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Chapter 13

Today I made an appointment with Blake at a cafe near the house. He would accompany me to enroll in the college. After breakfast with my dad, I prepared myself in my room, I don’t want any files left for me to register later. After taking a shower, I got ready, tidied up my appearance then I looked in the mirror. When I think everything is perfect, I take my bag out of my room.

In the living room I saw my dad and mom were talking casually, I walked towards them, I said goodbye while kissing their cheeks then I went out to the garage. My phone rang, I saw on the screen it turned out to be Blake calling me, then I picked up the phone

“Morning baby, did you sleep well ? where are you now ?” his voice made me miss him right away

“Blake, I’m already in my car, soon I’ll go to the cafe, are you already there ?” while putting my seat belt and starting my car. When I arrived at the cafe, I saw from the window Blake already sitting there, I looked at him from afar, I saw him playing the phone, he looked down, he was still as attractive as usual, made me never get bored looking at him.

I took my bag, closed my door then stepped into the cafe, Blake didn’t notice my arrival, he still looked down, I closed his eyes with my hand then whispered in his ear “guess who I’m ?”

Blake took my hand from his eyes, then looked into my eyes with his death gaze, his hand grabbed my waist made me sit on his lap, he started kissing my neck “I miss you, your scent is intoxicating me” he said it while continuing to kiss my neck

When he kissed my neck then moved to kiss my sensitive part behind my ear, I sigh softly, hiskiss made me aroused. Suddenly he stopped, while puts his thumb on my lower lip, strokes it and smirk to me “behave” I frowned and sat next to him, I put my head on his shoulder.

He held my hand, while playing my fingers “are you sure about your decision to choose college there ? what if later we can’t meet often ? you know I will take courses on a different campus from you ? what if later there are students who are interested in you, like you and catch up with you” his voice sounded annoyed, angry, disappointed and frustrated. He mess up his hair like a person in deep thought.

I smiled seeing his behavior like that, I cupped his cheek with my hands “shouldn’t I think like that ? I’m sure many will have crush on you and come after you. Honestly, I often think about it, but I’m trying to let it go. Now we are both exploring the future, I trust you completely, if we are meant to be together, we will definitely be together”

He paused, seemingly digesting what I said, he seemed to be a little shocked by my words. Suddenly he staring at my eyes, his gaze as if his emotions were mixed into one.

“You are different from the others. This is another thing from you that I like. If it’s not you with me, they will definitely whine and ask me to go to the same place.”

I gasped at Blake’s words, I didn’t he would feel that way. He looked ahead looking thought of something. I don’t say a word, I don’t want to bother him with his thoughts. As if awakening from his thoughts, he turned to me and then kissed my lips, stroked my cheek and hugged me tightly.

“Never leave me, especially for the sake of another man, you must promise me” his voice sounded sad, like afraid that I would leave him. Listening to him say that kind of moved me and I felt my heart grow even more affectionate. This is what I’m afraid of, the more I feel the more I love him. I’m afraid of losing him, but there was no way I could show it all to him.

I looked at my watch, it’s time to go to my campus to register. I pulled his hand, then we got out of the cafe to my car. When we got there, we entered the registration building. Inside I asked the officer to show the administration section. When I was busy taking care of my files, Blake faithfully accompanied me, he sat on the bench watching me from afar.

After completing the registration form and completing all the procedures,I returned to the Blake’s place, I saw his face was red like someone who is ready to kill. I was confused to see his attitude, I don’t know why suddenly his face turn into like that. Suddenly he grabbed my hand, his grip was so strong, his gaze still looked irritated

“Why are so many men staring at you from earlier ? they seem to be trying to get your attention. do they not realize that you are mine”

Now I don’t believe his behavior, as long as we were there, every time there’s some guys asked or greeted me, he would look at the person with a look full of hatred.

I sulked with him, I put my hand on my waist, my lips pouted “I haven’t started to enter here yet, you’ve looked at everyone with your eyes like that. How can I make friends if you like that ?”

He embraces me, grinning widely “baby, I told you I want everyone to know that you are mine and I don’t want anyone to take what’s mine”

I giggled, sometimes seeing his behavior like this, his face is adorable. We went back to the parking lot and got into the car. It was lunchtime, so we went to a restaurant near campus. We entered the restaurant, there were many students having lunch, the waiter came to greet us then he escorted us to our seats. After ordering food while waiting for the food to come, Blake asked me, his face looked curious “are you never jealous of me ? aren’t you afraid when a lot of girls approach me on my campus ? or you don’t really like me that much ?”

The question made me laugh out loud “you are so stupid. Not because I don’t like you, its because I really trust you silly, that’s why I never doubted you. I’ve told you before, if indeed we are meant to be together, then even if we separate we will definitely come back together”

He stunned by my answer. Suddenly he stood up, walked to my chair then sat next to me. He touched my chin, staring at my eyes with a deep gaze

“I’m grateful to have you and I don’t intend to let you go forever” he kissed my lips gently, making me intoxicated.

Finished lunch, outside the restaurant I saw a photo booth, I turned to him, he saw me with a frown then I grinned, we’ve never had a photo together, so I’d love to have a photo together with him as a memento.

In the photo booth we put on funny, sweet intimate faces. After the photo was finished in print and we saw the result, I split it in half and gave some to him.
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