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Chapter 18

Soon I will go to college, my dad has promised that if I go to college then I will live in my own place. Since he is a banker, and I’m his favorite girl also his first daughter, he insists on buying me a flat. And here I am now in my flat. The place is not spacious, there is one bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Although small, but I love it. I feel like this is my place to hide from everything.

Blake will live with his friends. At first he insisted he could stay with me. But I immediately rejected it. I still want to enjoy my solitude. I don’t want to be tied down just yet. It’s not that I don’t like Blake, so I don’t want him to live with me, but I don’t want to get attached to him more. I’m afraid that if one day we don’t get along or break up, it will be harder for me to forget about everything.

And now I’m on my flat set up my room, so I’m comfortable occupying it. There are still many boxes that I haven’t unpacked, I put it near the kitchen. When I was putting up the curtains, my phone vibrated in my pocket, I pull out and see the screen, Blake texting me
I miss you, too bad I can’t stay there with you - Blake

I rolled my eyes, sometimes Blake can be too much, it’s only been a day we haven’t seen each other and he’s been sending messages like this. I imagined his face frowning when writing it, his face must be adorable.

Blake you just met me yesterday, don’t overdo it. I want to tidy up my room first. Don’t be naughty - Gia

I put my phone back in my pocket, I continue to put on the curtains. When finished, I went to the kitchen to take a drink, I sat in the kitchen thinking about what I would do next. I remember I haven’t bought groceries yet, I opened my refrigerator, sure enough, it’s still empty. I took my car keys, my wallet, after locked the door. I rushed to the nearest supermarket.

I parked my car, got out of the car. I saw that the supermarket was not to crowded. I took the trolley and walked to the food section. I like to cook, when I live at home, even though there are servants, but I like to cook myself when I’m hungry. I was choosing what kind of rice to use, when suddenly I felt a crash from behind. I looked back and saw that someone had pounding the trolley into my body. My eyes narrowed, what’s wrong with this person. When I want to open my mouth to scold him

“I’m sorry, I accidentally, my mistakes. Did you get hurt ?” while inspecting my body, looks panicked and worried.

I looked at the person, I just realized that he was a guy, it looks like he’s in his thirthies if I’m not mistaken. He’s taller than me, he’s wearing a white shirt, jeans and when I look at his face, he’s damn handsome. His worried face made him even more adorable. My angry emotions immediately fell, I put on my smile then said “no problem, just pushed a little by your trolley”

I smiled politely at him, then I looked back at the rice I wanted to choose, suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind. I looked again, it turned out that the man was still behind me. I’m confused, I’m not scolding him, so why is he still there ?

He smiled sweetly “sorry, am I bothering you, it seems you are not happy to see me”

Now I’m the one who feels bad with his words “that’s not it, I thought you were gone. Why ? There is something ?

He put his trolley next to mine, then stood beside me “nothing. I’m just curious about you”

I rolled my eyes, I think this guy is weird, here we go again, typical guy, can’t see women alone. Luckily I used to face this kind of guy. “Can we talk while shopping ? because I still have a lot to look for” He nodded and took the trolley, we both walk side by side.

“Why shop alone ? Do you live near here ?” he opened the conversation

I laughed “slow down boy, I live near here, and I just moved in so I have to buy groceries to fill my fridge”

“Oh, I see, By the way, what’s your name ?”

“I’m Gia, I ... ” suddenly my phone rang, I saw Blake calling me, I looked at him with an apologetic look, I turned away and before he disappeared from my sight, I saw his gaze looked at me with a look I couldn’t understand

“What’s up Blake ?”

“Where are you ? What are you doing ?“Blake’s voice sounded annoyed, angry

“Come on Blake, I’m just shopping at the supermarket, my fridge is empty, don’t be like a kid” my tone is getting a little irritated

Blake seemed to ntice my voice was irritated “no baby, I’m just pissed of that I’m not with you”

“Fine, later when I get home, I will let you know, now I still have to shop”

I hang up the phone, I’m surprised with Blake, sometimes his jealousy drives me crazy, I can’t imagine if he lived with me. I pushed the trolley and continued looking for the foodstuffs, finish getting everything I need, I pay for it then I go back to my car. I open the trunk of my car, I put my shopping bag and return to my flat.

I got to the flat, after putting all my groceries in, I took a shower, wear my pajamas, I charged my phone then I lay on my bed. I’m still pissed of with Blake, I’ve never asked him where and with who. Even if he was with other women, I was never angry or jealous. I feel he is too overprotective of me.

I still remember what his first love said. I am a person who has difficulty forgetting things, especially if I was hurt then I will never forgive. Even if it’s just a small thin. I know Blake has never hurt me, but the words that his first love said made an huge impression on my heart and mind. That’s why I didn’t put my heart completely on Blake.

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