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Chapter 23

I looked at the two of them, my face was flat. I didn’t show any expression “I wanted to surprise you but it seems that I was the opposite who got the surprise. Thanks Blake, at least I know the truth”

I turned around and walked downstairs. I saw under the stairs Damien standing there, he seemed waiting for me. His face showed regret, I smiled at him then walked out of his house. I open my door, when I want to close, Blake hands holding my door, I see Blake looking at me with a guilty look. He gasped and frightened “let me explain this all baby”

I smiled faintly “Blake, calm down. I’m fine, no need to be afraid that I will kill you or scream at you. I beg you now, can you leave me alone now ? I need time to think about everything that happened.” Blake looked shaken at my words, he backed off then I close my door. I started my engine then left his house.

I go back to my flat, I took my suitcase. I put my clothes in the suitcase. I don’t wanna be here. I don’t want Blake to come here. I know Blake and I’m not ready to face him. I’m not going back to my house. I chose to go out of town. I won’t tell anyone. I need time to think alone. Luckily before I entered college, my dad gave me a platinum card in my name. He just said one day I will definitely need it and sure enough now is the time.

I put my suitcase in the car. I drive my car to the campus first, I want to manage my leave letter. I’m sure I’ll be long gone. I don’t know for how long I’ll be gone, but better if I’m prepared all of them. Either I continue it or move to another campus. I drive my car out of town, I haven’t decided where to go, I just drive on.

Five hours drive over the highway, I arrived at a city. The place under the mountain. I stopped at a gas station. I get out of the car, the temperature is cold, different from my city. I thought maybe because it’s near mountain. The air is fresher, cooler and more refreshing.

I decided to stay in this city little longer. When I get out of there, I see a motel. Inside the motel, there was a big sofa and a front desk. I walked towards there, a receptionist was at the front desk, I saw her looking down, when she raises her head I smiled at her. I guess she was around twenty years old, I smiles back at her

“Can I help you ?”

“Can I book a room here”

“Of course, can I borrow your ID” I took out my ID card from my wallet then handed it over to her. She took it and recorded on the computer.

“How long are you planning to stay here ?”

“I stayed for three days. If I want to extend, I’ll let you know” I told her politely. She nodded while continuing to take notes. I gave my card, she swipe it, when everything was done, she gave me my card back and my room key.

I scanned my key room when the door opened, I step inside. The room is standard, there is a single bed, a window and small sofa. I opened the window, the mountain is in front of me, the view was soothing. I put my suitcase, took my clothes and went into the bathroom. I turned on the water, strip from my clothes, and step into the tub.

Warm water touched my body, I lay my head on the end of the tub. I felt my body become relaxed. I don’t remember how long I bathed, until I felt the water was getting cold. I dry out my body, wrapped the towel around my body, I got out the bathroom. I wore my shirt and jeans, looked out the window, it was still late. I decided to walk out, I took my phone, wallet and keys, I left my room.

I got off the elevator, I saw on the right there was a swimming pool. I walked there, next to the pool there was a play ground. I saw a swing, I took out my cigarette and lit it. Suddenly my phone rang, I saw the screen, it turned out that my dad was calling

“Gia, where are you ? are you alright ?”

My dad definitely is the best, he can always read my mind. “I’m out of town. I’ll probably be here a week or so, depending on the circumstances. Calm down Dad, I’m fine. When I’m back, I’ll see you, I love you Dad”

“Be careful, let me know if something happens”

I rolled my eyes “Surely Dad. I miss you”. I hang up the phone.

I took a deep breath, moved swing slowly with my feet. I blocked Blake’s number so he couldn’t contact me. I still can’t believe everything that happened. Still clear in my mind, Blake made love to that girl. Even though I have protected my heart, I still feel pain in my chest.

What his first love used to say seemed to come back in my mind. Maybe he had no intention of doing that. Maybe it was my fault for not paying attention to him, not caring enough about him and not showing how much I love him.

It could be because there is opportunity and time. Despite all that I tried to understand the situation. I was clearly angry, but I couldn’t get all my anger out in him. That is not me. My trust in him has clearly been lost. What we have build so far is destroyed in an instant. I never tried to blame him because I realized that I was wrong too. In a relationship, if something like this happened, is not the fault of one party. It’s definitely both.

My relationship with him is over. I won’t be able to forget everything that happened. Now I have to arrange my feelings. I feel my tears running down my cheeks. I cried out loud. I released all my emotions and screamed as loud as I could.
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