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Chapter 29

In the supermarket, I immediately looked for the ingredients I needed. Adam helps push the trolley. When we go to the food section. I smile like an idiot when suddenly I remembered the incident when the first time we met, it felt like it happened just yesterday. Suddenly I felt Adam slipping his hands on my waist, he hugged me from behind and then whispered in my ear

“You remember that place, where we first met”

I smiled an nodded

“And now you hug me in the same place” I teased him

“You two are perfect couple, your children don’t go shopping with you ?” a woman talks to us, her smiling face looks at us with affection. Me and Adam looked at each other. I was surprised by her statement. I smiled at her, trying to be polite and not offend her “We are not ..” Adam suddenly interrupted

“Thank you for the compliment. We were just the two of us. I want it too. I hope she will”

Adam glanced at me. I looked at him with a confused face. The woman then walked away after smiling at us one last time. I raise my eyebrows “Adam, what did you mean earlier ? She misunderstood us and you made it even worse” I pouted

I smacked his waist, he just grinned and held his stomach pretended its hurts. I rolled my eyes then walked. When we’re done, he insisted on carrying all our groceries. I’ve offered my help, still he refused. Out of the supermarket it was already dark.

Adam put groceries in the kitchen while I tied my hair and put on my apron. When I saw he finished unload all of the groceries

“You, sit on the sofa. Don’t disturbing me” I said sternly. I pointed at the sofa, he nodded then walked to the sofa.

I didn’t pay attention to Adam anymore because I was busy preparing food. I decided to make rice and fried chicken also salad. When I was almost done cooking, I lifted my head to look at Adam. He was standing in front of the kitchen holding his phone. He recorded me.

“Adam, what are you doing ?” I wiped my sweat. He smirks and says “I have to capture this moment. You look beautiful when cooking”. My face flushed, I quickly finished my cooking.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I like seeing you like this. I already imagined you were in the kitchen cooking while our children were playing in the house” Adam added

This is even more embarrassing for me, I take off my apron. I told him “I want to take a shower first, you wait here”. I hurriedly entered my room and closed the door. I leaned behind the door. Adam got bolder in his point.

My heart was beating fast, I was trembling a little. I realized what he wanted from me but I don’t know where my heart is. I’m afraid Adam will just be my escape because he came when my heart is hurt. I know I like him too. I shook my head. I have to take a shower. I need to freshen my mind.

After taking a shower, I put on my t-shirt and jeans. I brush my hair, checking at the mirror. I left my room. I saw Adam sitting on the sofa. He’s on the phone. I went to the kitchen to prepare our food.

I took a seat while waiting him to finish the call. “Fine, I’ll check back later” He hung up the phone then put it in his pocket. He kisses my forehead then pulls up a chair and sits down.

“Is there any problem ? I asked him while putting the plate in front of him

“Nothing, just student assignments that I have to check” He said in a flat voice.

We eat in silence. After finished eating I took our plates and put them in the sink. I saw Adam sitting on the sofa watching television. I made coffee for us and brought it there. I put the coffee on the table. I sat next to him, he slipped his hand around my waist, he pulled me into his arms. I put my head in his chest

“What we are actually doing, Adam ?”

Adam kissed my crown “You know what I want and mean”. I sighed “What if you were just my escapement. You clearly know that I just broke up with Blake”

“I don’t care what you call it. I don’t want to promise you anything. I’m not a romantic man but I will take care of you as hard as I can, love you as much as I can” He kissed my forehead and stroke my hair. I felt comfortable leaning against his chest until I didn’t realize I was fast asleep.

The morning sun dazzled my eyes, I rubbed it slowly, then opened my eyes . I was in my room. I looked around but Adam was not there. I saw on my night table there are note, I grabbed it and read it quickly

Sweetheart, last night you sleep soundly. I can’t bear to wake you. I have doubled your flat keys. Sorry I left you. There is urgent matter. Remember today to go to college. I’m waiting for you on campus.

love, Adam

I put Adam’s note back on the table. I get up from my bed. I checked my phone to see my class schedule. I still have two hours to get ready. I take a shower and put my jeans and t-shirt. After checking on the mirror. I grabbed my car keys, phone and my backpack. I locked the door and go out of my flat to my car.

Arrived at the campus parking lot, I saw my watch. I still have half an hour before class starts. I grab my phone, and dialed my dad’s number. It’s been a long time I haven’t contacted him

“Hello Gia, how are you ? Have you come back ? You’re healthy, right ? Why just contact now ? When did you come back home ?” My dad immediately hunted me down with a number of questions made me smile as I imagined his face.

“Whoa, calm down Dad. I’m fine. Yes, I’m back. I’m on campus right now. If there’s free time, I will go home, I miss you”

“I consider your problem is over because I heard your voice is fine” My Dad teases me

“Come on Dad, don’t tease me. I’m totally fine, only minor problems. Oh yeah I have to go, I’ll call back later, tell mom I love her”

“Be careful” He hung up the phone. One thing I like about him, he never bothered with my business but he knows how I’m in the mood and how to deal with me.
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