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Melanie Edison, a women with a lovely daughter, Mia. Her husband died due to cancer. She works to support her financial. She is a simple and caring women. What will happen when she meet another chance of her lovelife ... Will she give up ? Or she want to try her second chance?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


My routines, i have to wait my precious daughter at her school. And now I’m waiting at her school gate until the bell rings. I’m sitting at my motorcycle, hearing my playlist with my headset while watching people walking in front of me. After 10 minutes she’s come ... with her bag and her lunchbag in her hand she’s look at me with her bright smile.

“Hi mom ... you already come ?” Mia says to me. Her cheek look red because of the weather. Today is so hot. “Just a couple minute ago darling ... how’s school ? I says then I take her bag and put in on my motorcycle. “Just bored .. today I have a bunch of home work and Mr Peter giving a lot of paper for us to finish. Oh yes mom, before I forget, can you take me to the bookstore ? I have to buy some equipment for tomorrow. I have a Biology class and I need to buy book there” she says while put the helmet at her head.

“Okay then .. come on lets go” I start my motorcycle and she’s hold my hips. Along the way, I just think, I hope I can fulfill everything that she needs for her school. Mia is smart, she is never disappointed me. My husband, Anthony is passed away. He died 1 year ago. He was my first love. My everything. He died because of cancer. Back to that time, we didn’t know that he got that until one fine day he look terrible pale, and suddenly passed out. When I took him to the emergency room, the doctor said he has to stay at the hospital for further examination.

And the next day the doctor asked me to met him privately. When I met him, he explained to me that my husband got cancer stadium 4. I just shock when I heard the news. At the time my daughter, Mia was 12 years. How I supposed explained to her that her lovely dad will passed away. When I ask the doctor how much time he still have, he just said that because the cancer was already spread, there was nothing that they can do unless just giving the painkiller for him.

My husband, Anthony was kind, caring, and lovely. He worked for one accountant firm. Our marriage just like normal couple. I always depend on my husband, because actually I never get closed with all of my entire family and his family. My mother can’t understand me. She’s just can get along with me. Everytime we meet, we always end with argue. Thats way when I got married with Tony, I was so happy because I can stay away from my mother and everything.

Anthony and I met when we have project together. I was worked at the bank as a staff. we just met 1 month. When he asked me to married him, I said yes because actually I’m typicall person who think simple. At the time I just thought I likes him, he likes me then boom ... we got married. After a year we got married. I got pregnant Mia. She’s so adorable. My husband always said she is my copycat. When we walks together, people think we are sister. For her age Mia look mature than her ages. We share everything.

“Mooom ... come onn .. we arrived” Mia shakes my hand. “sorry darl ... Mom just lost of thought for a moment” as I smile to her. We walks together to the bookstore. Mia said ” Mom .. I’m gonna look for biology section, where do you want to wait me. I think it’s gonna take a time for me there ...” With smile I say to her ” Okay .. I’m waiting you at the cafe there okay ?” with pointing the cafe in front of me. Then she just nod and walks inside the bookstore.

I open the cafe door and walk to the cashier. “Good afternoon Mam .. what can I get you ?” the cashier said. ” Can you give me Ice Vanilla latte ? I said. The cashier smile then said ” sure, wait a minute”. While waiting I look at the cafe to find a seat. “Here you go Mam, your ice vanilla latte” the cashier said. “thank you” I smile and grab the coffee.

I walk and sit near the windows. I grab my bag then take my headset and put in on the table. I think I’m gonna listening my playlist music and reading my novel while waiting Mia here. When I focus with my second paragraf, I feel someone touch my shoulder. I turnoff my headset and take a look to the right.

“Sorry for interupt you, and sorry for bothering you” that man said. He looks handsome, he wear white shirt, black jeans, and backpack in his shoulder. “yes, what can I help you” I says. He smile then said “Can you help me? Do you have a pen ... I have to write something but I don’t have a pen”. He shrugged his back of his hair. I take my bag then grab my pen and give it to him. “here it’s”. Suddenly he sit in front of me then open his bag and take his organizer and write at my table. I just silent while looking for his sudden action and waiting until his finish. While he writing, I just looking at his face and think, what the hell are this guy doing here ? and why can’t he find his own table.

When he finish writing, he close his organizer then give me back my pen. “Thank you for helping me, sorry for intruder you, I know I am stranger. I just thought before that you will gonna attack me or mad at me” he says. I just smile then say “It’s okay .. No need to thanks .. I’m happy I can help you, Its only pen you know”. He lean back to the couch then said “No .. noo ... I just wondering why you help me ? which is you know I’m stranger”. I tell him “Nothing special, I just kinda like helping ... and when I see you .. your face look endanger for me ... thats why I’m helping you ... I just curious ... why you ask me, when you can borrow pen with the cashier ?“pointing to the cashier who looking at us and giving us bright smile.

He look at the cashier then look at me with his deep voice he whisper “I don’t know ... I just think when I see you I have to talk with you”. When I heard it i rolled my eyes then tell him ” so cheesy don’t you ... you don’t know me at all”.

“Mooom ... I’m back” Mia shout and when she sit next to me, she look at the man and whisper to me “Mom, who is he ?” I look at him and look to Mia again, I explain to her “He just someone who need borrow a pen from me”. Appereantly he hear it and says “Yup, I just borrow pen from your mom. Whats your name ? I’m Arthur by the way” and handed his hand to Mia. “Hi, I’m Mia Edison ... I’m in junior high school now ... this is Anie my mom Melanie Edison ... my dad already passed away 1 year ago” Mia smile

I look at Mia, shocking with her attitude. Usually she normally not that kind with stranger. I grab Mia hand then say to Arthur “Sorry Arthur, we have to go and good bye”. Arthur nod then with smile he says ” of course ... I guess I see both of you again”. I just smile, turn around, pushing the door and walk out the cafe. In the parking lot Mia said to me “Mom, Arthur seems nice, how do you think ?” I look at her then said “honey, he just stranger nothing to think”. She laugh then hug me “Mom, I love you so much”.

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