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Chapter 22

I entered class, I saw it was still quiet. Luckily my first class was not Adam. I don’t wanna deal with him this morning, I better avoid him. I’m still thinking about how to deal with him.

My first class went well, I walked with Leia, my new friend on campus. We got acquainted when we met at enrollment and just realized that we were in the same class. There is a task that both of us must complete, me and Leia walked towards the library. We both want the task to finish quickly. Leia and I were planning to go to the supermarket because it turned out that she lived not far from my flat.

When I was about to walk into the library, suddenly my hand was pulled by force. I saw Adam grabbing my wrist. His face looked annoyed, angry. Leia saw us confused, I motioned her to stay into the library. Adam walked while pulling my wrist, he was walking so fast, I was hard to keep up.

Turns out he took me to his office. At his office, he pushed me into a chair then put both hands on the back of my chair. He brought his face next to mine. I stuttered, panicked seeing his action

“What do you want to do Adam ?”

His eyes flashed with anger “was that your boyfriend yesterday ? why don’t you come back to campus again ?” he snapped at me.

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend and yesterday we met because there was something we had to discuss. What is your business with my relationship anyway” I’m trying to change the subject, I don’t want to discuss about Blake with him.

He brought his face an inch closer to mine, I can smell fresh mint on his breath. My heart suddenly beating fast, I felt shiver run down my spine. I try not to be affected by his actions, I took a deep breath.

“I seem to have made clear what my intentions to you and about your boyfriend, it is not an obstacle for me. I believe I can make you love me.” he kissed my cheek, moved to the corner of my lips then his hand slowly touched my neck while his lips did not stop moving across my neck.

My eyes spontaneously closed, unable to stand the effect of his kiss. I moaned softly, suddenly I remembered Blake, I push his body immediately as hard as I could. I can’t do this, I have Blake. I hurriedly ran out of the room without looking back again. I cried while running outside.

I ran all the way to the parking lot, gasping for my breath. I took out my car keys, I have to get out of here. When I got home, I saw that Blake was gone. I was grateful that he was not there, I can’t imagine what would happen if Blake were still in my flat and he looked at me like this.

I’m so annoyed with Adam, I don’t understand what Adam’s doing. I aware he attracted to me, but didn’t I say clearly that I have Blake. I remembered what happened earlier in his office. Come on, who can refuse a grown man with an attractive appearance and seductive like him.

I took the walkman, put the headset in my ear. It’s been a long time since I listened to the cassette given by Blake. I leaned on my sofa, closed my eyes. Listening to the song reminds me of all our memories. I miss Blake. I remembered our fight yesterday. A sense of regret overcame to me. I decided to surprise him.

I never surprised him, this is my first time doing it. All this time he was full of surprises. I’m sure he’s still in his house, yesterday he told me that today he has no class schedule, so I decided to drive my car to his house.

Arrived in front of his house, I saw his car parked there. The front door was open, when I entered the living room, I saw one of his friends that I knew was sitting in the living room. Damien is playing his X-box, he turned his head to me “hi Damien, long time no see, is Blake at home ?” Damien looked at me with a slightly nervous, he put the console on the table then faced me.

I raised my eyebrows while walking towards him. He seemed even more nervous “err, Blake in his room but did you make an appointment with him today ?” Damien said a little quietly.

I sat next to Damien “no, I have no date with him. Actually today I want to surprise him”. Damien speechless, I smiled at him then slapped his shoulder ” What’s wrong with you. You don’t usually like this. You look like you saw a ghost”

Damien’s face was scared. I’m starting to feel something bad. I looked into his eyes “Blake was in his room right ? Come on Damien, tell me the truth. How long have we been friends, what are you hiding from me. You know that you can say anything to me. You know me don’t you”

Damien’s face showed anxiety, he seemed confused between whether to say it or not. I don’t wanna speculate on anything. I grabbed his shoulder, smiled at him, soothing him. I pointed my finger up, he just shook his head in fear. He pulled my hand, I saw his eyes, he didn’t want me to go up to Blake’s room.

I climbed the stairs, Blake’s room was near the stairs. When I put my hand on the doorknob, wanting to open it. I heard a woman moaned. I stayed there, I wast just wondering f this is what I thought, is this what Damien was hiding from me so he didn’t want me to go to Blake’s room. I straightened my face, there’s no turning back now, good or bad, I have to face it. I turned the knob.

When I opened Blake’s room, I saw Blake making love to a woman, they were both naked. Blake turned his face to me, he seemed to be angry, but when he saw it was me, his face changed, he was shocked. He seemed not expecting that it was me, maybe he thought Damien opened his door.
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