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Chapter 15

When we got home, Blake told me to freshen up, while he went out. He says there are things he has to take care. I entered the room, I saw there was a medium size bed, cupboard and bathroom inside.

My suitcase is already in the room, I grabbed my suitcase, opened it, took a t-shirt and jeans, I entered the bathroom, took a shower and when finished, I sat at the dressing table, brushing my hair, after I thought it was done, I left the room.

When I left the room I saw Blake’s not back yet, I sat in the kitchen checking my phone. Not long after my phone rang, I saw the screen, Blake was calling. I felt confused, afraid that something would happen

“Blake, why aren’t you back yet ? Is there any problem ?” I panicked

Blake’s voice sounded calm “baby, come on out. I’m waiting for you there”

I put my phone in my pocket, I rushed out. When I opened the door, I saw near the beach, Blake was standing there looking at me smiling. I ran towards him, until in front of him, I was gasping for breath, I took a deep breath. I frantically asked “is there any problem ?”

He grinned “slow down baby, I want to take you somewhere”

We walked hand in hand along the beach, until the end I saw small cave. there was a blanket lying in the sand. On the blanket I saw a pillow and my favorite food. Blake looked at me and took me there. We sat on the blanket, Blake poured a drink for me, I smiled at his action

“What’s with all this Blake ? You startled me until I panicked, Why did you bring me here ?” I was confused by his sudden attitude.

Suddenly he moved closer to me, his hand stroked my hair, he didn’t say anything, just caressed and staring at me “I saw you dreamy on the beach, your eyes looking sad, you seemed to be thinking about something, that’s why I brought you here so that you won’t sad anymore”

I looked into Blake’s eyes, I tried to find lies there, but I saw his gaze showed sincere. I heard the sound of the waves, the sea breeze and the stars began to appear, make the athmosphere even more intimate. I lay my head in his lap, he stroked my hair.

If time could stop now, I’d like to spend more time like this with him. I can even forget all the problems I was thinking about. While playing with my hair, he said “what did you think earlier ? are you sad ? don’t you trust me so you won’t share with me ?”

I was silent to hear his words, so far I have never been open to other people. They just know that I’m always happy, capable of solving my own problems and that I’m always there for them. So when Blake is now asking me things like this, I’m confused to answer them. I don’t know how he will react, nor do I know if this is just a test for me.

“I don’t know where to start, I’ve never been an easy person to open up to other people. I’m afraid of getting hurt, that’s why I always close my heart. As long as I hang out with you during my tutoring, it made me understand how the relationship between men and women is seen from a male perspective. Suddenly you come, enter my heart, treat me like this, make me confused. You’re the first to make like this, I don’t know what to do and how to deal with all this.” my tears fell, like a burden had been lost after I revealed this to him.

He wiped my tears, then looked into my eyes deeply. I saw in his eyes there was love, lust, sincere and affectionate. I got up from his lap, he hugged me warmly, kissing my forehead.
“The first time I saw you, you attracted my heart. You look different from others. If they care about appearance, you’re the opposite, you don’t even care about it. You look confident, caring and kind. When I saw Mark and the others pouring out their hearts to you and you listened them, I envy them. At that time I wanted you to only devote your attention to me only. I realized at that moment in your eyes we were just your close friends. Actually I’ve been watching you for a long time. The others know how I feel, it’s not that they don’t care, many times they told me to confess my feelings to you, but I don’t dare, I’m afraid of your rejection and it will change our friendship. When I saw how Sean felt to you and at that time I was sure he would confess his love for you. I was angry, I don’t want him to have you first.”

When he said it, I felt so moved, my tears flowed down, I cried. I never thought that her feelings were like that for me. Whether it’s only temporary or I’m just his toy, but at the moment hearing him say it really made me feel like he really did have genuine feelings for me. Blake slipped his hand around my waist, my hand hugged his neck then he pressed his lips against mine and kissed me roughly, we kissed until we were out of breath.

The night was beautiful, I looked up, the stars were shining so bright, I was still touched his words. We both lay on the blanket, his hands clasping mine. While looking at the stars, I said to him

“I’m still processing all this in my mind, I don’t know if you are really like me or just make me your toy, but I’m grateful to know you more deeply. There are many parts of you that I didn’t know before and I just found out.”

Suddenly he sat facing me, his brows furrowed, he cut me off “never lower yourself like that, you don’t know how much I admire you, everything about you fascinates me so much. Who’s that stupid idiot says you’re just my toy?” he snapped at me, his tone was high, and his lips twitched.

I gasp, I accidentally talked about it. I was silent for a moment until finally I looked down and didn’t dare to look at him. He puts his thumb on my chin and then raises it up, turning my face toward him. He ’s waiting for my answer.

I don’t think there’s any point in covering it up because I already spilled it. Maybe it’s better I should be honest with him

“Your first love told me that”
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