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Chapter 2

When hanging around with that boys, I never get to closed with them. I always treat them equally, because we already together for almost 3 years. I know sometime they can be bad when they play around, but they always respect me.

Blake take his deep breath “I know I dating her before, she’s my first love. Maybe we just don’t work each other. Sometimes I still want to be with her, but every time, we always ended with hurting each other.”

I like observing people, when they sharing and opened with me, I try to put myself on that person position. I’m friendly, that’s why people get close to me easily. Before I can answer it, the car stop, we reach our destination.

Take off my seat belt, I get out from the car. I see Mark and the others next to the car. We walking inside the place, Mark ask the waiters for the table, and we following him. Blake and Glen play first, while I take a seat and order drinks. Sean sit beside me in the couch, “I’m happy we skip the tutor today” he said

I raise my eyebrow, now here we go, boys will always be boys. When they see girl alone, they like to flirt to them. “Stupid, Leo kinda bored today, and I thought Its been a long time since we skipped class” I try to make it sound normal. Sean scooting to me, and I’m getting a little bit uncomfortable, but I try to calm, after all he’s my friend. But I can see from his eyes, full of lust, like how when a boy have a crush.

“Do you know that I always watching at you every time we in the class ? you are beautiful, kind and friendly. I will be lucky if I can be your boy friend” he start flirting to me. Before I can answer his question, suddenly Blake sit in the middle of us abruptly.

“Gosh Blake, what are you doing, you shocked me?” I punch his shoulder.

He laughter then put his hand on my shoulder “Nothing, I just want to surprise you”

I see Sean face turn into red, he stand then grab the stick, pretend nothing happened, then start playing.

I pull out my cigarette from my bag, start smoking. Blake staring at me “Is there something wrong in your mind ? he curiously.

I blow the smoke then just look random “nothing happened, maybe just another boring day for me”

Blake quiet then he take a sip of his beer, “I know you like watching movie, I have free ticket, why don’t we go to the cinema next Monday?” his voice sound nervous.

“I love watching movie, Of course we can go on Monday, what time ? Will the others join to us ?”

“No, just the two of us” I nodded

He stand up, then plays with other in the billiard table. When we going back home, I parked my car on garage. I walking inside the house, my maid is already turn off the light. Every body must be sleeping by now I thought. I reach my room, strip my clothes, then taking shower. After shower I wear my PJ, get in my bed, put my head in the pillow.

I recalled what happened on the billiard room, when we skip the class. I think about Sean, I’m sure he had crush for me, I could see it from his eyes. I don’t know when he realized it, but it only matter of time isn’t. Sean is, quiet, he’s not nerd, but between all of us, he’s the least talkative. he is the opposite from Blake. Wait, why I compared Sean with Blake? and why now my mind suddenly thinking of him ?

I admit Blake is famous, handsome, talkative, friendly, he also playing music, no wonder girls adore him so much. When my friend from his school know that I’m his friend, they shocking. I don’t even known what wrong with having friend like Blake. I mean he friendly, and he always kind to me, and the top of that he’s one member of our group in tutoring class. So I don’t get the point why they have to shocking.

I know Blake asked me to watching movie with him. The reason why I accepted his invitation was because 1. He is my friend 2. I love watching movie 3. Its free, come on, who doesn’t want free ticket 4. He is not in the same school with me, so I guess free of gossip isn’t.

My phone vibrate, I checked it, Sean messages me

Gia are you already sleeping? well good night then, I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday

I reply,

Nope, Okay see you later

I put back my phone, get my blanket and pillow, closed my eyes and drifting when darkness consume me.

I wake up in the morning when my alarm sound so loud. I still need to sleep, 5 more minutes in my bed, then with lazy ass, I get up, do my morning routines, and get ready to school. Like usual, I see everybody in the house shouting, busy, and hectic. I eat my breakfast then going to the school.

At the school everything is the same, the lessons is boring. My phone vibrates, its Sean again. Oh god, I know this signal. Its when the boy chasing the girls time. I hate if Sean doing this, beside he’s in our group, what happen if I broke his heart later.

Nobody knows that I never believe in love, because my father teach me to be independent, and I’m the first daughter in my family, it embedded in me that if boy can do everything so do I. I never treat myself low. That’s make my way of thinking like boy. When a girls thinking with her emotion meanwhile the boys with their logic, I do the same thing like the boys.

When my girl friend sharing with me about her boyfriend, I can give them solution how to handle them, Because I know how they’re think. Back to Sean, I just ignored his messages, I don’t want to give him hope, but I will flirt him a bit. It kinda habits, when I know someone have crush to me, sometimes I like to playing with them, flirting with them, but in the end I leave them. Because I know, there is no happy ending, its only in exist in novel, book, drama.

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