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Chapter 11

Today is my graduation day, I’m looking at my school building. I didn’t have much fun in here, but I do have fun time here. I’ll be missing my favorite teacher, my spot in the class, my volley ball club. Completing correspondence at school, today Blake promise to pick me up at school because we were leaving to meet our team, we will drink together to celebrate our graduation.

Blake bring his car, he was at the gate when I got there. I see he’s car there, he didn’t know I was there, so I sneaking behind his car, and open his door.

“Baby, you startled me” he reach my waist pulling me into his arms.

I giggled “I miss you”, he ruffled my hair, and gave a crooked smile. I put my bag on the back of his car, and I get into the passenger side.

When on the road, I feel that Blake took the wrong direction, I looked at him and said “Blake, baby, we supposed to turn right if we want to go to there”. He just smirked at me. Now I getting curious, I thought we’re going to the cafe where we usually meet.

Blake surprised me, he took me to the music event. At the parking lot, after finding a spot to parked, Blake parking his car. When I going to take my bag in the back of the car, suddenly Blake pulled me and then he brought his face to my face, and crash his lips into mine. I kissed him back, his hand moves to my chest, sucks it, makes me feel burning passion, unconsciously I moaned. I don’t remember how long we kissed, until we run out of breath and panting.

This is the first time I come to the music event, the atmosphere is very crowded. There’s a big stage in the center, full of people standing in front of the stage. I see my favorite artist is singing on the stage. My God, my body felt like exploding, Blake hug me from behind my back. He slip his hand on my waist.

“Like what you see baby ?” he murmured

“Blake, baby, it’s breathtaking”

While I standing there watching my favorite singer singing, I see Leo coming to our direction. Blake let me go, and shake Leo hands. We walking behind the stage, I thought we here for watching the music event. Blake pointed me to sit in the chair, while he speaking with someone I don’t recognized.

Suddenly he take my hand, and lead me to another room. I see Damien and Mark are there. I questioned my self, what the hell are they doing here ? I glanced at Blake, but he still busy talking with Leo. I see another guy come inside the room, and he whisper to Blake, he nodded and he came to me and said “I’ll be on the stage, you can watching me there.”

Oh my God, Blake and his band will be perform there too ? suddenly the hair on my neck stood up. I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. I feel like burst with happiness, feeling a sense of warmth in my heart.

I see he standing in front of the keyboard, his face look awesome, when he started to playing his keyboard, I’m like bewitched. When I looked at the front of the stage, I saw a very extraordinary crowd, they were singing along to Damien’s voice. Seeing Blake and his band playing music on stage made me passionate.

Because I was focused on admiring Blake, I didn’t realize they were done playing until Blake touched my shoulder

“Baby, how’s our performance ?” he startled me

I hugged him and said “baby, your playing on the stage was amazing. I’m so happy to see you perform there, thank you for bringing me here, and letting me see from the side of the stage.”

He kissed my forehead, rubbed my back “I want to show you how much you mean to me, and I want you to only see me, only me without anyone else”

When we got off the stage, a girl came up to us, she was dressed sexy, and it seemed she was attracted to Blake. With her coquettish voice she said “Blake, I’m a big fan of yours, may I ask for your number ?”

I stood next to Blake, quietly listening to her. The girl tries to get Blake’s attention, but Blake doesn’t seem to care about her. Instead of Blake who was attracted to him, suddenly Leo came and seduced her “why bother Blake, he already has someone, it’s better to be with me, I’m still single and more attractive than him” Leo blinked his eyes

I almost laughed at what Leo said, but I tried not to show it. The girl looked disappointed and annoyed when she saw that Blake didn’t care then suddenly left us. We saw her go and looked at each other, laughed at her behavior. Damien took us away from there.

Out of that place, we went to the cafe we usually hang out. When I was about to sit, as usual Blake pulled me to his lap. He was always like that, wherever we went, especially when we were with each other. I brought my lips to his ear and whispered “why if we go with Damien and the others, you always want me to sit on your lap?”

He looked at me with a sharp gaze ” do you realize that a lot of guys like to look at you with lustful eyes and I want them to know that you’re mine” while saying that he tightened his arms against my stomach as if he didn’t want to let me go. I shook my head at his behavior, sometimes he’s like a child who is afraid to lose his favorite toy.

I lit my cigarette then drank my orange juice, I looked around us, suddenly my eyes fixed on a girl, the girl looked at Damien shyly. I recognized that gaze, its the gaze when a girl’s attracted to a boy. While smoking I told them “you see the girl over there wearing a blue shirt and black jeans, long hair ?” they looked at me and focused on me being curious.

“I think that girl is attracted to Damien because I’ve been watching, she’s keep looking at Damien”

Blake was annoyed by what I said ” am I still less attractive until you still have to see other girl ?”

I kissed Blake’s cheek then put my arms around his shoulder, my face frowned “baby don’t be jealous, I really like you, why would I like girls when I have you by my side. I think Damien should go after that girl, it’s shame if it’s wasted”

The others nodded in agreement, then looked at Damien and gave him support for action.

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