch to you.”

“We’re always bitches to each other, but we get over it, it’s what makes us such great friends.” I walk over to her and hug her. When we let go she begins to speak again. “Now, how did you manage to get a concussion?”

“It’s kind of a long story.”

“I don’t care.”

“Okay then, I’ll tell you.” I tell her the entire story including the part about Damian.

“Wow. I can’t believe Kahlib would do that.”

“Same, he has never hurt me before this.”

“I told you not to date him.” I roll my eyes.

“Well it’s too late now.”

“Yeah but next time maybe you should listen to me.” I laugh.

“Yeah I don’t think I’m going to date anyone any time soon in less you tell me they're good for me.”

“Good. So Mr. Beresford really like, saved you, and took you to the clinic and everything?”

“Yeah, he really did.”

“Wow.” We walk out of the washroom into the cafeteria. We both have our own lunches already so we pick a random empty table and sit down. Only a few minutes go by before our conversation gets interrupted.

“Hello girls.” I look up and am faced with Zacharias

“What do you want Zacharias?” He sits down right beside Tahira and begins to eat his food.

“Just thought I’d come say hi to my two favorite girls.”

“Leave.” He puts a hand over his heart in mock pain.

“Wow, and to think I thought our friendship was actually going somewhere after today’s gym class.”

“Well, I’m oh so dearly sorry, but no. Now leave.” He shrugs his shoulders and grabs his food and leaves.

“Bye Tahira.” As he walks away he winks over at my friend. I roll my eyes and look back at her.

“What were you saying before?”

“Uh?” She turns back from Zacharias’s direction looking lost in thought but quickly answers me. “Oh, I was saying that you should sleep over tonight, at the palace.” I don’t even really think about the question before accepting.

“Sure, sounds fun.”

“Great. Do you want me to drive us to your house to go get your things, then to the palace?”


“Okay meet me at the front of the school then at the end of the day.”

“Will do.” Once we finish our lunch the bell rings to signal that our next class will start in seven minutes.

At the end of the day as I walk towards the front of the school I pass by Damian’s class room. Through the class I can see Damian looking rather annoyed as he talks into his phone. I continue to walk away towards the front of the school. Once I walk through the doors I can see Tahira already waiting for me. “Hey.”

“Hey.” We walk over to her car and get inside. As we drive through the streets I look through the glass to see that the blue sky has now gone grey.

“I think there’s going to be a storm tonight.”

“Oh fun, great weather for a sleepover.”

“Yeah.” I lean back down on the seat lost in thought. Thoughts of Kahlib and Damian to be exact. Thnking back to the crazy way Kahlib was acting and the way Damian saved me. I knew I should be nice, he’s my teacher and he saved me. But I don’t feel like he’s my teacher, the way I can talk to him is like I know in a more casual way.

We pull up to my house and Tahira and I both walk in. My brother along with Zacharias are both already in the house watching television when we come in. Once they lay eyes on Tahira the boys are both distracted by her.

“Hello again girls.” Speaks Zacharias.

“Oh shut up and watch your stupid show.” I walk up the stairs to my bedroom with Tahira in suit.

“My lord Mo, you’re vicious.”

“You know I don’t like him.”

“Yeah but you could be a little nicer.”

“Or I could stay the same.” I quickly grab everything I need and put it in my black tope bag. “Okay, let’s go.” We walk back down the stairs and once again my brother and Zacharias get distracted by Tahira.

“Where are you two going?” Asks Nikolai.

“I’m sleeping over at Tahira’s.”

“Why not here?”

“Because we want to sleep at the palace. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, have fun you two.” I yell a goodbye and walk out of the house.

Once we reach the palace Tahira and I decide on what to do. “Want to go shopping?” Asks Tahira. I shake my head no.

“What about the coffee shop down the street?”

