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Chapter 28

Outside the cafe, I took a breath while walking back to my flat. I didn’t feel my tears running down my cheeks. I walked as fast as I could. I didn’t look back at all to see Blake. I just want to get back to my flat as soon as possible.

I held my knob, stayed there for a moment. I wiped my tears and tidied my face as best I could. I tried to calm down before going inside. I opened the door and saw Adam sitting on the sofa. He looked at me and rushed over to me. He holds my cheek, it looks like he saw my tear marks.

“Hey, is everything all right ? Why are you crying ? Did he hurt you ?” His voice sounded worried. I immediately hugged his waist. I put my head on his chest. I can’t hold back my tears, and started crying again. He stroked my hair and calmed me.

Suddenly I heard Blake’s voice “Gia, give me one more chance, or at least give me chance to explain”. I turned my head at him. He is standing in front of my door.

“What do you need to explain to her ? She already told you everything” Adam snapped at Blake.

Blake staring back at Adam. His face was red with anger “Oh, this is your new boyfriend ? So you blame me even though you do the same thing as me” Blake taunted me.

I was shocked to hear what Blake said. I shut my eyes and cover my ears. I don’t want to hear his insult to me. Adam is still hugging me, I feel he leading me into my room, he put me on the bed. He let go of my hand slowly from my ear. I opened my eyes. I see Adam wiped my tears and smiled comforting me.

“Wait for me here. I have something to talk with him”

I was scared to hear it. I was afraid they would fight, even worse maybe Adam would kill him. My mind started wandering everywhere. Adam stood up and kissed my crown, hugged me once more

“You and your creative mind sometimes amaze me.” He smiled then walked out of my room.

I opened the drawer of the desk and took my cigarette. I opened my window and lit my cigarette. My mind drifted to Adam’s words, I tried to digest his words. Blake saw Adam hugged me, of course he would think that way. I don’t need to explain anything to him. The more I try to explain to him, in the end we will fight again.

Adam still wasn’t back. I decided to sit in the living room waiting for him to come back. I turned on the television and leaned back on the sofa. I didn’t realize that while waiting for him, I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes, my head was in Adam’s lap. my legs stretched out on the sofa.

When I was about to get up, Adam pulled my head back into his lap “Where are you going ?”

“You came back, what was that ? Nothing bad happened right ?” Blake grinned as he stroked my hair

“Sweetheart, if you thought I was going to kill him. I should have killed him earlier”

I frowned, my hands folded my chest. Adam teases me. He laughed seeing me like that.

“Sweetheart, I just talked to him. Calm down, I didn’t touch him at all. At first he couldn’t accept it. it, but in the end I guess he understood what I meant”

I got up to sit, he embraced me. I hope Blake can accept it all, even though I don’t know what they’re talking about. But I know Adam, he can handle Blake. Adam stood up and held out his hand

“We still have to go to supermarkets, I’m hungry”

I nodded then held his hand while taking my wallet. We walked out of my flat after I locked the door. I saw it was still late outside, we decided to walk. Along the way Adam held my hand. I see around me, many people walking to enjoy the afternoon. I turned to him “I never asked you, is your house near here ?”

“Actually at that time I was just passing by, I want to go to my colleague’s house. I feel bad if I don’t bring anything to his house. So when I passed there and saw a supermarket, I haven’t been shopping for a long time, I decided to buy something for his kids”

“And you accidentally hit my trolley, that time when we talked, Blake suddenly called me” My eyes are teary, I remember Blake again. Adam seemed to know that my mood had changed. He let go of his hand then embraced me.

He distracted me “You know, when I hit your trolley, I was blown away by you. You ignore me and don’t seem to care about me. I’m curious about you. At that time I followed you but you seem not aware. I told my people to find everything about you. Do you remember when you swam alone ? I know that time you will be there, that’s why I can be there”

I’m stunned, I stopped walking, and stood in front of him “What do you mean ? You follow me that time ? What about the time I went to the gym to swim. I remember not telling anyone if I want to swim that day”

He put his hands on my shoulders then looked into my eyes with an affectionate gaze “When I saw you for the first time, you caught my heart. And yes, I hired my men to look after you from afar. All this time I know whatever happened to you. But I didn’t want to approach you directly because I was afraid you would be scared to death if you found out I did that. You would think I was creepy or pervert”

I was amazed by his words. So all this time Adam was watching me. I just realized that’s why he was always there when I needed help or was sad and that’s why he know where to look for me when I decided to run away. I hugged his waist spontaneously. I’m grateful I’m not alone after what happened to me.
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