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Chapter 27

I hugged Lila tightly and kissed her cheek. Few days knowing her, I felt motherly affection from her. Maybe because she treats me differently than my mother. I say goodbye to her. Adam put his hand behind my back, led me to the car. Before getting into the car, I looked at the lake once again. I’m sure I will miss this place, now it’s my favorite place.

I sat in the passenger seat while Adam drove, his driver brought my car. “Adam, drop me off at my flat” I turned to him. He smiled faintly then nodded. He pressed a button in his car then the voice of the driver was heard “Take Gia’s car to her flat”

“Ok, Sir” replied the driver briefly.

I looked out the window. My mind drifts, I have to face Blake, we have to finish our relationship. I’m sure when I get back, he will be looking for me and I don’t want to avoid it. I can’t and don’t want to come back to him again. I’m not the type to forgive easily. One much less fatal mistake had destroyed my trust in him.

I daydreamed until I didn’t realize that I had arrived in front of my flat. Adam touched my shoulder, breaking my daydreams. I walked to my flat, Adam following me from behind. I open the door. I just left my flat for a while but it feels like a long time. I invited Adam to come inside.

“Just sit on the sofa, sorry the place is small. What do you want to drink ?” I walked towards the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator, I looked at him, he ignored me like he was watching my flat. I take the orange juice, pour it and put in on the table. I pulled my suitcase and put it into the room.

I put my clothes in my closet, I glanced at Adam, he leaning against the door. He smirks “So this is your room ?” I ignore him, busied myself putting my clothes into the closet. He moved to sit on my bed, I closed my closet. When I was about to leave the room suddenly Adam pulled my wrist until I sat on his lap. He put his arms around my waist, he teases me “Don’t try to ignore me”

“Why do you say like that”

“Your face is cute”

I turned my face, pretending not to hear his seduction. He played with my fingers. Suddenly I jumped “Adam, how about my college ? I’ve already submitted my leave letter”

He keeps playing with my fingers. Adam is teasing me, getting pissed of with him, I pretended to move from his lap. He pulled me back tight “Sweetheart, assume everything is resolved. Now I’m hungry. I know you’re good at cooking. Cook for me, okay ?”

I put a finger on my chin pretending to be in deep thought. He laughed at my actions, then tickled my waist until I laughed. I slapped his arm playfully “Adam, stop it. You know I left my flat for a few days. There is no food in here”.

He lifted me from his lap and then took my hand

“Let’s go”

I looked confused at him “To where ?”

He smirks then says “Where we first met”. My face Immediately flushed. That supermarket, I haven’t been there for a long time. I remember the last time I was there and it was the first time I met Adam. When his trolley hit me, I still remember how panicked he was.

“Wait Adam, I took my wallet first” I let go of his hand. He stood watching me run to the sofa. When I was taking out my wallet, I heard a knock on the door. I turned to Adam

“Does anyone know you’re back ?” Adam’s expression changed, looking annoyed. I shook my head “I haven’t told anyone about my return today, not even my dad knows”

Suddenly Adam walked to the door and immediately opened it. “What do you want ?” Adam’s voice snapped. I can’t see anyone in front of him.

“Who are you ?” That voice, it’s sound like Blake. I cover my mouth with my hand. My wallet apart from my hand. I was shaking, unable to think.

“And who the hell are you ? What are you doing in my girlfriend flat ?” Now Adam sounded even angrier, he yelled Blake. I took a deep breath, I can’t cry now. I have to settle everything between me and Blake right now. I walked behind Adam, I stroked his back try to calm his anger.

I feel his body slowly relax, he looked at me. I smiled bitterly at him “Adam, wait here a moment can you ? I have to settle things with him now. I don’t want to put off anymore”

I glanced at Blake, he looked at both of us with a look of confusion. I guess was mad when he see Adam in my flat but he tried to cover it up.

Adam tucks hair behind my ear while whispering “I’m waiting here for you. If anything happens let me know, come back quickly sweetheart” I nodded with a smile to calm him down. I glanced at Blake then signaling him to follow me out the flat.

I entered cafe in front of my flat. I see the place is quiet, not too many people there. I ordered coffee. I pointed a chair for him while I sat across from him

“Spill it Blake, what do you want” I said without preamble. Blake face look sad “I’m sorry Gia. That woman was my fault. You know I love you right” he was almost crying.

I looked at his face, he looks messed up. My face flat, I said to him “Blake, sorry, you don’t have to be like this. You know better who I am. I’m complicated. You know the important things in relationship is honestly, Blake. Once it’s stained, then I won’t be able to return it to how it was. We both adults, we both know the risks and the consequences are. So please act like an adult. I forgive you but I won’t be able to take you back”

The waiter came with my coffee, I thanked him then take a sip of my coffee. I looked out the window

“You know Blake, I regret the end of our relationship. I thought we’d end up happy forever. I will not blame you because I realized that I was wrong too. Maybe I can’t satisfy you. That’s why you’re looking for another, regardless it’s just one time things. I gave up on you and so should you. It will forever haunt me if you force me to stay with you. So I beg you to understanding, let go of me, let us choose our own path”

I took off the ring that had been on my finger for a long time. I put it on the table. I looked at him one last time. I don’t want to hear all his defense. I stood then smiling to him and turned back out of the cafe.
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