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Chapter 14

Blake chose to studying economics, his ambition is to create his own company.Although he likes music, from what I have observed so far, music is his passion not his main goal. His campus is still in the same city as me but I’m sure, once the lecture period starts, our meeting time will be less.

Today me and him are planning to go out of town to enjoy the day before the lecture period starts. We’re going to the beach, Blake said we’ll be there in about two days and now I’m getting my stuff ready while waiting for him to pick me up.

I imagine two days there alone. Even though we kissed a lot so far, we haven’t done any further than that. But I’m not sure I can hold my lust especially later there will be alone with him. Every time he touches me, it feels like there are sparks in my chest, imagining him kissing my lips, down my neck, while his hand rubs my chest, is enough to turn me on. Damn Blake, what have you done to me

When I was thinking about it, I was shocked to hear the sound of my phone, I saw the screen, it turned out to be Blake calling me

“Baby are you ready ? I’ll arrive soon”

“I’m almost done, when you come, just go in the house” while getting ready to tidy up my suitcase.

I put my phone in my backpack, I pushed my suitcase out of my room and I went down the stairs to the living room. I saw Blake there talking to my dad. His face was very serious, tense but confident. I looked at my dad, smiling, I said “this is Blake, the person we once talked about. Do you remember ? today we’ll going to the beach”

Raising an eyebrow, my dad teases me “so this is the one, take care of my daughter young man, marked my words, I trust you, if you hurt her, make her cry, then you will face me” my dad said sternly.

I just smiled seeing my dad’s behavior to Blake, I know what my dad is like. Blake shook my dad hand confidently and said “don’t worry Sir, I’ll take care of your daughter will all my body and soul”

I kissed my dad’s cheek then we both got out of the house. Blake put my suitcase in the trunk of his car and we got into the car. On the way I was curious about what was being said between Blake and my dad so I asked him, he just grinned as he shifted gears.

Blake said the trip took about two hours, while enjoying the view outside the window I fell asleep without realizing it. I felt my body shake, I opened my eyes, I saw Blake still driving, I rubbed my eyes slowly, Blake looked at me and smirked.

“Baby, you seem to sleep very well, I like to see your face when sleeping, makes me want to kiss you because you look cute, sadly I was driving, otherwise I would cuddle you earlier.”

My face immediately flushed, my heart was pounding hard, just hearing his seduction made my body tingled. I stuttered, couldn’t reciprocate his temptation.

“Stop that, you love teasing me didn’t you” I replied with a frown

He glanced and laughed seeing me. When I got there, I saw a small house by the beach. Blake took the luggage in the trunk of his car, then he took me into the house. Entering the house I saw a small kitchen, room and living room, near the kitchen there was a door. I opened the doorknob I saw that there was a direct road to the beach.

I walked to the beach, I felt the sea breeze blowing, I took off my sneakers, so that my feet touched the beach sand. I walked to the shore, when the sea water touched my feet, it was so cold. I feel very calm,relaxed, as if time has stop spinning.

I haven’t been to the beach for a long time, ever since I was busy looking at my younger siblings, busy with my schoolwork. When was the last time I was pleasing my self ? I thought about our vacation this time. I don’t know how much I feel about Blake. I remembered Sean, I must have felt a lot stronger with Blake.

Whenever I think about our relationship, I get scared. Blake’s too perfect for me. I remembered what his first love said, I was just a toy for Blake. I can’t never forget those words until now. The reason why I used to play with guys feelings who liked me is because I was independent, I socialized more with them, I understood their mindset better, how their emotions when they like a girl, how do they approach her, seduce her and when they get her then dump her.

The first time I known them, I feel comfortable with them because they care, they never hurt me, maybe because the nature of men is to protect women, so when I enter their team, they automatically protect me because I’m the only girl they hang out with. Because they already consider me part of them, they open up with me, when they like, chase and get women, they share with me.

I basically like to observe people, it causes my way of thinking following them. I’m more unable to understand the thought of women. What Blake’s first love says is true, maybe I’m just a toy for him. Therefore I must be able to hold back my feelings. But the way Blake treats me, makes it even harder for me to endure.

Sometimes there are times when I want to stay away from Blake, so that later when he dumps me away, my broken heart doesn’t go too deep. Although I look independent, but inside my heart is actually fragile. My feelings are quite sensitive but I can cover it.

I don’t know how long I sat there, lost in my thought, suddenly I was hugged from behind. From the scent I know who it is, I put on my usual face then stroke his hand.

“Baby, what do you think ? mind sharing with me ? I’ve been calling but you don’t respond to me” his voice is like someone who is sulking

He sat behind me hugging me, I felt him kissing the back of my neck. I moaned,

I sat facing him, I straddled on his tight, I cup his cheek “Thank you for bringing me here, I haven’t felt anything like this before”

He hugged me then kissed me gently “this is just the beginning baby, I want to enjoy these two days only with you”

We stood up, then walked hand in hand toward the house.

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