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Chapter 12

Damien stares at us silently, while we stare at him, strengthening him to approach the girl. Damien looked at the girl, as if he was analyzing her. Meanwhile the girl just blushed while drinking her drink. When they were still looking at each other, I saw the girl suddenly took out her phone and it seemed like she was talking on the phone with someone.

When I was busy watching them both, I didn’t realize that Blake put his hands on my cheeks and made me stare at his face. In his slightly irritated voice he said “What are you doing ? you are trying to match Damien ? why do you mind their business ? shouldn’t you be watching me ?”

My heart immediately pounded when he did that, it felt like my body was like jelly, suddenly trembling especially when he said that he rubbed my thigh. I was silent almost couldn’t say anything He continued stroking my thighs slowly, the more it made my body feel more and more intense, my body felt hot and I could hardly hold my lust to kiss him there. If it weren’t a public place, I would have stroked his hair, kissed his lips tenderly.

Blake’s temptation made me forget Damien and the girl, when I returned to focus on seeing them, it turned out that Damien was already sitting next to the girl.

I scowl at Blake, curl my lips “look what you did, I lost the chance to see how Damien approached that girl”

Blake chuckled as he ruffled my hair and the pulled me into his arms, kissing my neck “baby, you’re so cute, how much I adore you, seeing your pouting lips like that makes me want to kiss you even more” Damn, Blake, he made my body feel even less awful.

It didn’t feel like the night was getting late, we were there joking, and laughing enjoying the moment. Blake suddenly stood looking at his wristwatch the looked at me “let’s go home, I’m afraid you will arrive home late”. I nodded, we said goodbye to the others then got out of the cafe to his car.

On the way home while driving Blake said “did you enjoy today baby ?”

“Blake, I’ve never been this happy, thanks for everything. You make me the happiest woman in this world. No one has ever treated me like this, pleased me like this. It seems like I’m the only girl in your heart”

Blake looked at me with affectionate gaze ” are you still unconscious after all I did ? indeed only you in my heart, nothing else. The more I know you, I see many things about you that make me admire you.”

Blake’s words flatter me, make my heart melt even more. Without realizing it, we arrived in front of my house, Blake stopped the car, I unbuckled my seat belt and turned towards him. When I wanted to say goodnight to him, he suddenly pulled my body towards him then kissed me slowly.

“Tomorrow we meet again, we have a lot to talk about our future, but I want you to sleep well tonight and don’t forget to dream of me”

I smiled at him while hugging him once more, then I go out of the car. I saw him leave then I entered my house. I saw the lights had been turned off by my maid. It seems that everyone in the house is asleep. I go into my room, put my bag, then take my PJ, go into the bathroom and take shower.

Finished taking a shower, I got into bed, I took the headset on the table next to my bed, put it in my ear, I lay my body on the bed. While listening to the song, without thinking of anything, I slept like a baby.

My eyes slowly opened, I rolled on the bed, rubbed my eyes, still lying on my bed. I got up from my bed, I opened my bedroom window then looked out, breathed in the morning air. This morning feels different than usual. I just thought that today I no longer need to go to school, how time flies so quickly, some time ago I was just alone, playing with boy’s feelings, and now here I stand in the morning thinking about how I missing him.

I do my morning routine in the bathroom. After that I changed my clothes and left my room. I went to the kitchen, I saw my dad sitting at the table eating breakfast, he glanced at me with a smile “now you no longer need to be busy leaving early in the morning for school ?”

I laughed at his joke, I took the bread on the table and spread jam on it,ate it. We chat while eating our breakfast

“Have you decided what major you will take ?”

“I’ve made my choice, I’m going to major in psychology. I really like observing other people, and I like to pay attention to other people. I think that major suits me. I want to explore more.”

He nodded his head, as usual he never questioned my decision. That’s one thing I like most about him, he never restrains me, forces me to follow his will.

“If I’m not mistaken, it seems you already have someone close to you” his voice didn’t sound like someone who was being interrogated, but I knew where this was going. I knew that sooner or later this conversation was bound to happen and I was so lucky to have dad like him because I know that he was very open minded.

“Yes, I meet him at my tutoring, he attended a different school with me. I have known him for a long time, but recently I’ve been closer to him”

“If I look at the way you talk about him, I consider he’s a good person but I only ask to be careful, you know you have a long way to go, there are still many things you can do, I trust your decision and I’m sure you have considered it well”

“Thanks dad for understanding me, I’ll try my best for my future”

We looked at each other and when I saw the look in his eyes, I saw his affection for me. I hugged him tight. I will never be able to speak so freely and so easily with my mother. I don’t know why, but we are not as close to my father as I am.

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