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Love is not about your body , it's about soul. The person who is in love with you should love everything about you . It's necessary he / she trusts you and loves you like no other person in this world. . . . Justice Nicolson wants a girl in his life who would see beyond his pretty face and nice body,one who has the ability to know what he has in his mind and one who loves him for who he is. Every girl that he has ever met prove to love his body and he clearly refrain from them . When asked he says body doesn't stay forever. He lost hope about his desire but he was clearly unaware of what life has to give him . . . . Valerie Jackson has an Indian background but adopted by an American couple who loves her like their own child. She is a goddess with a bit of sass and a whole lot of brain to show stars to those who trouble her except for one blue eyed hunk - Justice Nicolson. . . . .

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

"Hey! You can't just come and sit on my lap honey, I've saved that for my wife" I exclaimed as Brian sat on my lap. Brian is gay and he loves drooling over me but I am very seriously STRAIGHT. "Or a husband honey," he winked awkwardly.

"Listen you asshole,get down my lap, you weigh a ton plus you know my sexuality bruh" I said in a bored tone. He seriously gets on my nerves sometimes.

Brian Coleman is my childhood friend. We grew together in the same neighborhood and have been friends since diaper days . He teases me often that I might be a gay cause I never had a girlfriend to prove that I am not and all other girls drool over me but I don't give a fuck about then. But he knows that I need a girl who sees the real me not my body .....but my soul.

"Justice, OH MY GOD," came an ear splitting squeal from the bleachers. Amanda, the high school bitch. She thinks she own every fucking thing in this school cause her father is the principal over here. She thinks she even owns our football team. The Fuck. And she has a really really dirty eye on me. Eye rolls.

"Oh honey, I loved your game today." She blabbered as she came in a rush swaying her hips wraped in a bright neon pink mini skirt. Her top lookes like made up of ripped jeans and her nails dangerously long. But her hair was in a Bob cut and blonde. And she is the ultimate Fuck Machine our school has. Yeah! You heard it right - she has fucked every senior who looked hot and now since she herself is in senior year, she has started spinning webs for us boys but mostly for me cause the other team-mates have already fucked her. As told by them...she can go for atleast five at a time. Goodness gracious.

"Oh my god Justice, you were super hot today," she gave a coy smile but her expression changed as she saw Brian sitting on my lap. Hahaha, show time.

"Hey,you're sitting on Justice's lap? That's my place darling"

"Ooohh, lookes like you didn't get it clear in your head", he threw a smirk at her,"he has saved this (points to my lap) for his wife and not for you -fucking bitch!"

"DID YOU JUST CALLED ME A BITCH?HOW DARE YOU SIT THERE . JUSTICE IS ALL MINE ! YOU DICK !" she sounded like a pregnant pig now, shouting like she is about to give birth to ten minions at a time . I so hate her voice.

"Listen Amanda Charles, and listen really well," I stood between Brian and her before Brian just rips her face off ( or her makeup),

"I am not going to fuck you.Get that shit clear in your head which seems mostly empty though. Besides I don't even think you are fuckable. You have been fucked by many and that's countless...isn't it? I think your ass is all broken by the way you walk, I feel sorry for you.....na-ah your ass...I think it has broken by all those tortures of fucking....get a med Charles". I said calmly. Why to waste energy on such a slut?

A trail of ohhhhhs and ouches were heard from my team and I gave my famous half smirk.

Amanda gaped like a fish as I roasted her.Stomping her feet at the wet grass she spat like an evil witch,"you will regret this Justice, you will so regret this !"

"Oh really? You gonna give us a detention or worse, you gonna tell your daddy aka the princi to expel us? Bullshit, thats what he gives about your blabbering. Just fuck off.Find someone who will accept your broken ass ." - that was Jason by my side spitting fire laden words towards Amanda.

Jason Colie was my team mate. We met at grade school and there was a point when he loved Amanda, like really loved Amanda. He wanted her to be with him, to be his wife, but poor Jason he never what that little whore is - a public ass for all hot guys. Jason is a hot guy as well and she seduced him to have a fuck night with her. But the other night he found her fucking a guy from a college we don't know in perticular and that ended his love for her.Now he just throws daggers at her, both with his eyes and his actions.

"Fuck you all,"she yelled at the top of her voice.

"You already did that, honey!"

Brian gave a cockey smile to the team.

"Aah, ugh "she was off with her minions Jessica and Julie by her sides. They too were dick heads (or pussy heads).

"Goodness she is such a parasite over here," exhaled Jason and sat by my side. "I am happy you gave her a good lesson bruh, she needed that." He sighed as I could see the pain in his eyes. It was the pain of accepting the fact that his first love never worked out.

But I know it pretty well, he deserves so much better.

I nodded and sighed and looked towards the empty field. I am waiting to have my first love as well.

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