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Chapter 26

I walked into the kitchen. Luckily this house is not big so I find it easy. I saw Adam already sitting there opening his laptop. I put my hand on my chest, my face frowned. He raises his head to look at me. He held put his hand to me “Come here baby”

I stepped towards him then took his hand. Suddenly he pulled me to his lap. I put my arms around his neck. He put his laptop aside, soon there was a woman, her age was half old. She carries a plate, she puts it on the table then she looked at me and smiles. I felt nervous, i try to got up from Adam’ lap but he pulled me back into his lap and hugged me tightly.

I whispered in Adam’s ear “Adam, I’m embarrassed”

Adam chuckled then looked at the woman “Thanks Lila. This is Gia, my girlfriend. Gia, this is Lila, she runs this house”

I looked at Lila and smiled, she gave me smiling friendly “Nice to meet you, Gia. Sir, this woman is special, I can see it. Don’t let her go”

Adam stroked my hair and saying “I never had the intention to let her go”

Lila back to the kitchen. My lips pouted, I looked at him “Since when did I become your girlfriend? As far as I remember I just broke up from Blake”

He puts his thumb on my chin, making me look him directly in the eye “You are mine. Do you understand”

I gasped softly and looked at his eyes, doe eyed and mouth agape. He suddenly bring his lips into mine. I stilled at the contact-shocked at his reactions. I can’t resisted the feeling and I moulded my lips against him.

Adam took the lead in this dance and increased the pressure against my lips to assert his dominance. He entangled his fingers in my hair. I was lost at what to do in this situation, so I follow Adam’s actions, enjoying the softness of the strands.

Adam groaned when I gripped his hair, while we’re kissing. My fingers scratched at his scalp and they tugged ever so often when he pressed against me. Eventually I pulled away, my breaths escaping in soft pants.

Adam on the other hand wasn’t even close to finished. he proceeded to kiss my cheeks, nose and began to trail kisses down to my neck. I subconsciously tilted my head to the left to give him more access, my mind still blurry and oxygen deprived.

“You’re mine, baby. Mine to kiss, mine to feel, and mine to love. I know that we barely know each other but fuck I want you - baby I need you”

I stared thoughtfully all throughout Adam’s speech. I know what he had done to me was an intimate act. Something loved ones delve in to express their affection for one another. To my knowledge, I’ve only met him a few times and he is my lecturer. But what he’s been doing to me makes me feel different feelings for him and I find it hard to resist. Thinking back to the rough, passionate snog, I wasn’t angry at the force he had against me, in fact I enjoy it.

I walk out, I didn’t realize I reached the shore of the lake. I sat by the lake, my feet dipped in the water. My feelings are chaotic, Blake did betray me, but on the other hand, Adam came and gave me attention. I love the attention that Adam gives, in my heart all the feelings like mixed up. I still can’t forget Blake, all the good memories with him are still fond of me, but I also remember when I caught him making love to another woman.

I took a deep breath, I stood up, patting my pants. I’ve been here long enough. I have to go back or Adam might go crazy looking for me. When I turned around, I saw from a distance Adam was leaning against a tree, he was looking at me from afar.

I ran towards him. “Since when you have been here ?” I’m gasping for breath.

He ruffled my hair, “Long enough to see you pensive there. I didn’t want to bothering you, it seems you are having a lot of thoughts”

I stood up, stunned. I didn’t think he can bee there for a long time watching me. He pulled me into his hug then kissed my crown “You know you can tell me anything right ? I want you to be open to me. I want to be your back. I want to be all around of your time. Just never run again, tell me everything without hesitation” He said sternly

While sobbing I tell him “Thanks Adam, you brought me here. I need this, I’m not someone who easily spit things out. I’m not someone who easily opens with my feelings. I’m complicated”

He puts his thumb on my chin, making me look him in the eye “Do you forget who I am ? Why do you think I become professor if I can’t understand you ? I was silent with his words. I tried to lower my head, avoiding his gaze but he lifted my chin, forced me to look into his eyes. I put my arms around his waist, I put my head on his chest. I heard the rhythm of his heart beat. “Let’s go back home” Adam startled me. I nodded my head, we walked hand in hand to the house.

Finished taking a shower, I left the room. I saw Adam was reading a book in his living room. I sneaked behind him. I closed his eyes with my hands, he smirked and pulled my hand until I hugged him from behind.

“What are you reading ? I whispered in his ear. He turned and kissed my cheek

“Malcolm Gladwell’s book, sweetheart” He closed his book and then pulled me to his lap, I put my arms around his shoulder.

He pressed against my neck “I love your scent, make me always miss you”

I played with his hairs, he rests his head on my shoulder and takes my hand and grasps it “You know you have to come back and I also want you back. Don’t run away from your problems. Even if you have to face him, I will be next to you, supporting you. Don’t ever think that you are alone”

I played his finger, we stayed still for a moment. Maybe it’s true that I shouldn’t run away from my problems instead face them. I nodded my head silently.

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