“Sure, sounds good to me.” I grab my purse off of Tahira’s bed and we walk down the many stairs out of the palace to her car. The palace along with the academy or any churches are the only places in the city that have any gothic features. All the other buildings in our city are plain white with glass windows and doors. We drive down the street only for a couple of minutes before we reach the café. I walk in front of Tahir’s towards the café. Just as I turn around to talk to her someone on the other side of the door pushes it open and it pushes me backward. I stumble backwards a few steps in till I feel my best friend behind me steadying me. I look up at the idiot who didn’t see me through a clear glass door. It’s Damian. “Oh I-” When he looks up to see who he hit he stops talking. “Moravia.”

“Damian, can you not see through a glass door?” Once I speak I realize I shouldn’t be so rude towards a teacher and say his first name when I’m in a public place with my friend.

“Moraiva!” I can hear my friend scold me from where she stands.

“It’s okay,” Damian directs these towards Tahira. “I wasn’t watching where I was going. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

“Did I hit you in the head?” I shake my head.

“No, my head is fine. It’s actually getting better, I think I won’t have to hear my hood tomorrow.”

“That’s good. I hope you get better.”

“Thank you.” He holds open the door for Tahira and I to walk into the café then walks off with his drink in hand.

Once Tahira and I sit down with our hot chocolates in hand at a table inside the small building she speaks about Damian. “So you call him Damian now?”

“Well that’s what he told me to call him outside of school.”

“Yeah, but that’s like a one time thing. If you continue to call him by his first name than you’ll probably end up slipping up in class one day.”

“God Tahira, I say his first name once in a day and you go off on a rant.”

“I like ranting.”

“Clearly.” She rolls her eyes and I switch topics.

”So, are there any guys you like?” She stays silent for a few moments and I know the answer is a yes. “Spill.”

“Well, I think I might like Zacharias. But I don’t know.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”


“That asshat?” I say annoyed. “Oh Tahira you can do so much better.”

“Well he is kind of charming.” I shake my head.

“No, he’s a player. There’s a difference between the two.” She stays silent for a moment.

“You know what? I think you’re right.”

“See, if you can change your mind that fast than you clearly don’t like him.” She nodes her head in agreement and takes another sip of her drink. By the time we finish our drinks the sky is dark with small dim stars filling it up. We walk out of the café towards Tahira’s car in the chilly air. As Tahira drives down the dark street I take this time to calm down my nerves. I don’t know why but for some reason the second I sat in the car they seemed to be racing. We soon turn off to another road. Forest lines each side of the road. I close my eyes again, but not for long before I hear a loud scream beside me. My eyes fly open and I sit up to see us speeding down the dark, twisting road. “Tahira! Stop the car!” I yell.

“I’m trying! It won’t stop!” She screams back. I can see her foot pressing on the break but nothing changes. We continue to speed down the road in till the car suddenly jerks to the side and we go rolling down a hill into a ditch before I feel a sharp pain. I shut my eyes praying for this to just be over with. Praying to wake up from this nightmare. But I can't because this is real.

I could hear nothing. I could see nothing. But I could now pin point where the sharp pain was, it was in my thigh, and I had a strong pounding in my head, just like a heartbeat. I open my eyes and find that I'm trapped in my seat. The door pushed inward along with the roof and the front of the car. The car is now only half as big as it was before and turned upside down. A white air bag sits in front of my face, my buckle holding me down to my seat. I look down at my thigh and find that I have a good sized piece of glass protruding outward from it. Blood covers my leg. But other than that I seem to be unharmed. I turn to the side and look past the dust in the air to see Tahira, her body limp in her seat with her hanging towards the ground. I gently shake her and get no response. I can only hope that she’s not dead. I lay my head backward trying to get a grip on my surroundings, and not pass out. I reach into my pocket and pull my phone out, to my luck I find that its been unharmed. I quickly dial 911. A male voice answers me within seconds. I tell him that my friend and I are trapped in a car and the last road I can remember driving on. He tells me to stay on the line but I just set the phone down, too tired to hold it up to my ear. Before I know it there’s red and blue lights shinning in the distance coming closer and closer. I briefly close my eyes but the darkness ends up swallowing me up.

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