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Chapter 25

I glanced at Adam,he ignored me. He held the steering wheel and seemed to focus on the road. I sighed while looking at the window. Why now my life is turned upside down. Blake really hurt me. I never thought he would do this to me. All our memories, what we had done, seemed meaningless to him. How could he destroy our togetherness in an instant ? Did our relationship really means nothing to him ? I still can believe it.

“Gia, wake up” I feel my cheek is stroked, I rubbed my eyes slowly. I saw Adam smiling at me.

I got out of the car. I saw we were by the lake, next to the lake there was a house. In front the house there is a garden with so many beautiful flowers and grass along the lake. This place is very exotic, like the scenery in the book. I feel at home for a long time there. I seemed to forget Adam until suddenly he hugged me from behind

“Do you like what you see ?” he’s voice husky.

I nod “Adam, this place is fantastic, I love it”

Adam grabbed my hand, led me to the house. In front of the house, I stopped “Adam, whose house is this ?

Adam smirked “This is my villa sweet heart, I rarely go here”

He opened the door, when we entered I saw the house was very cozy, it’s minimalist. I see the living room is almost like small library. Lots of books there compiled. I stepped to the shelf to see the books.

I forgot about Adam. I am fascinated with the books. I see a book on the top shelf. I tried to stand on tip toe to pick it up but I couldn’t reach it. Suddenly from behind Adam took the book and gave it to me. I was stunned, frozen. I took the book from his hand and leaned against the bookshelf.

Adam was standing beside me, he rested his forehead against mine. My eyes trailed over the titles and authors, and my heart fluttered. I surprised that Adam was a bookworm like me. Damn, why I don’t think, of course he’s got lots of books.He’s a professor for God sake.

Being close to him always make me nervous. I saw the person who had brought my suitcase and car into the living room. Adam walked over to that person and I saw that person whispering something to Adam. I tried to ignore the two of them, I walked to the sofa and sat there.

Not long after the person left, Adam sat next to me. Adam gave me my back. I took and pull out the cigarette from my bag. I looking at Adam, I said “Is there a problem if I smoke ?

Adam leaned back on the sofa and grinned at me “No problem. I just didn’t think you smoked.”

I raise my eyebrows “You don’t like it ?

I’m curious about his answer but still I have to ask him. I realize not everyone can understand my needs about this. But if that person tries to get closer to me, he better learn to accept me as I am.

“You’re so sexy when you’re smoking” Adam spoke with a dark husk to his tone, almost like he was holding himself back from something that he wanted to do but couldn’t.

I coughed, I really couldn’t believe this guy. He just leaned back while staring at me. Suddenly he shifted closer to me, he slipped his hand on my waist “Since the first time I saw you, you attracted me and since then I want you to be mine” after said that he kissed my cheek.

I still want to discuss it with him. I looked at him “Seriously Adam, usually men don’t like women who smoke, you’re so weird” I pouted

He chuckled and hugged my waist tightly “I don’t care about it all. I just want you by my side”

He grabbed my head, placed it on his chest. I can hear his heartbeat. He stroke my hair, soothing me. I closed my eyes, enjoyed the moment with him until I didn’t realize I fell asleep in his arms.

My hands hugging something soft, I rubbed my eyes slowly, open my eyes, I was in a room. The wall painted cream. There are two doors there, I get out of the bed. I opened the first door, I saw there was a small room inside, it contained men’s clothes, maybe it’s belong to Adam. I opened the other door, it turned out to be the bathroom. I went inside, I saw in the sink there was a new toothbrush, I ripped the plastic and used it. I stripped my clothes, and took a quick shower.

I took a towel, and wrapped it on my body. I don’t know where my suitcase is, I have to find Adam. After get out of the bathroom, I looked around the room looking for my phone.I heard my door opened. I gasped, jumped a little, my hand tightly gripped my towel.

“Adam, what are you doing here ? Where’s my suitcase ? I want to take my clothes” My face flushed, shivering all over my body.

“Damn, you’re so sexy. I can get used to seeing you like this” Adam leaned against the wall with his hand in his pocket. He smirks at me.

My hand holds my towel tightly so it doesn’t fall. I’m embarrassed he saw me like this, there was a feeling I can’t describe

“Come on Adam, where’s my suitcase ? I snapped.

He raised his eyebrow then pointed to the closet “Put on my clothes, the food is ready, join me” He say sternly.

He turned out the room and closed the door. I gaped at his action. I opened his closet. Damn Adam, I took shirt on the shelf. When I wore it, it reached my thighs. his shorts too big for me. I decided just to wear his shirt. After tidying my hair, I left the room.
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