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When I left the room, I saw Blake was standing leaning against the wall. He was wearing a black suit, his hands in his pockets. I see he’s on the phone. I walked slowly towards him. When he saw me, he looked shocked, his eyes filled with lust. He looked at me from top to bottom like he was inspecting me.

“You are breath taking” his deep husky voice melted my heart away. He wrapped his arms around my waist, kiss my neck and move to my ear while whispering “your scent intoxicates me”. His voice made shiver down my spine, my body shaking because his touch.

He led me to his car, he opens the door and I get into the car. Inside the car I turned and looked at him “Where are we going ? I thought we’ll be at the beach house during this vacation.“. He smiled mischievously “this is a surprise”. He started the car and we got out of the beach house.

On the road I saw a lot of trees, it was a bit dark, not many lights illuminate the streets. The way like we went to my photo session for my graduation. While listening to songs in the car, I tried to lighten the atmosphere “you’re not trying to kill me are you ?”

He chuckled “if I want to kill you, there’s no need to brings you here” while turning the steering wheel. Soon he turned from the highway to the lane, my heart was beating fast while thinking all the worst that exists. I saw a gate, Blake opens his window, enters the pass code then then gate opens.

I saw a house surrounded by trees. The house is big almost like mansion, there were several cars parked there. I’m still confused about this place but I decided not to say anything to Blake. He put his hand behind my back, after getting out of the car, Blake put his hand behind my back, then we walked into the place.

Inside the house turned out to be a restaurant, but the style is like a restaurant for the upper class. I never knew a place like this existed. A waiter approached us, when Blake said his name, the waiter nodded and take us to a room. I see there are some people there having dinner, it seems they are enjoying a candle light dinner.

When the waiter opened the door, I saw the room was dark, the waiter smiled at us and Blake nodded his head, then the waiter left. Blake held me and when we entered, I see the dinner table in the middle of everything. It was simple but elegant. I was surprised to see such simplicity from Blake.

He walked us over and pulled my chair out for me. Taking a set, I jumped when I heard clap their hands twice. I turned around to see the waiter walked out from the corner, and suddenly I hear a song playing. I listened carefully, oh my God, that song, on the cassette Blake had ever given. I looked to the other side to see the waiter walking in with two entrees and set them on the table. The food looked extremely exotic and delicious.

I turned to look at him and he was already looking at me, intently “Thank you for setting this up for me Blake”

“You are most welcome, I’m glad you like it”. I nodded my head and took a small bite of my food. I moaned softly and blushed when I came to realize, I did it right in front of him. He didn’t do or saying anything. He just stared at me. We finished our food and the man came out and took the plates. He was about to bring the first course and I already felt stuffed.

“Are you feeling a little full ?” Blake asked.

“Just a little” His eyes never left mine

“Why do you keep staring at me ?” I asking trying not to be rude.

“Tonight you are so beautiful, and I just can’t get you out of my fucking mind” I bit my lip as I processed this information.

“He looked down at my lips and back to my eyes, “Happy birthday baby”. We started at each other for few seconds but I didn’t get chance to respond as he already placed his lips against mine igniting a fire in my body.

“Starting this year and the next following year, I will celebrate your birthday with you” His raspy voice went through my ears and made me shiver slightly.

He took out a dark blue box from his pocket. He gave it to me, I opened the box, it contained a necklace, the pendant had his name written on it. He stood from his chair, took the necklace and put it around my neck, and kissed it. Feeling his lips on my neck made the goosebumps rise on my skin.

“Do you like your birthday present ?”

“Why should be your name on the pendant ?” I pouted at him.

“Because you are mine and I want everyone knows that you are mine” He chuckled.

He wrapped his arms around my small waist and pulled me closer to him roughly. I squealed and place both of my hands onto his chest as a reflex.

“Do I make you nervous baby ?” I blushed even more as I nodded my head timidly. He could make any type of confidence I had in me fade away.

Tonight is really unforgettable. This is the most beautiful birthday for me. I celebrate my birthday with the person I like. So far, no one cares about my birthday. Not my dad or my other family don’t care about my birthday, but they just think birthdays are just ordinary days, don’t need to be celebrated.
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