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I never believe in love I'm independent my father teach me to be stronger If boys can do, so do I They can hurt girls feeling, they can play it, why I can't ? They deserve that, they must know how the feeling broken, hurt I'm Gia, 16 years old. I never believe in love. I know every trick when the boys chasing, flirting and hurting. I hang around with them, I know they mind but they don't know me at all for them I'm same like the others What will happened when Blake put his attention to her ? Will she got her chance to love somebody ? Will she playing and hurting Blake or the opposite ? only the time will tell

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Ring ... ring .. ring

I open my eyes, looking at the alarm and turn in off. I sigh, get out of the bed, walking to the bath room, brushing my tooth, strip my clothes, start showering cold water. Dry out with my towel, get out then walking to my closet, wearing my uniform, grab my backpack. I closed my room, walking to the kitchen, I see my maid cooking breakfast, my mother is shouting at my siblings, they not ready going to school. I take a set, and look at the table, there is fried rice, scramble eggs and tea. I sigh, almost everyday is always like this.

My name is Gia, I’m 16 years old. Now I’m in senior high school. I have 5 siblings. Everyday I have to take them all to school. Since I’m the first child, I have the responsibility to taking care of them.

My father is a banker, he work from dawn till dusk. I rarely meet him, usually I meet him at night. He the one who really closed to me. He’s personality is calm, cool, ruthless, not a talkative person. But I feel he know what I feel, want and need. When I was a child, due to his work, we always traveled to other cities. We stayed in one city for one or two years, then we moving depend on his duty. I always remembered he always took me to driving around.

My father makes me independent since I was kid. And I know even he never showed it to me, but when he staring at me, I feel he cares and loving me so much. He takes me often to meet with his friend. He is the one who teach me how to driving car, he made driving license to me. When we driving around he mostly order me to drive. When me and my siblings want to have fun, he takes us to the mall, but without my mother, and while I take care of my siblings, he sitting in the cafeteria, drinking, watching us a far.

My mother is a full time house wife. I guess because she take her full attention to my other siblings, it makes our relationship isn’t worked. I aware my siblings still need attention, that’s why I understand why she like that. I never told her about how my feeling, my day at school. At home I just pretend everything in my life is okay.

My siblings Jason, he’s in junior high school. Bryan, Ami, Allie and Dylan in kindergarten. So you can imagine how hectic my life, having family like that. I closed with Bryan and others except Jason. I don’t know, but we just can’t get along.

I took fried rice, start eating it, while my mother still shouting to others. After finishing my breakfast, I’m going to garage, open my car, its black metallic Range Rover. My father bought it on my birthday, I love my car so much, another way to show my father attention to me. I start the engine, turn on my playlist while waiting my siblings come.

Parking my car on my spot, I grab my back pack then get out from the car. It still 6.30 in the morning. Not much student inside, I walking to my class, take a seat, I pull out my novel, reading it while waiting the bell rings.

I’m not the popular girls in the school, but I do have friends. I never get settle with one friend, that’s why I don’t have best friend. Mostly I hang out with guy friend. I feel quiet comfortable when around them. Don’t judge me first, I do have girls friend. But I guess its not my things for having girls as best friends.

I love hanging around with the boys because they usually crazier, open minded, fun, and the most important things they protect me. In the school when school break, I love standing in the railing in front of my class, enjoying the view, looking another student passes by, or watching some of them flirting or dating.

My school end at 3. I grab my backpack, walking to my car, then going home. At home, I come inside the house, walking to my room, I open knob then I put my backpack on the chair, strip and changing my clothes.

I sigh, remembered that tonight I supposed attending tutoring English. I love hanging there, because over there I meet new student. They come from another school, I have 6 guy friend there. We have been together since we entered it for the first time. Our meeting point always in the cafe next the building. All of them are guys, and I’m the only one girls among them.

I walking to my closet, pick my t-shirt, black jeans, then going to bathroom start showering, make my body feel fresh, brush my teeth, dry my body, and wear the clothes. I look at the mirror, brushing my hair, put it into ponytails, spray my cologne, wear my wristwatch, feels satisfied with my appearance, I walk out from my room.

I don’t see anyone while walking to the garage. I thought because my siblings is busy with their home work. I knock my mother room, saying goodbye to her. Then starting my Range Rover, I driving out of garage.

My tutoring building not to far from my home, it half an hour driving. I arrived at the parking lot, locking my car, I walking to the cafe near the building. Omega cafe, today is Tuesday, I come inside searching my friend, I see Mark is already there, I wave my hand at him, smiling walking straight to him. I sit beside him, look around and asked him “where’s everybody ?”

While busy with his phone he just said “maybe they late”, I hummed, pull out my cigarette, and put it into my mouth, flick my lighter, I blow the smoke. I see Blake and Leo coming to our way. Blake take his seat beside me, while Leo in front of me.

“hey guys, I kinda bored today, why don’t we skip the class today?” Leo said

Mark startled me he said “Hey why don’t we going to play billiard today ? I know one place new, why don’t we go there ?”

I think for a moment, I never skip this semester, and I always join when this stupid boys having fun. I nodded agree with Leo, Blake staring at me, then agreeing me. After the other boys come, they all coming with us skipping the class.

Blake, me and Leo in my car, while Mark took the other with his car. Blake school is not far from my school. He also have friends in my school, so among others in my group, Blake normally easy to make conversation with me. I also know that his first love is in my school, and I know her.

At junior high school, I’m dating my classmate, but now I thought its just flings, that’s why I feel I never have my first love. I never take serious feeling with all of the boys in my group because we’re not at the same school, which is we only meet twice a week, and because I mostly play with boys my mind thought almost same like them. I know how they play to chasing a girl, flirted with them, or seduce them.

“How’s school today ?” Blake asked me.

“Same as usual, anyway today I met your crush, she talking about you” I tease him. He chuckled “lying, she’s already have a new boyfriend”

I shocked, I not that girl who like gossiping in the school, that’s why sometimes I don’t know what the new or rumor in school. I’m the one who don’t care with other opinion, as long as they didn’t bother me, then I stay away from it.

“How do you know ?”

“I talked to her yesterday” He said while driving. I look at the back car, I see Mark still busy with his phone.

I looked back at him, changing my position, now I’m listening to him seriously. My god, I envy with this guys, he still can talking about her first love without feeling hurt.

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