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Chapter 16

“WHATTTT ? She told you that ? Now tell me honestly what she told you. I know if you lying” his said sternly and I could tell he was serious this time.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm down

“When we were in school, I met her in front of the school gate and at that time she told me that you love her very much, your relationship is very close because you are her childhood friends, and I’m jus

I’m just your escape and your only outlet because he already has a girlfriend,I took a deep breath, trying to calm down,When we were in school, I met him in front of the school gate, and at that time he told me that you love him very much, your relationship is very close because you are childhood friends, and I am just your toy.please don’t need to prolong this problem, everything has happened and I don’t want to bother with it anymore, I don’t want to have anything to do with it, and I don’t want to dealing with her.”

He took my shoulder and turned it to him “so that’s what’s been bothering you all this time ? is that what you think about me, that I make you my toy ? listen to me carefully, I like you, the longer I’m with you, I’m not only like you, but I love you. Do you hear me ? I love you”

I was shocked, my heart was beating fast, my hands were shaking. Blake declared that he loved me. Is this reality ? I pinch my self, ouch it hurts. Damn, this isn’t dream

Blake hugged me, his hand stroking my hair, he whispers in my ear “I can’t hold it anymore, I really love you and I can’t be away from you. Imagining you study in a different place from me, really makes me tormented. Just thinking about a guy trying to get your attention is almost driving me crazy”

That night I was relieved to be able to pour all my heart into him. I didn’t think Blake was such a caring person, he didn’t blame my thinking, instead he tried to calm me down. When he felt I was relaxed, he lay down and pulled me to his chest, he cuddled me. I feel secure, sleeping on his chest, especially after what happened tonight, I felt my burden lifted.

I opened my eyes, bright light dazzled my eyes, I rubbed my eyes slowly, I saw I was already in the room. Wait a minute, I thought last night I was in a small cave with Blake, how can I be here ?

I get out of bed, go to the bathroom, finish my morning business, take a shower as well, I pick a shirt and shorts, brush my hair, I grab my phone on the side table and walk out the room. I smelled cooking when I came out of the room, I walked into the kitchen. I saw Blake was frying something, he seemed busy, he didn’t notice my arrival. I leaned against the wall while watching him.

“Morning, I see you’re busy” I teased him

He looked at me, smiled mischievously at me. This morning he looks so damn charming, even if only wearing white t-shirts and shorts. His thick eyebrows and his dazzling smile, his lips made me want to kiss him.

“Done checking me out ?” he smirked

My face immediately flushed, I’m sure now red as tomato. I just smiled and sitting on the chair. He gave me a plate, I saw there are fried noodles. He walks over the table and hands me coffee while he sits next to me drinking his coffee

“I never knew you could cook” I raise my eyebrows.

“there are still many things you don’t know about me” I rolled my eyes, sometimes Blake can be annoying.

This morning Blake took me to the beach. I’m lazy to swim, so I intend to sit on the beach while enjoying the morning air, and the sand. I thought Blake was going to swim, instead he brought his guitar.

We sat on the beach, I saw there were many people there, some were playing ball, swimming, small children making sand castles, some like us, sitting enjoying the view. Blake sits next to me, he tunes his guitar, I stare at him, his expression send a shiver down my spine.

Shit, I love seeing men play with their guitar. Watching Blake playing his guitar it’s like children who are busy with his favorite toys. While tuning his guitar, sometimes he glanced at me with a mischievous smile. Damn, he’s hot.

When Blake sang, I was blown away, the last time I saw him sing was when we came to a music event that time and I’m still fascinated to see him sing. I looked around us, many beautiful women were amazed to hear him sing. Don’t forget his good looks, no wonder women are interested in seeing him. I see there are some who start to see Blake with seductive eyes.

When Blake stopped singing, I told him I was going for second to pick up my phone. When I returned, I saw a girl with her friend approaching Blake, I stopped there watching at them for a while. The girl looks attractive, she is wearing a bikini and looks sexy.

I saw the girl flirting with Blake, I wonder what he would do. I’m not jealous, I’d rather know what he’s reaction is. I saw Blake looked annoyed, I guess it’s time for me to save him. I walked over to Blake and smiled at him

“Did I miss something ?”

Blake saw me, suddenly hugged me and kissed my forehead “baby, what took you so long, I almost came back to find you” Blake seemed to do that on purpose in front of the girl.

The girl looked at Blake, glanced at me with an annoyed look, after that without saying anything she left with her friends, I just gawking looking her leaving. I turned to Blake, we looked at each other then laughed together.

We came back from the beach. On the way back Blake told me to freshen up because he wanted to take me out dinner. I go to the bathroom, turn on the water, brush my teeth then go into the tub. I think I’ll take a bath for a while.

When I got out of the bathroom, I saw on the bed there was a blue box. I opened the box, inside was a dark blue dress, black high heels, there was a note in the box

Wear this I’m waiting for you outside


The dress is strappy, knee length, I immediately put on the dress. I looking in the mirror, the dress wraps my body fit. To be honest, I never wear a dress, so when I wore this dress , I was a little less confident. I trim my hair as simple as possible. I took one last look at the mirror, I took a deep breath. I pray whatever happens later will not embarrass my self. I turned the knob, here we go
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