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Chapter 20

Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking of Blake, and the consequently is this morning when I wake up, my head spinning, I felt dizzy, my body hurts. I force to get up, I went to the bathroom. In the kitchen, I took the medicine on the top shelf. I forced to eat breakfast, and took the medicine. I lay for a while on the sofa. I look at my wrist watch, I still have enough time to rest a little.

Half an hour later I woke up, I still had time to get to campus. I rushed to get my keys and backpack. I locked the door and ran to my car.

Arriving at campus, I looked for a parking space. Thank God, I get a good spot for parking, locked my car and ran to the building. I saw my schedule, it turns out that today I have social psychology class. the lecturer is Mr Adam Warner, I knew he is famous, but I have never seen his face because rumors says he is a lecturer who is very difficult to find, sometimes to teach he uses a substitute.

I entered the room, I saw not too many students were there. I’m looking for a seat a little behind. I don’t like to being the center of attention. I looked down to read my book, suddenly the class became quiet. I lifted my head, I saw the class was full. There was a man standing near the door, he was wearing glasses, a white shirt and material pants. He glares down at us. Wait a minute, looks like I know him. Damn, it’s Adam.

He inspected the whole class, until suddenly his eyes met mine. We stared at each other for a moment. He smirked seeing me. his gaze turned flat when he saw the class then he walked to his desk. I can’t believe this, how Adam supermarket turned out to be Mr Adam Warner, the famous lecturer. My mind went blank, I didn’t listen to what he said, I was busy processing all of this. How could all this happen ?

I didn’t realize the class was almost empty, it turned out that Adam had finished teaching. I’m too busy with my thoughts. I saw him talking with one of the students. I hurriedly tidy up my things, trying not to attract his attention, I slink out of the room.

“Where are you going Gia ?” His voice startled me.

I jumped in surprise, I stuttered “sorry Sir, I want to leave the class”

“Wait for me, I have something to talk about” He turned to the student speaking briefly then he walked to his desk. I just stayed there like a statue, staring at him. I saw the student looked strangely at me. Damn, it felt like I wanted to sink to the bottom of the earth or move to another planet.

While carrying his briefcase, Adam walked out of the room, his eyes beckoning me to follow him. I have no other choice but to follow him. I saw him heading out of the building, then into the parking lot. I see someone wearing a black suit, next to him is the latest BMW series, that person looks at us, then he opens the back door of the car.

I took a step back, I felt my arm was held by Adam, he firmly said “get in”. He gripped my arm firmly. I can’t let go and I shouldn’t make drama here. I saw around a lot of students passing by. I get into the car, he sits next to me. I pretend to look out the window. In my heart it feels like wants to explode. My cheeks are hot, my palms are sweaty, I’m so nervous.

Wait a minute, my car. I forgot, my car is still on campus. I turned to Adam, I said “Adam, my car is in the parking lot” Adam ignored me, I looked back outside. Soon I saw we stopped at the restaurant. Adam placed his hand on the small of my back and pulled me over to a reserved table. The waiters brought over some drinks. I took a small sip of my drink.

Try not to get nervous. I took a breath, my voice trembling “Adam, why did you bring me here ? why don’t you tell me that you are professor at my college.”

He put his hand on his chin “simple, you didn’t ask” The way he intimidated me didn’t sit that well with me.

I tried to turn things around, I tried to look calm even though I wasn’t feeling well inside “what do you want from me ?

“From the moment I laid my eyes on you Gia, I knew I wanted to make you mine. It just a matter of time before I make every part of you mine” he said slowly and my mouth opened and closed like a gaping fish. It all made sense now but why ? Why was he interested in someone like me? What did he see in me ? Before I was able to say a word he claimed my lips with his.

The only person who ever kissed me was Blake and suddenly this time Adam kissed me. We barely known each other. I was in shock, I couldn’t say anything. I was silent, confused about what to do. If I slap him, I’m making drama here but I feel bad for Blake. I never wanted and asked Adam to kiss me.

I feel like betraying Blake, my tears are falling. I get up from the chair, without saying anything. I just leave him away. In front of the restaurant, I call a taxi. When the taxi came, I step into the car, I asked the taxi driver to take me back to campus. When arrived at the campus, I got in my car and went back to my flat.

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