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Chapter 19

I open my eyes, I see it’s morning. Apparently I overslept, this is all because I think about Blake last night. I get out of bed, I make my bed then take my clothes. I go to the bathroom, do my routine in the morning. Finished taking shower I went to the kitchen to take breakfast.

After finishing breakfast, I took my phone in the room. I saw Blake called me many times, there were three messages from him. I ignore them all, I open my laptop checking my lecture schedule. It turns out tomorrow I started to enter. It means I have one free day before entering college.

Today is sunny, I haven’t been swimming in a long time. I think today is perfect day for swimming. I will spend my time swimming and later cooking and reading novels that I have not finished. I took my swimsuit, I prepared my bag then I went to the gym near my flat.

The gym is not too far away, so I decided to walk. I come inside the gym, registered myself in front office, when I got my member card, I went inside. Inside the locker room, I put my bag in the locker. I put ponytails, bring my towel. I go to the swimming pool. I put the towel on the chair and splash into the pool.

It’s been a long time since I swam, being in the water makes me relax. I swam back and forth several times, then I swam to the shore to take a breath and rest for a while.

“We meet again” his voice startled me. I looked aside, turned out the guy from the supermarket. I wonder why is he here ? Is his house near here ? If I see from his face, he seems harmless. I looked at his face, it firm, sharp and looked arrogant. But if I look into it, it seems that he is not like that, only the outward appearance.

“Done checking me ?” he smirked

I laughed covering my nervous feeling “not really, you sure are nice to look at. Oh yeah, do you live around here ? This is the second time we’ve met”

“Not really, I just happened to be swimming here. I saw you earlier, so I wanted to greet you” his eyes glared at me. His gaze was like an animal looking for prey, and it looks like I’m prey.

I came out of the pool, I took my towel, sat on the chair and dried my body. The man sat across from my chair staring at me. This man is not only handsome, his body is also good. I’m sure many women are attracted to him.

“What’s your name, I never got a chance to ask that”

“It’s Adam. I’ve seen you alone twice. Don’t you have friends or maybe boyfriend ?” his voice sounded curious.

“I have friend, but I have no close friends. I just moved here, so I haven’t had time to make friends”

“Usually kids your age hang out with their friends. I feel you are different” my face flushed

“You are praising me or insulting me?” I joked with him.

He moved to sit next to me and said ” There’s something about you that makes me feel .. intrigued”

“What is it about me that you find so intriguing ?” I asked with a small blush on my face.

“Everything” he replied

I spoke ” I’m 19 years, now I live alone, my family is there but we are not close enough. I just entered college, I have friends but no close friends, I do have boyfriend”

“If you do have boyfriend, why are you alone whenever I see you ?” he smirked

I shrugged “he lives in a different place from me and I don’t want to bond with him yet, not right now. I still have a lot to do. I don’t want my mind to be burdened by such things.”

“You mean ?” seen from his face, now he was absolutely curious.

“I hang out with boys to much, so I know what their thoughts are like. It made me like this. Wait a minute, why am I telling you this, we don’t know each other”

I saw he smiled at me. Damn his smile seductive, I feel shivered.

“That’s if you hang out with kids your age” he smiled mischievously.

While looking at my wrist watch “it seems I’ve been here too long, I have to go back home”

He stood “no body’s waiting for you to laid off, how about I take you out to dinner ? you must not have eaten”

While walking I waved my hand to him “see you next time Adam. I have to go”

I go into the locker room, take a shower, change my clothes. I see my phone has 15 missed call from Blake. I decided to call him later when I got to my flat. I walked home to my flat. I put my bag on the sofa. I walked to the kitchen, I opened my refrigerator, I finally decided to cook fried rice. After cooking and eating, I called Blake

“Blake, sorry I just called you, I was swimming at the gym and I put my phone in the locker. I just finished eating, so I had time to call you”

He snapped “I called you many times, you didn’t pick up. I thought you were having fun. Have you forgotten me ”

“For God sake Blake, I just swim and I go alone. You know that I never had close friends, other than our team before. How can you think like that ? So lower your thinking to me ? Don’t you believe me while I have full trust in you ?”

I slammed my phone into bed. This time Blake was too much. I don’t understand the way he thinks. He has known me for a long time, how could he think like that. I open my window, I take my cigarette in my bag. I light my cigarette. I sat by the window, trying to calm my mind. I heard my phone ringing many times, I know it’s Blake. But I don’t want to make a fuss with him, so I just let it be.

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